Mama Mondays – 1 month post partum update

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Mama Monday – 1 month post partum update

We’ve survived the first four weeks of sleep deprivation and life with two little ones! At times it was so hectic but all the cuddles and cute little baby coos and ahhhhs helped us to momentarily forget how tired we were and just take it all in. This newborn time is so fleeting. If we spend too much time focusing on the negatives, we’ll regret it later when our babies are teenagers and no longer want to hang with us!

So here is our 4 week update!

Height/weight: Baby – At Hannah’s 4 week check up, the nurse was happy to see her gaining lots of weight and growing well. Hannah measured 4.1kgs and 54.5cms long putting her just above the 50th percentile of girls length-for-age for her weight and 75th percentile for her height. Compared to Daniel at his 4 week check up, Hannah is a lot lighter with Daniel weighing 5kgs and measuring 56cms long.
Hannah is just starting to grow out of her onesies that are sized 0000! Daniel he grew out of them within the first two weeks! Onesies are my current fave item of clothing for her as they’re so easy to wear…especially the ones with the zip! Only recently have I started to dress Hannah in separates.
Mama – I haven’t weighed myself recently but I don’t think I’ve lost any more weight than in my last post…I actually feel bigger around the belly than last week but that’s probably because I’ve been so bad lately – I can’t stop eating sweets!!! Macarons, chocolate, vanilla ice cream with chocolate cake warmed up in the microwave, OMG somebody stop me! So sizes-wise I’m still wearing my maternity jeans on the rare occasion that you see me changed out of my pj’s and leggings!

Routine: Baby – Hannah doesn’t really have a set routine as yet – I feed her every 2-3 hours after which she is awake only for a little while and then straight back to sleep. Lately she’s stayed up a little longer for some play time with us! Mama – We stayed home for the first 4 weeks post partum with the exception of a couple of outings to the hospital and photoshoots and so I try to start my morning routine off with a load of laundry, breakfast and some more decluttering around the house (I try to declutter as much as possible before going to bed). Then in the evenings I try to get my blog posts done which as you can tell by this late 1 month update, I’m still trying to work on!

Sleeping: Baby Hannah is still feeding and sleeping all day and night long but I’ve noticed that recently instead of going straight to sleep after a feed, she’s awake a little longer. We normally start our day at 6 or 7am and go to bed at 9pm. Hannah then wakes up around twice at night – once at 12-1am and another time at 3-4am. It’s such a big change from when I got to sleep in every morning until 8:30-9am with Daniel on those 5 weeks of maternity leave I had before Hannah was born! Mama – I try to nap whenever Hannah is asleep but we had Daniel’s birthday parties and some events to attend recently and I was unable to nap during that day. I am really going to try my best this week to take a break and sleep during the day…wish me luck!

Eating/feeding: Baby –  Hannah is still feeding every 2-3 hours throughout both day and night, hence the lack of sleep for me! I’m still exclusively breastfeeding on demand and my milk supply has regulated now and my boobs don’t hurt as much thank goodness. Like Daniel, sometimes Hannah seems really irritated after feeding and it seems to be because sometimes I haven’t got that burp out of her so I really need to be diligent with that.
I really want to go to my work Christmas party this week but I haven’t left Hannah longer than an hour or two yet and also haven’t yet tried giving her the bottle eeeek! Looks like there won’t be any partying for me anytime soon!

1 month post partum The Urban Ma bumpHow cute is Hannah’s Urban Junior pink and red elephant muslin wrap? – It was a present from one of the hubby’s thoughtful work colleagues.
1 month The Urban Ma blogHow cute is this onesie Hannah received as a present. It’s from Next and I love the polka dot pattern all over with the bunny detail and those cute, little pink bows at her feet!
Next baby girl outfit The Urban Ma

Milestones:  Baby – Hannah has been smiling a lot more lately and I’m still not sure whether it’s just coincidence and reflex or if she really means it! From baby acne and now cradle cap (ugh it’s so hard to resist picking at it!), Hannah’s skin feels a little rough and dry but the nurse and my other mama friends say this is normal for newborns. I guess Daniel was just lucky that he never got it. Sometimes it looks like Hannah’s going to roll over from her back to her tummy but I’m sure that’s not the case as it’s way too early right?
Mama – We went on our first outing the other day and it was so tiring! – it felt like our car was full of bags – mine and Hannah’s and Daniel’s. I felt stressed out every time I saw a red light approaching as Hannah cries each time the car stops…arghhh! We really need to get a new car!
We went to Highpoint the other day and thank goodness I know exactly where all the bathrooms and lifts are located. With Daniel needing to all of a sudden go to the loo and Hannah requiring nappy changes or a feed, I’d be so stressed if I had to fight the crowds and search for these life-saving rooms! It feels like even a short ten minute trip to the shops has expanded to take an hour just by adding a newborn to the mix.
I’m feeling a little better down there but I’m still not lifting anything heavier than Hannah as I feel like everything will fall out if I do! I’ve been doing my pelvic floor exercises consistently everyday and can’t wait to get back to dance class/gym classes.The Urban Ma 1 month post partum updateSelfies with my little lady and discreetly breastfeeding on our trip to Santa’s Magical Kingdom
IMG_7200Daniel at one of his birthday parties! I’ll post some pics from his birthday celebrations soon!