Mama Mondays – Life Lately Mothers Day 

 Just a quick photo diary post on last weekend’s shenanigans!  Started off this year’s Mother’s Day weekend with a cute little morning tea at Mr D’s preschool. They had a nail painting station, cookie decorating station and some other few activities that the centre’s educators had organised so well right down to the lovely little decorative lace on the vases!

It was such a fun morning and which ended with a walk to the nearby park with pretty pink balloons raising money for research and awareness for breast cancer. We left before the walk though, so that Mr D could join his cousins and aunties and uncles at Barwon Heads.
  A screen shot from one of my Snapchat snaps
I didn’t realise I was pulling this face while he painted my nails – a worried kind of smile!    He was so proud of his paint job that he showed off my hands to everyone last weekend. Thankfully Monday came around and I was finally able to take the polish off!That super gorgeous smile of his – brightens up even the gloomiest mornings!
Off to Barwon Heads for some fishing which Daddy and the cousins have been getting into over the past few weeks! They’re learning every day new things like what bait to use, when and where to fish etc. They caught twelve fish that day! It was such a great day to be outdoors!We always set up a little pop up tent for Miss H and this time Thad joined her. A great set up to give Miss H room to roll around and keep the babies safe from any cool winds and rain!
On Saturday Melbourne again brought the beautiful sunshine out and we ventured to Jurassic World at the Melbourne Museum. I’ll write a more details regarding the exhibition in another post but for now here are just a couple of teasers! The dinosaurs were huge!Our little scientist!
Saturday night we were able to have a few hours of alone time without the kids as we celebrated a friend’s birthday in the city and scoffed down plates of dumplings and Hutong! Sorry for the cramped and stingy looking lift selfie but it was the only one we took of the night!

The smell of a croque monsieur grilling away in the morning wafted throughout the house as the hubby made this amazingly delicious breakfast for me. I love the little family and little home we’ve created and can’t wait to spend many more Mother’s Days with them! The Sunday was all about the mums and grandmas so the day started off with mass, then lunch with all my aunties, uncles, mum and grandparents, then dinner with the hubby’s side of the family.image2 (9)image3 (6)

Wellness Wednesdays – A is for Attitude

As I journey through life and this phase of motherhood I am constantly learning more and more lessons about myself and the world…from my kids and my parents.

They constantly teach me how much patience and love I have in me. I’m not quite sure where it is stored or comes from but it’s there…in overwhelming abundance. And I am so grateful to be blessed with the experience.

Today I had a lovely chat and interview on the other side of town and I was asked, “What’s the one piece of advice you would give to new mums?” When you first become a mum there seems to be an avalanche of tips and advice that is thrown over to you by well-meaning people. Out of all of the ones I’ve received so far, nothing beats advice from my mum about attitude:

I was so exhausted and delirious from the lack of sleep I was getting the other month. It was just one of the days where nothing would go “right” and the kids wouldn’t sleep, I had no rest, I wasn’t able to get any cleaning, washing, blogging, or anything else done. I was so fed up and frustrated that I just snapped at everyone and got irritated by everything turning my day/week into a miserable one.

Mum said “It’s all in your attitude. You cannot control everything. But the one thing you can control is how you deal with the things that happen around you. Your attitude determines how your day will go and you must remember that you are never given anything in life that you can’t handle. Always have faith and trust that you can do it, that you can handle it. You are strong.”

I’ve heard this before from different people at work, on podcasts and books. But the thing that made the difference is the timeliness of the advice. And Mum seems to know when I need to hear different things!

I also recently read a page of a book to my 3 year old, Daniel, which covered the topic of attitude on its first page and gave a couple of quotes that again served as a reminder to me to stop and breathe before I get angry at something and just find a way to deal with it.

Whether you think you can or think you cannot, you are right.
– Henry Ford

One of the few things in life that we have total control over is our attitude. Notice how much easier it is to get things done when you decide to try.
– A is for Attitude – A little book of inspiration and encouragement for people of all ages.
Written and Illustrated by Julie Davey

I can’t remember where I got this cute little picture book from…I think it was from one of those bounty bags you get that’s filled with helpful things for mama and baby but it echoed the same advice Mum gave me.

So to all you new mothers out there who are up right now…or at 3am in the morning feeling so exhausted, drained and unsure, remember that it’s these low times that make the highs even more amazing and special. Enjoy the ride!

Good night friends!



