Bump Diary #15 – 33 week update 

  How far along are you? 33 weeks and 5 days
How big is baby? This week Baby weighs as much as a pineapple. On average around 43.7cms long and weighing just over 1.9kg and may already be getting ready for birth by turning upside-down.

Body and changes:

– Weight gain As for most of this pregnancy I haven’t weighed myself this week and am feeling like I’m growing bigger and bigger every second!

– Stretch marks No new ones this week…not that I can see anyway! I still have around 7 weeks to go and am hoping that there won’t be too many new ones popping up.

– Sleep This week I’ve been sleeping really well except for a couple of nights were my throat felt so acidic, I was gassy and also needed to take multiple trips to the loo. The hubby was interstate and I probably slept really well because I was cuddling our little one – I love how he snuggles right up to me and sometimes even holds my face in his little hands just to reassure himself that I’m there 🙂

– Maternity clothes I haven’t been shopping this week – I have really tried to restrain myself! I have just been wearing the same stretchy clothes to work for the past few weeks now and have been lucky to be able to work from home some days so that I don’t have to face the daily morning task of having to choose what to wear to work out of my already limited wardrobe.

The Other Stuff:
I’ve been slowly trying to get Mr D to learn how to dress himself as I am lacking the energy to run around chasing after him to get him dressed to go out. Last week it was his shoes and this week we’ve been tackling his undies and pants. It’s still a little tricky for him but he’s getting there 🙂 I just can’t bend over as much anymore. I miss carrying him and so I’ve been trying to sneak cuddles in anytime I can.
I’ve been so forgetful, misplacing lots of things around the house and having trouble finding them! Ugghhh…
I’ve also starting to feel a little nervous about the birth and so this week I’ve been reading up on labour signs lol! Last time I thought I was just having Braxton Hicks but they were actually contractions, hence the speedy delivery of Mr D over the Westgate Bridge (I promise I will post something about that soon! Still can’t believe I haven’t blogged about it!!).

Hmmm sorry for the blurry photos! I’m taking them with my iPhone6 and I thought they’d be clearer than this!? 🙁

Eating lots of everything. This week we made salmon patties (see below pics of Dadddy and son looking through the ingredients and Mr D just wanting to crack those eggs already!) and after watching the movie Chef again we made cuban sandwiches for the first time complete with the roasted pork shoulder marinated overnight and pickles, melted cheese, ham…ohhhh so good! We’ll have to post up the recipe we tried. Also been devouring:
– chocolates
– green smoothies
– breakfast smoothies

Feeling re-energised and ready to get back into some more exercise. Last week I walked up only 3 flights of stairs at work and by the time I got to the last landing I was totally out of the breath. This week I’ve been walking at least 20 mins every second day and hope to make it everyday when parental leave kicks in 🙂 It helps that the Melbourne weather has slightly become a little more sunny with pretty flowers starting to bloom on the plum trees around our area here.

Needing to re-design my blog.

Wanting to re-organised Mr D’s room and also tidy up our outdoor spaces at the front and back of the house.

Watching a couple of episodes of the The Bachelor this past week and some kids movies with Mr D.

Bookmarking interior kids room designs and all things mummy…saw these cool gift boxes with lots of goodies in them on Instagram and now I can’t remember the name!

Noticing how spring is almost here! Just a day away. Sun is shining (every now and then) and the ponds around our area are filled with signets and ducklings.

Enjoying hearing all of Mr D’s latest expressions. His voice is so animated I just love listening to him talk. It’s so encouraging hearing him read his books – he either memorizes the words on the pages or just makes it up!

Had a lovely Sunday arvo first at Corinthians in Hoppers for coffee (see previous visit to Corinthians here) and then a Malaysian lunch at Tasty Gate in Werribee.My first breakfast smoothie with blueberries, yoghurt, milk, oats, honey and bananas, my super comfy outfit for work, and at 8 months pregnant I need all the ‘comfy’ I can get! Loving my pink and gold-flecked necklace from Marielle at Monday Project, she’s got such beautiful things, a Thai lunch at Pokpok with my workmate.

gratefuldaniel #13
Daddy: What are you grateful for today Daniel?
Daniel: Thank you to God for my pilots book from Daddy and my rocketship book from Myscha! (He’s got such a good memory…he remembers everything!!)

Have you been continuing to practice gratitude in the past week? What have you been grateful for?