Bellababy Box – Unboxing January 2017

Bellababy Box January unboxing

Bellabox Baby – January 2017 

When the door knocks and it’s not a salesperson but the delivery man with Bellabox Baby package, you know it’s going to be a good day! “You deserve to feel special every month” says Bellababy Box’s website, and with a delivery every month of wonderfully curated products, it sure does feel like that. A flush little box with contents packed neatly inside. One for mum, one for bub. Another one for mum, one for bub. These subscription boxes are such a great present idea because there’s nothing better than getting a little love in your mailbox with awesome little goodies to try out. A present for a friend or even just for yourself if you want a little monthly pamper session.

This month’s Bellababy Box was packed with goodies for both mums and their babies, and inside the box comes a little card explaining all the contents and where you can buy them if they end up being a favourite.

Bellabox Baby is one of those subscription boxes where once a month a box of goodies arrives. Some items are sample sized – handy enough to put in your handbag or babybag, and some items are full size beauties that really give you a taste of what the product is all about. I’ve been enjoying the subscription to this Bellabox as there is always something for both mama and baby. This month’s content are listed below.Munchkin Miracle 360 cup The Urban Ma blog review

Treats for Bub

Munchkin Miracle 360 cup
“Spill-proof and spoutless, now your toddler can drink from their own cup that looks just like yours! Sup naturally from anywere on the 360 rim which reseals automatically”. Our little Hannah already drinks from a cup – she found the sippy cups we originally gave her were too slow with the flow and she was able to drink from a cup early on except she also loved tipping the water out all over her highchair table. What is it with kids and splashing water around everywhere? I was excited to receive the Munchkin Miracle cup in the Bellababy box and Hannah took to it straight away! She drank her water easily from it and was fascinated by all the little holes that made up the surface. With the green lid on top we took it out with us without a spill in my bag. It would be cool if the top part was see-through so Hannah could see where the water level was when she would tip her head back for a drink. Apart from that, this BPA free and easy to hold cup has been a staple in Hannah’s backpack since we got it! I think I’ll need to buy another one for our trip next month.

Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion
“Designed especially for newborns to provide healthy skin development. Containing the richness of shea butter, this daily use lotion helps nourish and protect fragile skin.” You can’t go past Cetaphil for gentle, hydrating products. I’m currently using a body moisturiser from the Cetaphil range as I’ve recently had a really bad break out of eczema and I find that Cetaphil works a treat. I’m sure their baby range is just as good as we recently got to try the Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo and we loved it. The soft fragrance and fresh lather really got the kids squeaky clean especially after some time at the pools.

Dermaveen Extra Gentle Baby Eczema Cream
“Suitable for infants and toddlers, use on skin prone to dermatitis/eczema, nappy rash, rashes, cradle cap and environmental irritations. Suitable for both face and body.” A large 200g cream was in this month’s box and I haven’t used it yet but reading the description on the Dermaveen website, it sounds like this would really help soothe dry, itchy skin – free of lanolin, parabens, artificial dyes and fragrances, this cream is also combined with oatmeal to effectively calm, hydrate and protect the skin.

Nappy Goo Cream
“With packaging perfect for nappy bags and handbags, Nappy Goo is a soothing and gentle balm with mild antiseptic properties that forms a barrier to prevent and treat nappy rash.” I’ve used a couple of nappy rash creams for the kids, namely Sudocrem and La Clinica’s  Organic Baby Wipe Lotion (I love La Clinica’s organic baby range). Nappy Goo Cream is made by a Melbourne company  and the key ingredients in its nappy cream are zinc oxide (helps to protect the skin from irritants), hamamelis water(also known as witch hazel water which helps to reduce fluid loss from the skin) and melaleuca oil (also known as tea tree oil which has mild antiseptic properties). I received a handy 25g sized tube of the cream which I’ve placed in Hannah’s toiletry bag but you can also buy this cream in a 100g tube. The tea tree oil fragrance is soothing and I’ve used it a couple times with great results.

