Birthday brunch for my little sis – a Melbourne day out

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Birthday brunching with my cousins for my little sister’s birthday last month. We started our day with a sleep in then headed to the city for some delectable treats from Operator 25. City sightseeing and a tram ride led us to the NGV and the Andy Warhol Ai Weiwei exhibition that is currently on until April 24th. There was something for everyone with the Studio Cats installation appealing to the kids with a photobooth and interactive activities.

A walk along the Yarra led us back to our car and the colourful and intricate structures of the Chinese Zodiac signs. A quick pit-stop at home to refresh, then out to Rustique restaurant to end the day with my little sister’s birthday dinner. Family, food, art and sunshine – what a birthday!

IMG_9383Mr D taking in the hynotising arrangement of over 1500 bikes in Ai Weiwei’s Forever Bikes (2015) installation which for Ai, symbolise the freedom to move
IMG_9384Entering the summer mist garden, the perfect place to walk through on a hot summer’s day
IMG_9393So agile and adventurous in his new shoes!
IMG_9408The shade of the Summer Architecture Commission developed by John Wardle Architects, is a structure that combines an outer layer of precision engineered steel with a mass array of 1,350 hand folded elements that provide colourful shade by day and a unique nocturnal glow.
IMG_9385 IMG_9422Ai Weiwei’s Letgo Room (2015) Plastic. Composed of more than three million plastic building blocks featuring Australian activists and champions of human rights and freedom of speech. This installation was originally intended to be constructed with LEGO pieces. Visit the exhibition to find out more.
IMG_9423Ai Weiwei’s S.A.C.R.E.D. Maquettes (2011) Fibreglass. A series of architectually scaled dioramas depicting scenes from the detention cell where he was held without charge by the Chinese government for eighty-one days in 2011. This cast him in the dual roles of rebel and victim of oppression.
NGV water window Melbourne Andy WArhol Ai Weiwei NGV Melbourne Studio Cats NGV Melbourne The Urban MAAndy Warhol and Ai Weiwei – For Kids. Interactive, fun activities to get the little ones involved in the artists’ mutual love of cats.Studio Cats Andy Warhol Ai Weiwei for kids

(1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005)

It may prove to be a stressful year for the Roosters in 2016, so do take care of your health. Improve your stamina by eating right, taking up some calming activities and spending more time with your loved ones.
You may experience some stagnation in your career progression and frustration may build up. However, it may be time for you to upgrade you skills through taking up courses or look to further your studies. It may also be time to apply for that sabbatical leave and take a break from work to unwind.
Some misunderstandings may arise this year between married couples. So learn so communicate better with your partner and be more understanding of their emotions. Singles can expect to have better romance luck towards the end of the year so do not fret!
Your wealth luck is not too favourable this year. Be realistic and be wary of unattainable financial yields. Things that look to good to be true, are probably just as the seem, so do not be swayed by greed and use common sense when such situations arise.
– Prepared by Grandmaster Vincent Koh – Singapore Feng Shui Centre 2016

(1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1999, 2003, 2015)

The goats were in charge in 2015, but it is time for them to transition to the year 2016. It may be a slow year for the Goats, but plans will still progress well and remember to strive towards success, and be motivated throughout the year.
If your career seems to be in a limbo this year, do not dwell nor be pessimistic. Stay positive and keep your morale up. This is an opportunity for you to take up self improvement courses or that advanced certification that you had been mulling about.
For singles, don’t be cooped up at home. You will have to widen your social circle in order to meet your prospective partner. For those married couples, be adventurous and seek out new activities and dates to spice up your relationship with your spouse. Maintain a harmonious relationship by making your feelings known to your spouse and express yourself with sincerity.
Try to be more economical with your spending this year. Consider to invest modestly and seek passive returns to supplement your monthly earnings. The period of late winter will bring some favourable wealth luck. Goats are known to help others out, but this year, try to be careful with who you lend money to.
– Prepared by Grandmaster Vincent Koh – Singapore Feng Shui Centre 2016

These Chinese zodiac sign summaries were found underneath each sculpture of our signs in the Crown atrium.