Mama Mondays – 12 months post partum update

Mama Mondays – 12 months post partum update

…and twelve months later we have a one year old!

Height/Weight: Last time we weighed her, Hannah was almost 9kg. Our check up with the nurse is next week so we’ll get more of measurement details then. She is still fitting into some size O clothes and is now wearing a few more size 1 pieces of clothing. It just depends what brand it is. She has started growing out of her adorable Bobux shoes and they’re so comfy and cute that I’ll have to get her some more. The Attipas sock shoes are still fitting well and even more so now that she’s standing up a lot more and trying to walk along the furniture.

Routine/Sleep: This past month Hannah is slowly dropping her third nap. She normally wakes up around 6:30am which is a little later than last month (thank goodness!) and by 9:30-10am she’s ready for her first nap of the day – anywhere from one to three hours long! Then after lunch she’ll nap again at around 1:30 or so. It’ll be another long nap, especially if she’s in the car driving somewhere. After dinner Hannah loves playing and hanging out with Daddy and Daniel and then she loves going to bed cuddling Daddy at around 8.30pm. Unless her gums and teeth are really hurting, Hannah is now sleeping through most of the night.

Eating/Feeding: I think Hannah had her last breastfeed on the weekend 🙁 It’s so bittersweet. Amongst all the complaining about breasts hurting, feeling hard or swollen or nipples feeling cracked, pulled on and bitten, nothing can take away that content and close feeling I had when we just hung out together on the couch or bed while I watched my body nourish her and help her grow. Now she doesn’t need me in that way anymore I feel kind of sad. But then at the same time I feel like I can now start doing things for me like going to the gym and getting a lot more exercise than before. I’m really going to miss breastfeeding but I feel like thirteen months is long enough and now that Hannah is eating everything she sees, it’s comforting to now that she’ll get her nourishment from lots of different, yummy sources!

Hannah has finally drunk milk out of a bottle! The other day Wes got so excited – he was sitting quietly with her on a couch and he got up and held an empty bottle in the air like it was some sort of trophy! Hannah had finished a whole bottle of milk while watching the news or some tv show on the couch! She’s not as attached to it though and there are days and nights where she goes without it and just drinks milk and water from her cup. I’m not even sure what brand or type of bottle it is because she got it as a birthday present, so thank you to the person that got it for us!

Milestones: It was like once one tooth cut through, all of them decided to show up because in a matter of three weeks, Hannah went from one tooth to six teeth! Now she has a seventh tooth cutting through the bottom gum. This has meant that she has been eating so much more because she seems to love biting through everything like bread and fruit! Go Hannah!
Her hair is also getting quite long and messy now. It’s at that in between stage where it looks a little short to tie up but it’s long enough to look super messy. We’re still trying to figure out what to do to make it look more neater and so far we’ve found that little clips work well on top of her head. If I try and use a hair tie she tends to pull it out straight away.
Hannah is still content crawling around and crawling up the stairs and isn’t walking yet! She did however stand for a few seconds all on her own while Wes was playing with her so she’s working on her balance and strength and slowly getting there! Hannah absolulely loves dancing and by dancing I mean she holds out her arms and ever so delicately moves her hands in such a pretty motion I swear she’s training to be a Disney Princess or an orchestra conductor.
In the past few weeks it was Hannah’s first time playing dress ups. We celebrated her first twelve months on this earth with family and friends at Croc’s Play Centre. Daniel was adamant that he wanted a dress up party after seeing a Woody costume at Big W, and since they had a joint birthday party, their theme was Supermagical with superheroes and princesses in enthusiastic attendance! Hannah dressed up as Cinderella and Daniel finally got to wear his Woody costume which he had been wanting to parade around in for weeks! Then two days later we attended a Halloween party at my brother and sister-in-law’s house so Hannah dressed up last minute and even let Kaie put some make up on her. What a doll!

The biggest milestone to date is that Hannah celebrated her first birthday! So this time last year I was screaming my head off after giving birth to Hannah wondering what the H was going on down there as the doctors and midwives tried to stop my post partum bleeding. I thought once I’d given birth the pain would be over, but this time round the pain was excruciating as they tried to figure out why I was bleeding so much. Reading back on Hannah’s birth story here still gives me the chills. So for those of you who ask about baby number three – I don’t think so buddy! That was just way too much.
Fast forward one year (and gosh has it been super fast) and now Hannah is playing with her big brother, loving the beach and knows just how to get anything she wants from Daddy by tilting her head and flashing him that pretty little smile of hers.

It’s been a hectic couple of months for this hard working mama. I think I was worrying so much about who would look after Hannah when I went back to work and worrying about whether I was doing the right thing by leaving her that I stressed out and now my hair is falling out. I have an appointment with the specialist on Thursday and am hoping that it goes back to normal but seriously I don’t know why I worried so much. Everything has turned out so well and Hannah sleeps so much better now and I love having two days on my own continuously learning new things and being back in the city. I have really learnt lately to stop worrying about what other people think and also learn to say no to some things and to clear out my weekly calendar to spend more time with family at home or exploring the great outdoors. We’ve visited some beautiful places lately like the Redwood Forest in Warburton and recently I finally had the chance to laze around at the Peninsula Hot Springs – it is totally my new happy place! I can’t wait to take the family there.

How are you doing lately? Feeling relaxed as the year ends? Or overwhelmed?
What can you say no to in order to make room for some down time?Hannah totally loves her big brother and is always wanting to play with him and his cars. We hardly have any dolls in the house and if it weren’t for her party and the generous gifts she received, there’d be nothing but monster trucks everywhere! Now she is obsessed with this little play cat and cat carrier that she got from one of our dear friends. She loves it because there’s lots of buttons that play different types of music and meow sounds. She wiggles away happily with her hands twirling in the air as soon as a tune comes on!It is just the best feeling ever to see brother and sister playing together and especially watching Daniel look out for Hannah making sure she’s safe and ok. Sometimes he doesn’t want her touching his nicely lined up cars and train tracks but for the most part, he is so attentive to what she wants.These two little munchkins have been so lucky having gone on lots of roadtrips and sleepovers lately. Just the past weekend we stayed over in Rye for a friend’s 30th birthday and everyone had such a great time. Sun, sand, beach, friends, family and food – what more could you want. She ALWAYS has her foot up while she eats – is that a Filo thing? I keep trying to put it down but she just creeps it back onto the table again. Manners Hannah, manners!