Mama Mondays – 60 years of marriage

60th lola and lolo60th cake and flowers

Today is my grandparents’ sixtieth wedding anniversary. Such an amazing and rare milestone to reach. We celebrated the occasion yesterday. A simple family gathering by the beach with a buffet lunch. We all wore white. And even though it was just the family and very close friends, there were over sixty of us! Having many children must be their secret to a long and happy union. Growing up with a big family of many relatives, my childhood memories are full of road trips and games. So much fun, laughter, drama and togetherness. Chatting to my granddad during lunch and speaking to him about his commitment to my grandma, he was witty and had a few tips on how to stay together and enjoy growth in love.

“Live a simple, family life”.

“Get rid of your ego and just love each other”.

60th facts

What helps create peace and harmony in your marriage?

Mama Mondays – Surviving January

Whooping cough

Whooping cough hit us straight in the face this new year. Just as January started and we were all motivated and inspired to get cracking on our goals, our poor little babies were struck down with illness for a few weeks. I didn’t leave the house as I didn’t want anyone else catching it from them and so I had the worst case of cabin fever. It was so overwhelming at the height of it that I was just so exhausted and in such a state.

Looking back now the worst of it was really only about a week and a half to two weeks in duration but at the time it just felt like forever. All of us were suffering from almost zero sleep and the kids from coughing and vomitting. Generally Mr D my two year old felt okay in between his coughing fits and was even able to dance around to all his favourite video clips.

IMG_8541 IMG_8540

It was the most tiring two weeks to date and I do not wish it upon any parent. For those parents that have been through times when their kids have been sick I salute you. I found it so hard and constantly worried about the both of them especially Little Miss H because she was just under three months old and her poor little body looked so exhausted from all the coughing. It was like we had her under 24/7 surveillance and I would bolt up in the night every time I heard her starting a coughing fit.

Midnight emergency trips to the hospital and constantly reading up on whooping cough on the internet were just some of the things we went through. Below is a list of things I found handy when dealing with our two little ones being sick with whooping cough:

– an electronic thermometer to easily check their temperature
– a plastic bag to catch vomit after their coughing fits (before I started making Mr D carry one around with him, he was vomiting everywhere and I was constantly mopping up puddles of it on our floorboards :/)
– natural manuka honey oral liquid by Brauer to help soothe the coughing
– an aspirator for Little Miss H to help pull out all the stuff blocking her nose (sometimes I even tried gently sucking it out myself because I freaked out so much about her not being able to breathe!)
– batch-cooked meals (on one of the days, the hubby cooked three soups – carrot, pumpkin and cauliflower and also cooked some other dishes to freeze. This meant that we didn’t have to cook when we were so exhausted and we were still eating nutritious meals)
– an eye mask (to soothe my hot, tired eyes)
– an accepting and patient attitude
– prayers
– help from family members and friends (a friend dropped off some jelly and Hydrolyte icy tubes for Mr D and it was so nice to see the little package when I opened our front door)

1. Exhausted and waiting to see a doctor – comforting Mr D whilst pushing Little Miss H back and forth in her pram 2. Housework piled up as two kids needed the attention more 3. Dr Daddy – as parents we need to play many different roles for our children 4. Unable to go out to the shops and places where other kids are just in case they catch the cough, we had our own little private picnics in the middle of the oval 5. Poor Mr D threw up every meal he ate 🙁 6. On the mend – these two were so happy to be close to each other again!

I remember feeling so overwhelmed, tired and frustrated that I couldn’t help but cry my eyes out while both kids were crying. And one little message from one of my friends just made my day. She wrote, “Don’t worry, I cried too.” I know it know it doesn’t sound like anything profound, but after thinking that I had failed my kids yelling at them out of frustration then immediately feeling guilty afterwards, that simple text just made me feel so much better. Like my feelings and reactions were just a normal thing to go through. It was a hard few weeks but we all got through it still standing!

What are some of the things that have helped you during the tough times?

IMG_8522“Are you feeling better? Can we play now?

Mama Mondays – Life Lately. Behind the scenes

RCH Aquarium

Life Lately – January Week Two

It seemed everyone was out and about this week enjoying the amazing display of summer that Melbourne is putting on for us this year. Everyone, except us. I don’t know how he got it but Daniel is just recovering from whooping cough even though he’s been fully vaccinated and it was so heartbreaking, not to mention super tiring for us, seeing him so ill.

Thank goodness the hospital has such a lovely vibe to it with the huge aquarium and pretty little images everywhere (you can tell we don’t have to visit much!). It’s so nice for the kids that are sick to have colorful and bright images to cheer them up a little.

I had a few dinners out this week, just locally at Yim Yam Thai and Slices and my parents took me out for a birthday lunch at Crossroad Kitchen. The hubby and I also had our first night out without the kids dining along the marble bar drinking sake and enjoying sashimi at Akachochin.

