Mama Mondays – 5 months post partum

Hannah 5 months cotton on

Mama Mondays – 5 months post partum

Height/Weight: Hannah’s next check up with the nurse will be at eight months so it feels like such a big gap in between knowing her measurements because we’ve had them quite regularly up until now. I got her on the scales at home with me and it looks like shes weighing around 7.7kgs at the moment. Not sure how long she is.
I’m sitting at 65.5kg this month and doing a little big of yoga here and there. I need to get back into doing it daily!

Family time getting easier and easier as we learn the ropes and logistics of going to the shops, parties and going on roadtrips with two little ones in tow – we took them to Geelong and Phillip Island this month, lots of Daddy time and time with her big brother who loves showering her with hugs and kisses, she loves trips in her pram.

Routine/Sleep: We all usually head downstairs to start our day after the hubby has left for work so around 8.30am is when we’ve usually started to eat brekkie and get ready for the day ahead. Hannah sometimes wakes up earlier at 6 or 7am and when she does, we drive Daddy to the train station. Then she gets sleepy and has her first nap around 9:30-10:30am and if she’s in a pram or in the car because we’re out, she’ll normally sleep a long chunk until lunch time. After lunch and play Hannah will next get sleepy around mid afternoon and then have yet another nap at 4:30pm or so. I used to wait for hubby to get home so he could bathe her but these days always try to bathe her before he comes home so we’re all fresh and ready for dinner. Then it seems Hannah will sleep at around 8pm but keep waking up until she sleeps a big chunk from around 10pm – 2am.
It feels like it’s a little different each day and all the days just blur into one so I’m just taking it as it comes. Recently I tried not to feed her at all during the night and she cried and cried but the hubby kept settling her while I stayed in Daniel’s room. My boobs ended up so sore by the end of it but she actually survived the night right up until 4:30-5am without feeding. She slept quite well the next night but then we went away for the weekend to Phillip Island and she slept so soundly the whole night only waking up a couple of times. We shared a bed and I know remember why we ended up co-sleeping with Daniel – they just seem to sleep so much more peacefully and longer when they’re next to me.

hannah march 19th 2016

Eating/Feeding: Hannah has had a taste of sweet potato, carrot, and some other flavours including sucking on a chicken bone while at her grandparents house…ahhh no wonder kids always love it at their grandparents! – they get to eat things we wouldn’t normally give them lol! She loves melons and loves to eat. This month I will try to use less of the packet baby food and try to puree my own.

   3 little cousins with one on the way!

Milestones: Hannah is just rolling and moving all over the place now. I still don’t understand how she manages to change direction so quickly without even crawling – she’ll be facing one way to start with then within a couple of minutes she’ll be facing the other way! Hannah has also started to giggle a lot more now, especially when you playing peek-a-boo with her. Her face is so animated, the hubby said he feels like he can really tell what she’s thinking and feeling by the way she looks at him! Hannah also went on her first couple of trips away this month to Geelong and Phillip Island. She seemed to absolutely love watching Daniel and cousin Madison playing with each other day and night – she looked like she just wanted to join in already! Oh and she can now reach her foot to her mouth and I catch her chomping on her big toe sometimes haha!
I’ve been slowly wearing some of my pre-pregnancy clothes again but am also a little bombarded with all the clothes in this house, and keep thinking I should just clear out the whole wardrobe and start again, this time being very minimalistic with what I buy. But then every time I see pretty dresses or vibrant outfits on Instagram or in the stores, I think how can you not buy and wear all the pretty clothes that are out there. Ughhh I can’t make up my mind! My eczema continues to flare up this month and the doctor has given me a different type of ointment to try out. I’ve also stopped eating chocolate hot cross buns – maybe out one on the odd occassion! I ran for the first time in so long and it wasn’t even in runners, it was on the beach at Phillip Island as my brother, hubby and I were trying to get to The Pinnacles in a hurry before it was time for dinner. It felt good to get super fresh air and sweat it out but I really need to work on my fitness.

  My baby girl and I
Argghh I love her feet!! So cute!!!   Such big, pretty eyes!
 Chilling out in bed, crafts at home, trips to the zoos and off to see the dinosaurs!