Baby Mum-Mum Rice Rusk
“Free from the top ten allergens, dissolvable and easily digestible, these organic rice rusks are babies’ ideal ‘first snack’. Suitable for little ones as soon as they develop skills to chew and swallow food.” I received the Bluberry and carrot flavoured organic rice rusks in January’s box and Hannah loved it. The hubby and I also loved it as it kept Hannah quiet for half of the mass tonight. The half she was asleep. I had it in my handbag ready to go for times when I needed her to be quiet but also to give her something to eat when she got a little peckish. The rice rusks were easy for her to hold and didn’t leave a crumby mess anywhere! I didn’t get to taste it because Hannah was very protective of her snack and wouldn’t give me a bite…so I’m guessing that she found it quite yummy 🙂

Luvme Bamboo Biodegradable Wet Wipes
“Gently cleanse your little ones’ stick hands, face and nappy area with these biodegradable wipes. Crafted from 100% bamboo, they are soft yet extremely durable.” This little pack of wipes is also in my handbag. Whenever I get something in the monthly subscription box that is a sample size, I either put it in my handbag, in Hannah’s nappy bag or in the bathroom ready to try out. It’s great because it keeps our toiletries stocked with quality items.

Munchkin Miracle cup Bellababy Box review The Urban Ma blog

Treats for Mum

Cattier Cleaning Water or Cleansing Foam
“This month, mums will receive either the Cleansing Water or Cleansing Foam from French skincare brand, Cattier. Combining quality and results, the range is crafted with organic and natural ingredients to care for your skin.”

The Australian Natural Soap Company Original Solid Shampoo Soap
“This refreshing shampoo bar only uses natural plant oils of coconut, olive, sweet almond, metitgrain and mandarin, to naturally give hair extra body. Wet hair and apply the bar directly to your scalp, massage the product through to the ends of your hair and rinse.”

Monomola Long Lasting Lip Colour
“A special treat from Bellabox just for you! This syper long lasting, peel off lip tint by Monomola works by applying a super think top layer onto exfoliated lips, which you leave on for 10 minutes then peel away for a long lasting lip tint.” I wasn’t going to try this lip product because there were no English instructions on the box that it came in. All the text was in Korean, except for the ingredients list. Luckily on the description card that comes with every Bellababy Box monthly delivery it says that this is a peel off lip tint. I squeezed a little bit of the tint out on my finger and it has a super sticky texture with a highly pigmented colour. Still unsure, I searched for some YouTube videos of girls trying the product out. You have to put a thick layer of the lip colour on your clean, exfoliated lips and leave it on for 10-15mins. Then you peel it off and it should leave you with colour tinted lips. It was a little messy taking it off – I mustn’t have left it on long enough because I couldn’t peel it off, I had to rub it off. To my surprise though, the colour tint worked and my lips ended up being a soft red colour like when you suck on a red icy pole. I felt like I had to apply lip balm after a few minutes just to put some moisture back into my lips. Interesting product.

Cetaphil Dermacontrol Oil Free Facial Moisturising Oil Free Facial Moisturising Lotion SPF30
“This daily moisturizer with broad spectrum UV protection has been developed with carefully selected ingredients to provide nourishment and replenish your skin’s barrier.”

So there you have it, January’s BellaBaby box goodies! With Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day coming up this first half of the year, this would make such a great present because your friend, wife, mother or partner would be getting a present every single month of the year! You can find all the info on their website.

Have you tried out any subscription boxes? What did you think of the products?

Priceline make up haul – November 2015

Priceline Haul beauty make up

It’s that time of the year again when Priceline have 40% of their cosmetics. Even though there are plenty of online stores that you can get discounted make up, this 2-day Priceline sale always attracts loads of customers with the cosmetic aisles always packed. My two previous hauls can be found here and here.

I thought I’d use this opportunity to get some more of my Christmas present shopping done  so here is my haul for November 2015. The sale ends today so make sure you get in early to grab some great bargains! I think my favorite item in this haul is the Nude by Nature Complexion Wonderland set because it was only $29.95 with 9 items inside!

