Wellness Wednesdays – Getting to Know You

In case you missed my Instagram post earlier today, I’ve been tagged by a few people to share my #20factsaboutme so here it is!:

1. I was born here in Melbourne and have 2 wonderful kids (Birth story for H is here and I still have to write about D’s entry into this world!)

2. I met my husband at a band night & later auditioned to be in his dance crew by dancing in front of him and a few other dance crew members. They also “interviewed” me before they said yes ??? (Some of my dance related blog posts are here and here)

3. I used to hate green peas. I couldn’t stand seeing them all squished together in that foil packaging on the Red Rooster ads & I used to pick them out of my fried rice. I can eat them now – dunno what happened!

4. I gave birth to my son over the Westgate bridge in our car while my husband was speeding ?

5. My favourite subjects in high school were music, Japanese and Economics

6. My worst subject was Maths ?

7. The last book I read was “Something Other Than God” I couldn’t put it down!

8. I’m currently watching & loving is Parts Unknown

9. I first joined Rewind Dance Crew in 2001 & the last gig I danced with them was just last weekend at St Kilda Fest

10. My favourite perfume is by Annick Goutal. I also love Bombshell by VS (random I know ?)

11. I was extremely shy at school & didn’t like people using the words “nip” or “gook”. I think it ended up affected my self confidence

12. That all changed when I found dance at 19. You couldn’t keep me away from the stage and I talked so much I even ended up working in L&D as a facilitator for 7 years!

13. The hubby & I had 2 honeymoons ?

14. I have eczema & have had it since I was born ☹️

15. I started playing the piano since I was 7 & played violin for 2 years in high school. I really wanted to learn to play the saxophone but the violin was cheaper! ??

16. What I find attractive in people is old fashioned manners, being on time, passion and genuine kindness

17. I love my family & pretty much most of us live within 15mins of each other max including my aunties and uncles lol!

18. The next few places I want to visit are Iceland, Japan, the Philippines

19. If I won Tattslotto I’d buy an apartment in each of my fav cities. Then I’d give the rest to a charity that helps kids nurture their given talents.

20. I get excited about a lot of things!


What are 20 facts about you? I’d love to read them 🙂

Happy hump day and have a great rest of your week xx