Fun and functional travel essential – Trunki suitcase

Fun & Functional – Trunki, a Kid’s Ultimate Travel Essential

Sun’s out, kids are out and it’s got me reminiscing about our holiday this time last year. It was our first trip taking Hannah overseas and the thought of going through airport queues and waiting in lines made me a little nervous. Not to mention thinking about what to pack, how to pack it and how we’d go with a single pram instead of double – Mr D and Little Miss H were 3 years old and 9 months back then so I was really thinking we’d need a double pram. But because we had this amazing little thing called a Trunki, traveling was a breeze! This little suitcase designed for kids truly did make the travel time as exciting as the destination itself!

Here are 5 reasons why we love our Trunki!:

I first saw these in the airport when we were dropping our parents off for one of their many traveling adventures. I remember seeing how happy this kid was being rolled around the winding queues and thought to myself that when I travel with kids I think I need to get one of those! Turns out they’re not only fun for the kids but for us parents too. Hashtag, Winning!


We used our Trunki as carry on and it fit nicely in the compartment above our seats on the plane. It’s carry on size meant that we could fit nappies, spare clothes, snacks, toys and activities all in one place. Our little 3 year old loved the fact that he had his own little suitcase that he even started packing it himself when we first bought it. Of course I went in when he wasn’t looking and re-packed it nice and neatly, rolling up the clothes and making sure I made use of the space.


We love the cheerfully bright colours that the Trunki comes in and since its birth in 2006 there have been various different animals and themed Trunkis that have been released. My son wanted the orange tiger designed named Tipu pretending he was riding Tipu through the jungle – so many different uses! I think the bright yellow Bernard Bee one is super cute and of course you can’t go wrong with your own personalized version where you can pick your own colours and design it yourself! Daniel loves his Trunki so much that he even wanted to buy his little cousin Maddy one – we bought her the pink Trixie Trunki.


With its infamous appearance in the UK series, Dragon’s Den, creator Rob Law and his team of imagineers believe in making every journey just as enjoyable as the destination. With each year comes improvement in design and function. We love that our Trunki comes with a strap that you can either use to pull your child along or clip it onto the other side and use it as a handbag strap to carry the Trunki on your shoulder!

Horn-like handle bars is what our 3yo holds on to as he zooms around and the curved design makes the Trunki a comfortable seat when waiting around. It is also well-made and super sturdy.


A suitcase that you can ride on – now that’s a winner for both the kids and us parents. One, we don’t have to strain ourselves having to carry all our luggage plus a tired, grumpy toddler and two, the kids have a tonne of fun whizzing through the terminal to the boarding gates.

Traveling home from Manila with two kids and a truckload of pasalubong (gifts).


Inside the Trunki there is a little elastic pocket to organize your things and also a strap or ‘seatbelt’ to hold your little toy travellers or clothes in place. The Trunki design has evolved through the years and built in stabilisers help to prevent Mr D from toppling over. The case is sturdy, solid and very well made. Rubber around the edges helps from little fingers getting hurt when closing and the wheels roll very smoothly. The Trunki even has a little key that you can use to lock your child’s all important treasures with.

The first trip we took the Trunki on was an overseas flight where we boarded a cruise that took us from Hong Kong to Xiamen to Okinawa then back to Hong Kong. From waiting in check in queues, flying through to the boarding gates like we were on a magic broom, then more walking through the cruiseline check in hall and boarding the ship, the Trunki made everything so much easier exploring the world with our then 3yo and 9 month old. Since then we’ve used the Trunki on road trips, sleepovers and weekend adventures, as well as a trip to the Philippines where it proved very useful as a seat when waiting around. I wouldn’t recommend using it on the streets and paths – it is much more useful on smooth surfaces like airports, hotels and boarding halls.

We love our Trunki and would highly recommend it to parents of children 3+ as a fun and functional travel essential. We’ve used it so many times and it still looks good as new!

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What other travel essentials would you recommend when traveling with kids?

Have a great week and remember to enjoy the ride as much as the destination! xoxo

Touching down in Hong Kong with our two sleeping beauties!This is all the luggage we took (plus our handcarry bags) for 2 adults, 1 preschooler and 1 toddler when we went on a 9 day holiday Melbourne – Hong Kong – Xiamen, China – Okinawa, Japan – Hong Kong then back to Melbourne #travelinglight

All smiles as we depart for our first trip overseas as a family of four!

Our holiday to the Philippines earlier this year included a lot of domestic flights as well but travelling light was key to a fabulous holiday – that and the fact that we travelled with family as a party of 12 so many hands make light work!