Max Factor lipstick Priceline haul

Max Factor Elixir Lipstick in Mystic Mocha 760 down to $12.57 – This lipstick goes on smoothly with a beautiful brown color. With a blend of conditioners, antioxidants and Vitamin E, this lip product actively moisturises for smoothe, fuller lips!

Models prefer lip and cheek tint priceline

Models Prefer Color Infusion Lip & Cheek Gel tint in Sugar High down to $7.79 – I’ve never tried this product before but thought it was a really pretty color and something that I could use during these summer months.Natio lip liner Priceline haul

Natio Long Lasting Mechanical Lip Liner in the color Nude down to $8.37 – I like that you don’t have to sharpen this liner and the color is a nice nude brown color which from first impressions feels like it will stay on the whole day.

Mini Velour Lips travel set Priceline Haul

Australis Mini Veloulips Matte Lip Cream in the colors “Darks and Reds” and “Brights” down to $8.97– These are so cute and such a great gift idea! You get five different colors in each pack with five different packs to choose from with the third pack consisting of nude colors. I haven’t swatched them here for you as I intend to give these away as presents. If you search for Velour Lips swatches in Youtube you’ll find heaps of beauty gurus and their reviews on this product!

Darks and Reds
Colors: Mel-Burn, Mum-Bai, Buda-Pash, Doo-Bai and NY-Cee

Colors: Tok-i-o, Shang-Hii, Mal-i-boo, Bar-tha-lona and Rio-D

Nude by Nature Complexion Wonderland gift set Christmas gift guide IMG_7466 IMG_7467

And finally the Nude By Nature Complexion Wonderland tin down from $49.95 to $29.95 – I love the packaging of the Nude By Nature make up sets because you can always use the sleek tins as storage for make up, stationery, ribbons, hair products etc! But it’s what is inside that counts. What great Christmas present idea! It has all of the following products inside from powders, illuminators and a brush. I bought a similar Nude by Nature set a few years ago and really enjoyed using the mineral finishing veil and natural mineral cover which is also in this set along with heaps more!

Airbrush mineral primer, Liquid mineral concealer, Limited edition mirror, Kabuki brush, Limited Edition Sheer Light Illuminator, Natural Mineral Cover, Mineral Bronzer, Mineral Finishing Veil, and Virgin Blush

Have you checked out the sales yet? The 40% off sale ends today!
If so what items did you pick up!? I’d love to see – I might go back today for more lol!

Thanks for stopping by and if you’re not already following along, you can see more posts on my Instagram and Twitter accounts or Facebook.

Have a great Thursday!

Bump diary #7 – Stretch marks and June favourites

Stretch marks and favourites

Because I’ve gotten a few questions about what moisturizers etc I’ve been using, I thought I’d show you my favorites for the month of June!

Cocoa Butter Lotion with Vitamin E – This moisturiser leaves my body feeling so smooth and doesn’t irritate my sensitive, eczema-prone skin. I’ve also been massaging over my feet before bed leaving me with a relaxed, silky feeling in the evenings

me. Pink Clay and Jojoba Exfoliant (formerly Brown Skin Secrets) by Skin Naturale – I keep this bottle in the shower and use it on my face and neck every time I shower. I used to have really pimply skin with both oily and dry areas. I love this exfoliant as it’s gentle enough to use every day and has little beads that feel like they really clear out my skin.

me. Clarifying Serum by Skin Naturale – I got this with the matching moisturiser (you can purchase them together here as a handy travel set or a set of full sized products!) and I’m really loving serums right now. It has helped clear out my skin along with the exfoliant.

me. Balancing Moisturiser by Skin Naturale – I have been using this for a while now and actually need to stock up as I’ve finished it and am now currently using some moisturisers I’ve just purchased from Priceline!

Bio Oil – I used this almost every day in my last pregnancy and it just makes my tummy and hips feel smooth and moisturised

Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea deodorant – love the smell of this deodorant – so fresh and clean!

