A curry delivery from St Albans – Xuan Xinh

   Sunny and hot. Rain and hail. Then out comes the sun again. Yep, just another typical Melbourne day in terms of the weather so we decided to stay in. Thanks to our friend over at Consider The Sauce, there was a knock at the door and lunch at hand.

Kenny came over for lunch after an overdue catch up and served us up some delicious Vietnamese chicken curry and freshly baked bread.

What a perfect combo from Xuan Xinh, a small Vietnamese eatery on St Albans’ colorful Afrieda street strip that offers up banh mi and a few other Vietnamese dishes from the bain marie so I’m informed by Kenny. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it next time! These days I still lack the experience and energy to attempt to take a toddler and a newborn out to lunch where there is no easily accessible parking and play area! Thank goodness for friends who continue to introduce us to new places!
  Soft potatoes and tender chicken swimming in this creamy curry sauce that is perfect for dipping in fresh baguettes.