RCH emergency 11 weeks Hannah's face with daddyHow cute is this face Hannah is pulling whilst looking at Daddy?! It’s like she’s half smiling and half questioning himEduardo's chocolate cakeThe most amazing chocolate cake ever – my dad’s! It gets even better overnight in the fridge.
2016 Jan Week 1
Here are some of the everyday behind the scenes pics that you don’t normally see! 1) That dreaded moment when you turn baby to her side and discover a poo explosion. Not only is it a nappy change but a whole outfit change and sometimes even a bath is needed if the poop has spread everywhere :/ 2) Trying to be organised with our week’s appointments, dinners and gigs on the fridge 3) Batch cooking by the hubby – he was so good cooking three different vegetable soups that all tasted amazing. He also made us green smoothies to try and rid all the sore throats and runny noses in our household 4) After coming home from our date night, my dad had dessert ready. Best. Cake. Ever.

What did you get up to last week? 

Christmas 2015 recap

Christmas Eve 2015 The Yuans


p style=”text-align: center;”>Last year there were a lot of photos of the scrumptious feast we ate over the two days of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This year it was all about these two little munchkins!Christmas Day morning 2015He loves her so much. We all do.
Christmas tree 2015So excited on Christmas morning to rip open all that wrapping paper!
Hannah's first Christmas happy 2015Warming up to the camera. Her smile is priceless.Christmas 2015 familyOur little family – 2015 🙂

10 Things We Love About Christmas

1) Solitude & reflection time – the nine days leading up to Christmas is where we attend the Filipino tradition of Simbang Gabi (Dawn Mass). In the early hours of the morning hundreds of us wake up to greet the new day and prepare for Christmas. This year with an active preschooler and newborn, I enjoyed the morning silence adorned with Christmas carols and hymns and of course a traditional Filipino breakfast for the masses! It was my me time and it was beautiful.

2) Driving around seeing houses decorated brightly with Christmas lights, or more so the look of sheer joy on Daniel’s face!

3) Christmas in the city – Melbourne really embraced Christmas this year and we loved it! It was like going on a big treasure hunt for Christmas lights and deocrations

4) Christmas tree and decorations around the home always make it feel so festive. I normally put up the tree in late October just before Daniel’s birthday so that we can enjoy the season much longer! This is nothing compared to the decorations that are up in September in the Philippines…now that’s a bit early. Over the past few years instead of collecting souvenirs from places we’ve been to, I’ve tried looking for Christmas decorations. So for example, when I went on a girls trip to the U.S.A I got some Christmas decorations from the different cities we went to! So even though the decorations don’t match, every year when we put them up we are reminded of all the wonderful places of the world.

5) Carols & music – When I hear the songs by Jackson 5 and Boney M, it always me reminds of Christmas as a little girl as mum used to always have her Christmas selection playing while we set up our tree. Hearing the more traditional Christmas carols, on the other hand, always reminds me of high school and singing in the choir. We sang “Joy To The World” in one of the choir competitions and blew everyone away, taking home the first place trophy. I loved singing in the small but elegant church in Williamstown with my high school friends. Music is bliss.

6) The uplifting mood – everyone always seems a lot merrier during this time of year and I always seem to end up conversing a lot more with strangers at the shops! I guess you could also choose to see what you want to see (I also so a bit of road rage in the carparks – calm down people!). I also love getting mail that isn’t a bill! Christmas cards with little notes to say “hi and thinking of you” are so thoughtful.

7) Santa – I hadn’t really paid much attention to Santa at the shopping centres, but this year it was different. It was sooooo cute seeing Daniel excitedly run up to every Santa he saw while we were out. He’d start chattering away in his little voice asking for a “Northern Nightmare monster truck and the school bus monster truck” hahahah! Poor Santas. Thanks for patiently listening to him and filling his stocking with them this year!

8) Time 0ff and being at home – Who doesn’t love a good holiday and time to relax whilst feasting on delicious home made treats. We love gingerbread men and this year I made my first trifle! It was also the first year I didn’t eat any Christmas ham…

9) Kris Kringle & presents – This year being three years old , Daniel was really aware and excited about all the presents – both getting them (especially all the monster trucks) and also handing them out. He made for a very happy little Santa at our family Christmas party handing everyone their presents! We also made sure we gathered up some nice toys and things to give to St Vinnie’s. I think next year we’ll also send a huge box of goodies to those in need in the Philippines.

10) Sharing a meal – Christmas Eve is always dinner with my family on my mum’s side, Christmas Day is lunch with the hubby’s side and Christmas Day dinner is with my grandma on my dad’s side. Daniel is so fortunate to have two great grandmothers to visit. It sounds a little hectic but there’s nothing like sharing a meal with those who are there for you no matter what.

What were some of the things you loved about Christmas this year?

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas this year and let’s ring in the New Year with joy and kindness.