Nivea lip balm in Peach flavor – such a peachy, fruity scent! Very moisturing on my lips especially with all the winter heaters and wind about.

Lee Stafford Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist – I got this from one of Priceline’s hair goodie bags and I use on my hair before and during straightening my hair with my GHD. It leaves it feeling a lot less dry and gives a smooth finish with no frizz.

Macadamia Oil Natural hair treatment serum – I bought this after seeing many vloggers on YouTube recommending it. I use this on my towel-dried hair to help it dry feeling soft to touch.

Swisspers Cucumber Facial Cleansing Wipes – Decided to try out a different brand of facial wipes just for a change and I really like the fresh cucumber scent of this one. The wipes are so good at taking off all my make up at the end of the day and leaving my skin cleansed and clean.

Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector in medium – In the mornings I use this BB cream underneath my foundation. Makes my foundation feel like it goes on evenly. Not sure if I should be using a primer instead but for now the combo seems to be working well. I’ve been looking into different make up courses so if you have any recommendations please let me know in the comments below!

Stretch marks pregnancy bump diariesPalmer’s Cocoa Butter Massage Cream for Stretch Marks – I also used this cream in my last pregnancy every morning. It has a nice scent and kept my bump hydrated throughout the day.

Just a thought on stretch marks while we’re on the topic of all these creams and oils…there are so many different suggestions on how to prevent and get rid of them. But in the end they are what they are – they tell a story of what you’ve endured and the blessing that you’ve been given xx


What are some products you’re loving to use right now? Are there any other creams, moisturizers that you can recommend for my baby bump?! 🙂

Priceline Haul Nov 2014

Priceline Haul make up

Thought I’d just put a quick post up in case you didn’t know already! 40% off cosmetics at Priceline today (previous Priceline Haul post here!)and if you can’t make it to the stores then don’t worry you can always shop online! Perfect timing to kick start your Christmas present shopping or stock up on your essentials 🙂 Let’s start with the pretty peach gift pack I bought for one of my KK’s!

Nude by Nature In the Spotlight Complexion Collection $49.95 down to $29.95 – I bought an NBN gift pack for myself last Christmas and I loved their mineral veil and powders so thought it would be nice for someone else to enjoy it! This gift pack comes with:
– Airbrush Mineral Primer 20ml
– Mineral Cover 3g
– Mineral Veil 3g
Limited Edition Shimmer Birck 12g
Mineral Lip Gloss Flirty 10ml
– a cute kabuki brush
– a 5 piece brush kit perfect for your handbag
– and a cosmetic bag to put all your goodies in!

Models Prefer Nude Eyeshadow Palette $10.00 down to $6.00 – another Chrissy present for a luck friend, I bought this palette as I had heard it is a good dupe for the Urban Decay Naked range. Didn’t get the chance to test the shadows in the store but 12 neutral shades for $6 is a pretty good deal!

Essence Silky Touch Blush in 60 Life’s a Cherry $5.10 down to $3.06 – very pigmented so you only need to use a little. Such a pretty pink colour to brighten up your face.

BE 2 pack black eyeliner with a pencil sharpener $3.00 down to $1.80 – found this little pack and I needed a sharpener so I though why not buy one that comes with two eyeliner pencils! Turns out the eyeliner is pretty good and doesn’t tug on your eyelid when you apply it! Just gotta test out how long it lasts but for $1.80 I’m super happy with it. Always need an emergency pencil in the car or your bag!

Nude by Nature Bright Eyes $19.90 – With lack of sleep lately (or should I say the past two years!), I feel my eyes have been needing a bit more TLC so I bought this soothing eye gel for some extra hydration and to soothe my eye area during those times they feel hot and irritated.

Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Dark Circle Corrector + Concealer $24.95 down to $14.97 – Another eye product I bought was this double ended corrector and concealer that covers dark circles with the yellow colour and brightens the eye area with the light colour. Applied with a cool steel roller makes my skin feel fresh and re-energized.

