Life Lately – December 2015

Leading up to Christmas can be both a hectic and exciting period of the year. With almost all except a couple of presents bought and wrapped before the second week of December, we were able to spend most of our time enjoying  the festivities surrounding us, including traditions like Simbang Gabi (Dawn Mass) and checking out the Christmas lights!

So while I took a mini break from blogging when everyone else was completing “Blogmas” this month, here are a few things we got up to!

Christmas lights and yum cha in the city, escaping the heatwave by camping out at home downstairs! A family photo with Santa at Crown.
  A pilgrimage walk of around 23kms from Kings Park to St Patrick’s in the city! – I only completed the last little leg of it but it was so amazing to see everyone else get through the heat and the blisters…time for reflection and meditation.The last of his swimming lessons, Daniel progressed so quickly, and it was also my first time taking out both kids on my own, phew! What a feat!
Hannah’s first movie was Star Wars and she slept through almost the whole movie and was quiet as a mouse while Mummy and Daddy had their date night! One little observation after the movie – why is it that the baby change table has to be in the women’s toilets only? Props to the hubby for freshening up Hannah in his own way, no thanks to the change room situation.
Daniel’s creche Christmas party at the play centre – he loved it! Received a book as a pressie from Santa and got to end the year playing with his friends.

 Super warm weather meant heaps of time outside!

Wellbeing Wednesday – 6 things we love sharing with Toddler D


We took D out on the long weekend to the aquarium (post coming soon!) and apart from noticing all the cool sea creatures I also noticed how quickly he’d copy what other kids were saying and doing. 

“What the!?” and “Oh my God!” are just some of the things I heard him say for the first time ever and I freaked out. You might think that it’s nothing but hearing it come out of his mouth was very new to me – he is so young and innocent and cute and it just took me by surprise. 

I know he didn’t really know what he was saying, he was just copying other people, but it got me thinking. Thinking that I too need to watch what I say and do around him as he is constantly soaking up everything he sees. It’s so hard as a parent to know how and what to teach our kids (they will someday be future politicians, doctors, analysts, social workers etc!) that we can only do our best. 

So here are a few things we’ve been doing with D and he’s been loving it!


1) Staying active – Saturday mornings usually mean bicycle rides with Daddy and he loves it! He loves the wind in his face, the speed that they travel, seeing all the different things passing by like cars, dogs, ducks, and just spending time with his dad. He’s also started to watch me exercising and doing some pregnancy Pilates at home and the other day he handed me a jump rope and said “You exercise Mummy!” LOL! 

2) Enjoying the outdoors – any time we can we try to spend some time out in the fresh air and sunshine. Feels so good to be not always locked indoors especially during this winter season.

3) Growing veggies, herbs and fruits – I used to have a veggie patch with eggplants, brocolli, tomatoes and basil in abundance. That is, until Lando our dog joined the family. But now that he’s no longer a puppy he doesn’t dig around as much and so we decided we wanted D to see where food comes from. Our backyard is too small for chickens so we thought we’d get the veggie patch going again! Hopefully we’ll have some Dutch carrots, broccoli, leek and kale sprouting up in the next few months! 

4) Sharing meals together – we always eat dinner as a family, it’s just something my parents always practiced with us and D loves it! Except for when he wants to play with his cars. But luckily he’s such a great water and what other way to bond than around food! 🙂 

5) Giving thanks – I posted about D’s night time routine of reading, prayers and saying thanks and I got a lot of positive feedback about it. Never too young to start and it’s so amazing to hear what he’s thankful for each night. Sometimes he’s thankful for his mummy and daddy and aunties, sometimes it’s for his cars and sometimes it’s for random things like his bedroom door, or the light or our hands! Blessed! It makes me thankful too when I hear him say thanks for the little things because it reminds me how lucky we all are to have a door to keep us warm and readily available light at the flick of a switch! (If you missed that post you can read it here. Share what you or your kids are thankful for! – I’d love to hear it!!) #graceandthanks

6) Showing care and love towards others – D is lucky to have a lot of family and friends around him and we hope the closeness between everyone is a constant in his life. Showing affection and communicating with each other strengthens these bonds which hopefully gives D a strong foundation as he starts to build his own friendships and relationships with others – including any pets and the environment.

What are some of the little things you do with the people you care about? 

Wellbeing Wednesdays – Dear Husband

  I don’t normally share too many links on here but after talking to my girlfriends and guyfriends and hearing so many stories about different relationships, this letter came to mind (see here). Maybe you can relate to it, maybe you can’t. Just thought I’d share.

Communication is key. 

Nobody is perfect. Humans make mistakes. Work through it. Understand. Listen actively. Love. 


What quote are you really feeling this week? 

Lippy, heels and my mamma friends

IMG_5535Ms Collins, 425 Collins st, Melbourne

Saw a post on Instagram last week which got me thinking… Once upon a time we went out on a Thursday (to Odeon), a Friday (to Next Blue), a Saturday (to Zos) and a Sunday (to Mercury Lounge). 4 nights in a row, I don’t know how we did it. These days with full time work, a 2 two year old, extra curricular activities and a house to make feel like a home, it take me 2 weeks to recover from even just one night out let alone a couple in a row!

But once in a while we just want to throw on those heels, a pretty dress and take to that dance floor with drinks and girlfriends in hand.

The scene has changed quite a lot with higher entry (I remember paying $8 plus a free drink card at some clubs), a change in music (from sexy rnb tunes to EDM), and a toilet full of girls wriggling around taking 120 selfie pics before they’re satisfied with one that they filter, edit and crop before posting online. The below Instagram post had me giggling thinking about all the gossip and friendly ladies in the bathroom happily chatting to each other acting like they’re best friends, even though they know nothing about each other except their expensive taste in designer handbags. No camera phones to distract from the babbling about boyfriends, jealous rants or the excited feelings of being bought a free drink from a cute stranger. Ahhh I wonder what they’re all up to now! 🙂


 Love these people! – Happy Mother’s Day 2015

  Forever grateful for all the experiences, beautiful, tough and indescribable, that come with being a mother.

Never-ending learning about just how much love us humans are capable of.


P.S Thank you to this gorgeous little boy for giving me Mother’s Day, my strong and loving hubby for his soothing calmness, my parents for giving me such a deep and meaningful understanding of what it means to be a parent and all the other mother-figures (my aunties, friends, workmates etc) out there who’s support and friendship I’ll always cherish. Hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day 2015.  

      A beautiful tribute to mothers who have passed on at the Sunday morning mass. How sweet are they!? Freshly squeezed orange juice with a yummy breakfast!       

What Mother’s Day looked like this year 

Life Lately #9 – Lunches and laughter


2015/02/img_9963.jpgLunches and laughter

Found in my drafts folder and before I post a more updated “Life Lately” post, thought I’d get this one up to remember the warmer days before the recent grey and wet Melbourne weather set in!

First time cooking paella and it was a hit! – Beach time with Daniel – lots of work lunches with blog friends and work mates, gotta love working in this area of Melbourne’s CBD! Check out some of my work lunch haunts here, here and here! #worklunch – attended a bloggers catch up about the recent Dubai trip some of them were lucky enough to go on – treated my parentals to the Paul Simon and Sting concert – the two little cousins are starting to interact more and more with each other. It’s so cute to watch a bond start to grow between them.

That’s all for now! Hope you’re having a great week. I’ve been battling an extremely sore throat and can smell nothing but lemon and menthol lately ugghh 🙁 xx