Blogmas 2016 – Day 2

acts of kindness advent calendar img_5285

Last year for Daniel’s advent calendar I made these little cards for him for each day leading up to Christmas Day.

Little acts of kindness or more commonly, RAKs (random acts of kindness), are such a beautiful way to spread the spirit of Christmas. You never know just what role that kind little deed might have in giving someone hope and happiness that day.

  1. Leave a bright message in chalk on the footpath for passersby
  2. Wear your happiest smile today
  3. Pick up litter and put it in the bin
  4. Bake some cupcakes for your friend
  5. Invite someone over to play
  6. Give outgrown clothing to a small friend
  7. Sing a song for someone special
  8. Bring bubbles to the park and some extras to share with other kids
  9. Write a thank you note for someone who has helped you
  10. Leave a friendly note in a library book
  11. Visit your grandparents or relatives. Spend some time talking and playing with them
  12. Write down 5 things you are grateful for
  13.  Give Christmas cards to your neighbours
  14. Light a candle and sit still thinking happy thoughts for the world
  15. Draw a picture for someone
  16. Gather a few items you would like to donate to St Vinnie’s
  17. Write a letter to a loved one and read it to them
  18. Call a family member or friend you haven’t seen in a while
  19. Volunteer your time in the community
  20. Give someone a compliment
  21. Offer your help to someone
  22. Make your cousins a Christmas card with lots of stickers and glitter
  23. Give a gift to the donation tree at your local church or grocery shop
  24. Give 5 people today a great big bear hug
  25. Tell your mum and dad 3 things you love about them