SkinVitals Eye Lift Eye Mask – $1.99 My go to eye mask. I use this every time I feel like my eyes are puffy and tired. I leave it on for 15mins before going to bed and it feels amazing!


Priceline Haul the Urban Ma


Australis Oh Hai Brow Brow Shaping Kit $16.95 down to $10.17 – Thought while the sales are on I’d try out this kit which I’ve seen a lot of beauty Youtubes and beauty bloggers recommend. I still currently use my FOA brow kit and love it but thought I’d give this one a go 🙂 It’s a lot bigger and chunkier that the FOA kit but it also includes a highlighter.

Australis Make-Up Finishing Spritz $14.95 down to $8.97 – Another Australis product I picked up was this finishing spritz. Again I’ve heard some good things about it here online so thought I’d give it ago. Will let you know how it goes once I’ve used it a few times. Hopefully it’ll really help keep my make up last longer. I don’t wear a lot but it always seems to have disappeared by the end of the day especially lately when I’ve been attacked by hayfever – the never-ending use of tissues etc has made me feel so dry and naked by the end of the day.

And lastly on to all the lip products! I didn’t buy too many lip products in the last cosmetics sales so there were a few colours I was looking for and ended up purchasing the following.

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in 07 Natural Beauty $4.70 down to $2.82 – was looking for a nude lippy so I thought I’d try this one out. After watching some of MissTango2’s videos, I decided to check out more Essence products 🙂

Australis Colour Inject Lipstick in Mash Up – $12.95 down to $7.77 – I don’t already have a dark lip colour so I was looking for one to add to the mix! Love this one by Australis and can’t wait to wear it. I’ll post pics up on Instagram when I do so keep an eye out 🙂 @jacqfruit

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss in 112 $12.95 down to $7.77 – Love this brownish shade…when I swatched it it reminded me of Rachel from Friends in some of the first few episodes back in the day!

Maybelline Colour Sensational in 916 Neon Red $16.95 down to $10.17 – Love the Maybelline lipsticks particularly 635 Very Cherry (this red colour really pops and I’ve used it at various dance gigs and just for nights out with the crew) and 914 Vibrant Mandarin – a fun, bright orange shade. Can’t wait to use this neon red shade – it looks like it will be easy to wear, red but with a hint of orange.

 Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop in Berry Flavour $3.95 down to $2.37 – Super momoisturizingn fun packaging and a fruity scent. Will be using this heaps especially in the air-conditioned office – “8 hours continuous moisture”.

So there you have it! Hope this post was helpful! Happy shopping and let me know in the comments what things you end up buying!

May & June’s Lust Have It beauty boxes

lust have itIMG_0469 IMG_0470 IMG_0471 IMG_0472

June’s Lust Have It goodies!

You can probably tell I wasn’t that excited about May’s box since I am only posting it up now – that and there was just a lot going on so I didn’t get the opportunity to blog about it. June’s box on the other hand I only received today and I already can’t wait to try the OPI Nail Apps! I’ll try them out at an engagement party at the end of the month and let you know how it goes! The team at Lust Have It also changed the back of their information/description card making it look very Great Gatsby-esque! 😉

1.  Batiste Dry Shampoo RRP $9.95 200ml This smells absolutely scrumptious! I tried it as soon as I opened the box and am excited to be able to try this dry shampoo as I haven’t had the chance but have heard nothing but good things about it!

2. Pure Fiji Hydrating Body Lotion RRP $29.95 345ml The description on the card for this product reads “This exotic blend of coconut milk, raw honey and exotic nut extracts contains a rich source of natural antioxidants and a bounty of nutrients..” It smells luscious! Can’t wait to try it out after a night time shower! It would’ve been nice if they included the ingredients list with the product.

3. Real Purity Natural Lipstick in Romantic Red RRP USA $15.00 This was another of the goodies I tried as soon as I got my delivery this morning! It is such a stunning color to wear and I’ll post up some pics when I wear it out. It is creamy and smooth to apply.

4. Savi Organic Soothing Cream RRP $27.95 60ml I haven’t tried this cream out yet but the packaging is pretty and it is Australian Certified Organic.

