Mama Mondays – Three Months Post Partum

3 months old The Urban Ma

Mama Mondays – Three months Post Partum

Height/weight: Baby – Hannah now weighs 5.7kg and is measuring 60cms long. She is fitting nicely into 00 sized onesies and I’ve already had to pack away boxes full of clothes she has grown out of.

Mama – Still stuck at weighing around 68kg right now but I’m not too hung up on it because I know I haven’t done too much this month – the kids have been sick and the top priority was nursing them back to health and giving them lots of cuddles (amongst all the yelling and crying!). I did however manage to make it to two of Rewind’s rehearsals and have been continuing to follow along with Brett Larkin’s amazing yoga routines most mornings!3 months post partum update The Urban Ma

Routine: Baby – Hannah normally wakes up around 6-7am to have her first feed for the day. Then I take her downstairs while Daniel is still asleep, put her in her swing and then practice some yoga while she watches. She usually falls asleep after some play time and then ready for another feed at 11am or so. By this time Daniel is awake and off playing with his monster trucks or going through some activities on his Maths Seeds and Reading Eggs program. He tells me that he’s “a little learner”! Lately he’s been asking me to play music videos on the tv as he proceeds to dance around the living room throwing in a few floor tumbles here and there. It looks a little bit like he’s doing capoiera. After lunchtime both Hannah and Daniel have a nap sometimes for an hour but normally they sleep a long stretch until around 3pm or 4.30pm if I’m lucky. Then snack time and playtime. Wes will get home from work or finish working from home in time for dinner so we all eat together and then it’s more playtime or time to walk around the lake and parks. Bedtime has been all over the place this month because of the kids being sick and I’m woken up by the kids two to three times due to their coughing.

Mama – This past month has been the most hardest I’ve had to go through with both kids being diagnosed with whooping cough. Thankfully Daniel had never really gotten too sick before and so this was my first time experiencing what it’s like having a sick kid – truly an arduous few weeks. One day it got so bad that I even started crying and just couldn’t clean up one more puddle of Daniel or Hannah’s vomit (it was like they were taking turns having coughing fits and then vomitting). So Wes ended up coming home to the messiest house ever with two puddles of half cleaned up vomit and me rocking away in the corner with the biggest migraine so drained from the kids and needing to get away. Several trips to the Royal Children’s Hospital and appointments at the doctor took up most of our time this month.

Sleeping: Baby Hannah is stretching her sleeps out longer during the night now that she’s getting better from the whooping cough so it’s been such a relief. She naps a few times a day and has fallen asleep a few times just lying on her play mat.

Eating/feeding: Baby – As per my last post partum update yes I was able to go out for a few dinners during my birthday week! The hubby took care of the kids and Hannah was so good for him she didn’t even wake up while I was gone so there was no need for the expressed breastmilk I had prepared. So far Hannah has only been fed by Wes once with the bottle and I’ve been just breastfeeding the whole time which means she’s stuck with me. Sometimes I feel like I need to be getting her used to the bottle early, and other times I think there’s no need because I’m always here anyway. Yes there are times (quite a few times this month!) that I’ve craved for a night out but then I think, this stage isn’t going to last long and I’m enjoying being with her so why push her onto the expressed milk? Ahhh we’ll see how we go.

IMG_9117Weekend breakfast for the hubby and Daniel! Walnuts, strawberries on pancakes topped with maple syrup is such a good combo. Quick and easy!

Milestones:  Baby – Hannah is quite the chatterbox already! She absolutely loves when she sees a face looking at her – she’ll smile and coo straight away and it’s the cutest thing to hear. She has also started to roll to her side this month and moves around her play mat into a totally different position trying to look at the hanging toys.

Mama – I haven’t been able to get to dance class this month but I did manage to make it to a couple of rehearsals with the crew for a gig at St Kilda Fest on February 14th! I’ve been so sleep deprived this month with a million things happening so I feel like a total beginner when dancing with the rest of the guys 🙁 Hopefully I can slowly pick things up again. If you’re free on the 14th of next month, come and watch our show!baptism traditionI was so happy to have Hannah welcomed into the community this month as she begins her journey of faith.
Boodle fight kamayan Birthday The Urban MaFor my cousin’s 21st birthday she organised a boodle fight! – Filipinos sharing a meal eating with their hands! (Kamayan)

I’ve been so stressed out and tired this past month…any of you out there have any tips you can share on how you get the most of your day and manage stress?