Blogmas 2016 – Day 1

Happy 1st of December!

I don’t know if it was just me but I’m certain I could feel a lively buzz in the air at work, home and at the shops today. Nothing like the first day of summer to get people excited for Christmas. I’d love to experience a white Christmas one day – it’s totally on my bucket list, but for now I just can’t wait for all those balmy nights to come and summer drinks and BBQ’s that go along with it.

Blogmas 2016 Day 1I love how it looks like Little Miss H is telling her big brother how to decorate the tree!
Blogmas 2016 Melbourne bloggerMum always used to make us put the tree up while she played Christmas tunes in the background. Now Mr D and Little Miss H are getting into the Christmas spirit too!

So in past years I’ve seen so many people do Blogmas which basically means they blog every day leading up to Christmas! Mostly Christmas-related posts. Seems like such a challenge but let’s see how I go! I have so many posts still in draft mode just sitting there waiting to be posted so even if it might not be Christmas related I will attempt to post everyday.

Today I thought it would be great to share some awesome blogs that I’ve been loving lately. I don’t get to read too many blogs these days but the below posts that I have come across are totally worth sharing!

1) The Organised Housewife – I’ve followed Katrina’s blog for a few years now ever since I met her at one of the Problogger events on the Gold Coast. Katrina shares her daily dose of domestic advice to make a mum’s life simpler and tidier. I love her easy to follow posts on how to clean and tidy up (I hate clutter…it makes me feel stressed out and exhausted just looking at it!) and last month she started a Christmas Tasks To Do countdown. It’s been so helpful in the lead up to Advent and the task archives can be found here.

2) Tot Hot or Not – So just last week Joyce posted a Christmas Activity Advent Calendar which has so many fun things to do it’s like she read my mind! Now I don’t have to come up with my own list because Joyce has  covered it beautifully and created a printable for you to keep and follow along as December rolls by. Lots of great ideas to see many amazing things that Melbourne has to offer during this time of the year.

3) MeeToo – Just saw this post of Kate’s yesterday on 7 Gifts That Aren’t Toys and it’s so perfect for helping us give kids the gift of experiences rather than toys which they probably have so much of already! I have a few memberships that we use throughout the year like the Zoo and Scienceworks memberships and they are just brilliant! Check out Kate’s post here if you want to save time shopping (most of these you can purchase online) and give something the kids (and their parents) can enjoy together!

Have you got any favourite blog posts you’ve come across recently? Share them in the comments below and spread the Blogmas love!