5. Klara H20 Proof Eyeliner RRP $18.00 “Sexy, audacious and totally fashion-forward”. After swatching it on my hand I find this eyeliner to be nicely pigmented and am hoping that it is also long lasting and smudge proof!

6. OPI Nail Aps RRP $19.99 I have used the Sally Hansen nail polish strips and can’t wait to try these OPI apps. Hopefully they’re just as easy to apply and long-wearing.

I haven’t really used any of the May goodies so if you would like to see the description of the contents then click here. The miracle hair treatment looks interesting and I have put Nude By Nature’s pawpaw ointment in my bag ready to use when the time calls for it 🙂

IMG_0267IMG_0272 IMG_0268 IMG_0269 IMG_0270 IMG_0271

Made in Melbourne May edit!

Made in Melbourne edit samples

L’ASCARI soy candles, Skin Naturale’s new range of all natural hand and body cream in Coconut Bliss, The Kandle Club candles in Baby Powder, Chanel No. 5 and Gardenia, Skin Naturale’s sample pots: Vanilla Chai, Mediterranean Dream and Coconut Bliss.

Because I missed out on a couple of blog posts last week due to a house full of sick boys and moving back home from a 5 week stint in the heart of Melbourne, I thought I’d do a special post for you all – Made in Melbourne! It’s also a double-post Monday so keep an eye out for a second post from Yours Truly today. Happy Monday everyone! <3

Made in Melbourne May edit!

Having recently spent some time (5 weeks) in our beautiful city I’ve been fortunate enough to find some amazing products handmade right here in Melbourne. With our fresh new floors looking polished but smelling of varnish fumes, I have been happily putting my recently acquired candles to good use – L’Ascari and The Kandle Club! With the winter weather settling in I have also been loving the all natural, all organic and vegan Skin Naturale brand and their new brand spanking new range of hand and body creams! So here is my Made in Melbourne May edit:


L’ASCARI Artisan Soy Candles & Lifestyle Products

I first saw these candles at a boutique on Little Bourke street called Wilkins & Kent – they sell furniture and homewares. I was immediately drawn to the unique packaging and design, and fell in love with the frangipani scent – such a beautiful and delicate fragrance.  These artisan soy candles are hand-made by Melbourne based couple Luca Chiaravalle and Belinda Chiaravalle containing pure soy wax containing no petroleum, toxic materials, herbicides or pesticides. Each candle displays a photo of their Italian hometown – such a nostalgic touch! L’ASCARI candles can be purchased from a few stockists so be sure to check their website for more information. They also have some cool looking “ManCandles” and I think I’m going to have to purchase the Espresso one for my better half…and another frangipani candle…and also the French pear room diffuser! Mmmmm bliss!


Skin Naturale – Natural and Organic Skincare Company

Website. Facebook. Twitter

Recently I was fortunate enough to meet the creator and founder of Skin Naturale, Lynn Ross, and scored myself some sample pots of their latest skin care range. I loved the smell so much I immediately had to have the Coconut Oil bottle! What I really love about Skin Naturale’s products is that they are made with all natural ingredients that have been tried and tested…not on animals! As I have such sensitive skin it is hard for me to find deliciously scented moisturizers that don’t cause my skin to break out or become irritated and having used the Coconut Oil moisturizer for around 3 weeks now, my skin is feeling so soft and smooth. Finally a locally made, natural moisturizer that leaves me feeling and smelling so amazingly good! Next up on my shopping list…Vanilla Chai! Upon placing my next order I asked Skin Naturale a few questions to get to know their brand:

Tell me about Skin Naturale and what makes this brand so different?

Skin Naturale has two different brands – Earth&Body which is now on the market and BrownSkinSecrets which will be released shortly.

