A balcony, cozy booths and good, cheap dishes


Spring rolls, salt & pepper pork with fried egg 

Red Silks, Level 1, 200 Bourke st, Melbourne

I’ve been going to Red Silks since back in my uni days. Perfect for catching up with friends as they have big cozy booths, cheap but tasty dishes and are open ’til late! The menu is extensive and you can choose to share the mains or opt for your own single serve dish. I come here when feel like sharing a meal in a relaxed environment with great company and conversation.

I don’t think Red Silks specializes in any particular Asian cuisine so if you’re looking for authentic nasi lemak then it’s best to go to a Malaysian restaurant. Red Silks, however, offers generous sized meals and my favourites are their nasi goreng, lemongrass pork with fried egg and their salt and pepper dishes! They also serve the flavoured iced drinks with pearls and I like the taro flavoured drink!

IMG_9662IMG_9661IMG_9659IMG_9669IMG_9668Nasi goreng, chicken & cashew with rice, cute twiggy decor, signage outside, sneak peek of their menu

If you’re up for cocktails they also serve Cosmo’s and other alcoholic beverages which you can enjoy on their large outdoor balcony that overlooks Bourke st.

I keep coming back to this cozy little nook as the meals come out promptly and they never kick us out when we get too carried away having a girly catch up session 🙂

What’s your favourite relaxed hang out?

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One banh mi, two banh mi, three banh mi, four!



Food truck Saturday – Lil Nomnoms & Banh Mi Boys, Yarraville.

It seems that it’s becoming a fun Saturday tradition – food trucking with friends and a play in the park! My past three Saturdays in a row have been something like this: wake up and have a quick breakfast of cereal or toast, vacuum, mop and clean the house and once all of that is done, we drive to the park for some lunch and fun times at the playground!

If you missed out last week, head down to Yarraville this Saturday (24.08.13) to taste the fresh flavours of the latest food truck to join Melbourne’s scene , Lil Nomnoms.

Last weekend we were lucky enough to visit both Lil Nomnoms and Banh Mi Boys on opposite ends of the Yarraville Gardens and boy were their rolls and steamed baos amazing! We got to taste nearly everything on both menus as we came with a group of friends! Lil Nomnoms has a a value meal deal where you can taste everything on their menu for $15! Hopefully the bar is open tomorrow otherwise make sure you bring your own drink just in case.

My favs were the corn fritter Bangin’ Banh Mi from the Banh Mi Boys and the braised pork belly steamed bao from Lil Nomnoms.  After waiting a while for our food we enjoyed the good company and fun with the playground equipment. I can’t wait until the weather gets warmer, it’ll be a much loved Saturday tradition – food trucks and playgrounds!

What food trucks and/or playgrounds have you visited lately? Any suggestions on other kid-friendly places to eat are always welcomed! 🙂 Check out my post on FreshChilliDeli for more banh mi goodness in a couple of bricks and mortar locations!

lil nom nom









Yim Yam in Yarraville

IMG_0442 IMG_0446 IMG_0447 IMG_0448

IMG_0452 IMG_0454 IMG_0456 IMG_0457 IMG_0458

Yim Yam Yarraville – 40A Ballarat st, Yarraville 9687-8585

Thai Laos Cuisine

After finding out Pok Pok in the Docklands was closed, a friend from the other side of the bridge asked for recommendations on good Thai places for our weeknight catch up. Yim Yam Yarraville came to mind as it is not too far for them to travel and I adore their dishes – especially the toasted rice and coconut salad! There were 6 of us dining in so we were able to order quite a few dishes to taste as much of the huge menu as we could!

Yim Yam’s menu is quite lengthy and after having eaten here a few times with experienced Yim- Yammers we took our Eastsider buddies on a gastronomical tour of Thai Laos cuisine! I’m excited to say they loved it so much that they ordered takeaway for later! 🙂 If you haven’t been here before dive into the menu and don’t be afraid to take a risk and order something you aren’t familiar with! – you will be rewarded with a tasty, new discovery 😉

Here are the dishes we ordered:

Seared chicken satay skewers ($7.90) These were so good we were eating the leftover satay sauce with spoons!

– Marinated Grilled Chicken with Chilli Tamarind Dip (Guy yang gup jaow mark kham) ($15.90) First time trying this dish and I loved it! Full of flavour and slightly tangy, perfect with rice.

Pad Thai Chicken ($14.90) – the tastiest pad thai I’ve had yet! So saucy!!!!!

– Toasted Rice & Coconut Salad ($13.50) Love this light, crunchy dish.

Tom Yum, prawn ($8.50)

– Massaman Curry (gang mutsamun) ($13.90)

Thai Fried Rice, chicken ($11.90)

– Thai Milk Tea

Just a word of warning – stick to the mains! After enjoying and being wowed by our entrees and main dishes, you should’ve seen the deflated look on our faces when our desserts landed on the table. What a way to end an evening. No need for words, just take a look at the photos below…

If you are looking to get dessert, the pandan crepes were probably the least disappointing out of the mixed berry crumble & coconut ice cream wafers that we ordered. Or better yet just get a chocolate sundae from McDonald’s on your way home.

We left baby at home with the grandparents because this place is very tightly packed with no room for prams. They recently opened up and took over the space next door but if you choose to dine in make sure you book in advance! All in all the desserts haven’t deterred me – Yim Yam is one of my favourite Thai restaurants and their specialty dishes are worth coming back for.

IMG_0460 IMG_0461 IMG_0462 IMG_0463 IMG_0464

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Lazat Malaysian Restaurant









Lazat Malaysian Restuarant, 495 Ballarat Rd Sunshine, Ph: 9312 7880

This place on Ballarat Road has been occupied by so many different business in the past few years from a souvlaki to a grill-type restaurant but with some other Malaysian eateries being such a hit in the area (i.e. Chef Lagenda up the road) I’m sure Lazat will be here to stay much longer than its predecessors.

I actually wasn’t even going to call in and book a reservation for dinner because I didn’t think that this place would be busy but luckily I did because when we arrived, the place was full house – buzzing with busyness! Lazat showcases a hearty menu with lots of choice and reasonably priced dishes. My lychee drink was tasty and refreshing and I enjoyed every single dish that we ordered at our first time at Lazat. The fried rice was full of flavour and so was the beef rendang (I still favour my dad’s version though!). We’ll definitely be going back again and I’ll do a proper post on the dishes – this first time round we ate our meals too quickly, just a tad bit excited lol!

There have been mixed reviews about Lazat and they have only been opened for several months, however I found the food to be great value and the service friendly. It was extremely busy when we visited so we enjoyed each other’s company as we waited for the staff to get a table together for us. We used this time to sneakily check out the tables surrounding us to see what other diners were ordering – don’t tell me you don’t do that when you visit a restaurant for the first time!? ;P

Have you eaten at Lazat recently!? – what did you think?

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