Bump Diary #21 – 39 weeks

39 weeks pregnant The Urban Ma blogThis is totally how I feel right now!

How far along are you?
39 weeks and 5 days (C’mon already!!)

How big is baby? This week Baby is as heavy as a mini watermelon. On average around 50.7cms long and weighing around 3.2kg – that’s how much Mr D weighed when he was born and he was 51 cms long.

Body and changes:

Weight gain Ok grand total this week is 81.2kg – 3kg more than I gained in my first pregnancy and I’m really, really feeling it this week.

– Stretch marks My tummy feels so heavy and we just got back from a night time walk and I feel like my stretch marks are way more noticeable now…either that or a few more have crept in the last hour! Still doing the same as previous weeks and rubbing oil and belly butter in the mornings and before I go to bed.  

Tonight’s bump photo straight after our walk, can you see all my stretch marks on the lower half of my tummy? I’ve got way more stretchies now than I did when I was pregnant with Mr D. It’s so amazing how much our bodies can transform in nine months. I look so different here compared to one of the first Bump Diary updates I posted!

Sleep Mostly good except some nights reflux has been so bad that I feel like throwing up…it’s feels so acidic in my throat. Some nights I feel like drinking heaps of water and then end up taking multiple trips to the bathroom and other nights Baby has been moving so much I just end up staying awake watching my belly move sideways making all sorts of shapes! Sometimes I’ve had an uncomfortable feeling down there but then the pain goes away and is not really regular enough for me to think Baby is coming…the waiting game is officially in full swing.

Maternity clothes I haven’t bought any new clothes this week because I’ve been busy shopping for things for our new outdoor living space now that our pergola is up! I have been eyeing so many pretty dresses and heels though as I walk past the clothing stores but I’ll leave that for later!

The Other Stuff:
I can’t recall if I’ve mentioned the BabyCenter – My Pregnancy app in these Bump Diary updates I’ve been doing but it’s been a good companion throughout the first nine months of navigating motherhood before birth. It has daily information on tips and tricks to help you through the stages of pregnancy and this weekend’s update made me laugh because it was so timely (I’ve included a screen shot below)!
I had what I hope will be my last midwife appointment before Baby arrives last Saturday and she mentioned that the below activity and walking may help bring on labor. I spoke to my friend who is also pregnant and due today, and she explained that expressing helps release oxytocin, which may also aid in bringing on labor. Hey I’m willing to try anything so walking and expressing look like the go as they do not require the cooperation of a hesitant other half 🙁 Man I thought it would be easier than this! Grrrrr.
Anyways, I have been trying to walk daily for at least twenty mins but Baby is not budging. It feels like I’ve been pregnant since forever and feeling heavier by the minute. I miss being able to carry Mr D and I really want to help out in the backyard with the garden but I shouldn’t be carrying heavy things….so I’ve been cleaning out the linen cupboard and re-arranging some storage spaces in the house. Totes nesting!
I can totally see my face feeling a little puffed up now as it did in my last week pregnant with Mr D…hmmm maybe I should try that contouring stuff? Hehehe! Also, because it has been really hot lately, I haven’t been able to put on my rings. Today however, has cooled right down to 17 degrees and I was able to wear my wedding ring again 🙂

LOL!! How detailed is this weekend’s Pregnancy app update hahah! 

What things did you/your wife/partner do to deal with the waiting game during the last month of pregnancy?

 Feeling impatient and nervous. I’m feeling nervous about Baby taking so long to come out and I don’t want to be too much overdue as I’ve heard that being induced, or having a “stretch and sweep” is super, super painful. I guess I won’t be able to escape the pain either way!

Needing to some more tradies in to finish off our outdoor area – I need to get an electrician, plumber and paver in – I can’t wait for summer this year! We’ll have a whole new area to play in!

Wanting Baby to come out already…not just because she’s due on Wednesday but also because mum has taken annual leave for her and is going back to work next week!

Watching Mr D make the most of our backyard…as soon as he gets downstairs in the morning he asks if he can go outside. He wants to eat breakfast outside, paint outside, and just be outside 🙂

Bookmarking outdoor decor ideas, birthday party ideas and pretty dresses and heels!

Noticing how affectionate Mr D is…I hope he stays like this for as long as possible! I love his hugs, kisses and sweet little things he says to me.

Enjoying being able to share both gripes and joys with friends who are going through things in life. This week I’ve also enjoyed seeing Mr D countdown his sleeps until the Monster Jam event at AAMI Park which happened last Saturday. He had swimming lessons in the morning and then went off into the city with Daddy for some monster truck fun. The hubby sent me some photos and videos of him yelling out and cheering on the monster trucks…it was soooo cute to see I wish I was able to go with them.

 An unforgettable day for Daddy and Mr D (as seen on my Instagram feed!) – Monster Jam 2015 at AAMI Park. Their first time attending the event.

   The best $27 we’ve spent! – this water table from Kmart has had Mr D occupied each day for hours on end. I’ve been taking Mr D to the pre-school storytimes at the libraries in our area, he loves getting a stamp at the end and coloring in the weekly pictures. Grandma helping Mr D get changed after swimming lessons and pool time with Daddy. He loves playing I Spy in the car these days!

gratefuldaniel #19
Daddy: What are you grateful for today Daniel?
Daniel: Thanks to God for my monster trucks and for my friends Ate Alyssa and Aiden (they came for a visit and play this evening!)

Have you got any friends who are currently pregnant? Feel free to share the love and share this post 🙂