The Earth&Body range includes hand and body creams that is nothing like anything on the market. It is made from fruit, nut and vegetable extracts (natural and organically derived ingredients) suitable for the most sensitive of skin.  We not only wanted to create a ‘well being’ product free from harsh chemicals, mineral oils, parabens, sulfates, polyethylene glycol (PEG’s), artificial colours and fragrances; but also wanted to provide people with an experience – In a café?  Vanilla Chai; On the beach? Coconut Bliss or Sailing the Mediterranean? Mediterranean Dream – take your pick!!

So this skincare range is packed full of the best ingredients for our skin?

Yes definitely! With years of research into natural ingredients and working with a cosmetic chemist I wanted to apply the natural secrets of what I discovered into a creating something for the hand and body that was made from the purest form of ingredients. The creams are high in anti oxidants, vitamins, minerals and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and is easily absorbed into the skin to soothe, nourish, protect and improve skin tone and texture.

Sounds like such great quality products! Where can we buy your skincare range?

We are so excited that the range has also been effective on babies and people with eczema; and that our products have been embraced by our customers in a short period of time, which we are very grateful for. 

Skin Naturale products are available for purchase online at our website and are also available at ‘Nature Finds You’ Beauty Salon at no. 2 Queens St, Melbourne, Australia.  We are also in current negotiations with stockists to make our products more readily available for our customers.

Check out Skin Naturale’s Facebook page here for updates on their latest products, research and skincare info.

Kandle clubIMG_9820

 The Kandle Club – Natural Soy Wax candles


Thanks to your votes I won these cute candles from a Mother’s Day Facebook competition and my mum loved them! She loves the Chanel No. 5 perfume so when the lovely Karen informed me that I could pick two scents I chose Chanel No. 5 and Gardenia. They came in the mail via express post right on time for Mother’s Day with a special little extra – a set of tealight candles in the scent ‘Baby Powder’! Thank you Kandle Club for brightening up my first Mother’s Day and mum’s first Grandmother’s Day with your Melbourne made goodies!  If you would like to purchase some pretty little jars of natural soy wax candles then head to the Kandle Club’s Facebook page here!

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What are some of your favorite made in Melbourne finds?

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2013 Shopper of the Year event

IMG_0238 IMG_0242 IMG_0244 IMG_0249IMG_0247IMG_0209

A fun day out at DFO – 2013 Shopper of the Year!

The other day 50 of us set out on a challenge set by DFO and Shop Til You Drop magazine to find Australia’s most fashionable bargain hunter. We were given $200 and 45 minutes to shop for an entire outfit, top to bottom, including footwear and accessories. DFO Essendon was our venue with Lotta from Cosmopolitan Australia and Amanda from NW Magazine Australia being the 2 judges of the day. Their job was to pick 2 finalists out of the 50 of us to compete for the ultimate prize of $5000 and the title of the 2013 Shopper of the Year! I’m looking forward to seeing the winners from the other DFO outlets!

45 minutes is not a lot of time to put together a whole look so it was a real challenge rushing from store to store and getting ready along the way to be all done up for the final showcase! I had already been eyeing a black winter coat from Glassons and a black bag from Marcs. I had to get the rest of the outfit on such a tight budget because of those two items that I really wanted. Luckily I found a dress in Glassons for only $10 and its wrap neckline perfect for breastfeeding! All in all it was such a fun day and I bought pieces that I knew I would definitely use over and over again 🙂 Thank you to DFO Essendon and Shop Til You Drop magazine for the opportunity and the goodie bags! – got excited about the cute little Nutella jar!

Here’s a breakdown of what I bought and how much the total was. I actually had $6 left!! If only I had enough time to rush to the baby stores to get Baby D a onesie I would’ve used the $200 to buy 2 outfits ;P

1) Glassons Black Biker Jacket – was $139 down to $70

2) Marcs Black Nikki Pouch – was $149 down to $79

3) Winsdor Smith nude studded heel – down to $25

4) Glassons Maroon wrap dress – down to $10

5) Just Jeans ring and tassle necklace – 2 for $10

Total: $194

I thought I went pretty well 🙂 How would you spend the $200 to style a new outfit?

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Shop til you DropIMG_0250 IMG_0200