Jalan Alor in Melbourne

Now having only discovered the tasty flavours of Malaysian cuisine 2 years ago on my first trip to KL, I am still on the hunt for a place in Melbourne that serves great nasi lemak. A steady number of Malaysian restaurants have been popping up for a while now around Melbourne proving the rising popularity of this Asian cuisine. Recently we visited Jalan Alor nestled in the Village arcade on Bourke street. With a clean, modern interior, Jalan Alor takes its name from the well known street in KL, Malaysia boasting of hawker street food til wee hours of the morning.
The service at Jalan Alor is friendly and the meals are cheap, however I was a little disappointed in the size of helpings and the nasi lemak needed a more sambal. If you are after your own table then you’d best come during the off-peak dinner hours as during dinnertime the owners try to cram as many customers in to the restaurant and you may find yourself elbow to elbow with a hungry stranger. The red bean drink and cold te were refreshing and sweet and the roti dessert covered in condense milk and sugar were crisp & light. The cendol was yummo! As the meals are affordable and quite tasty, I would definitely visit Jalan Alor again and hopefully try some other dishes to see how they fare with the rest of their menu.
Jalan Alor on Urbanspoon
Now this is the nasi lemak that rocked my mouth! (Old Town White Coffee, KL, Malaysia). Since we’re on the topic, here are some pics taken from the start of the year from our trip to Malaysia & Singapore.

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