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When I first found out  I was pregnant, along with all the other things that ran through my mind, I thought “Does this mean I won’t be able to dance anymore?”  For over 10 years I have been to late night rehearsals nearly every week, danced at clubs, events, and even in Rod Laver Arena. I could go out whenever I wanted and come home any time I wanted, even if the sun was coming up. These days I love being at home or at the park watching Baby get so excited when experiencing the most simple everyday things like smiling at a stranger and them smiling back.

In the course of our lives we have many roles to play – a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a granddaughter, a niece, a trainer, a dancer, a mentor, a volunteer, a godmother to name a few. Out of all the roles I’ve had so far being a mother is the most life-changing and the most amazing – such a blessing that we have a cute little miracle to call our own. It is something I could have never understood until I had my own little bubba to take care of and love. I feel that in order for me to give the best of myself to Baby I should continue to pursue my hobbies and things that I am passionate about, like dance, because a happy and fit me means a happy and enthusiastic mummy! So just last week, myself and some first time mummy friends decided to fulfill our goal of creating a Mother’s Day dance video.

It was so much fun but also so very tiring. With the strong direction, editing and choreography from our friends this video has been possible so thank you to AR Films and Lanie De Castro for putting this all together. I also thank our baby daddies for being so supportive and encouraging. It’s funny how these days it’s the simple things in life like being in bed giggling away with my boys that can put the biggest smile on my face and make me feel so much joy. I hope you enjoy our video and if you have any questions or comments please comment down below!

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Thank you for watching!

Blew me away

blue blogIMG_0058 IMG_0060 IMG_0057IMG_0050

Cocolatte peplum top (similar here), Cotton On Body bottoms, Sportsgirl necklace (similar here), black heels borrowed from my sister, Australis nail polish in Kick The Bucket. On Daniel: Country Road polo tee, Rhubarb knit vest (similar here), Oishi M bottoms (similar here), Converse baby shoes.

Today’s OOTD post is simple with a pop of blue. With our stay in the CBD being extended I quickly had to shop around for something to wear on Mother’s Day – something affordable, something comfortable, something stylish. This is what I came up with 🙂 Let me know what you think and what you wore for Mother’s Day! This was my first Mother’s Day celebration and it was a day filled with food, love, mummies, grandmummies and great grandmummies. Mother’s Day this year blew me away – the hardest but most rewarding job in the world was celebrated this year with a family bbq lunch, afternoon high tea and a delicious home-cooked dinner <3

high teaIMG_0088IMG_0078

Cupcake Central hosted our high tea experience this Mother’s day with delicious sandwiches and gorgeous sweets! Loved the rose water and pistachio meringues and of course my favourite – creme brulee cupcakes. There were pikelets topped with salmon and a creamy mint chocolate mousse – YUM!!

What did you get up to last weekend?!


Life Lately #2 – Playing tourist

Jacqfruit Hosier Lanepoppy ANZACArmy Barracksred wallTram lifebm dutiesIMG_2667Jacqfruit Madame Brusselssushie salad chicken bentoliftsHuTong DumplingsAsian Beer CafeDaniel at Asian Beer CafeVegan chocolate cakeJacqfruit at Martket Lane Coffee
Vic Market Fruit and Veggies IMG_0108
Jacqfruit at RMIT BuildingRMIT chilinjacqfruit St Francisjacqfruit at ZaraBasementLola and Daniel IMG_9802 IMG_9812New floorsMr BurgerDanielDaddy Aunty BabyJacqfruit

Melbourne’s Hosier Lane, along St Kilda Road, photoshoot in Essendon, wedding dress shopping along High st Armadale, lunch with friends in Madame Brussels Lane, lifts – first time mums love seeing this! 😉 dinner with friends and amazing dumplings at HuTong, lunch catch ups at the Asian Beer Cafe, vegan and gluten-free chocolate cake at Invita Cafe, at Queen Victoria Market, chillin at RMIT, church, window shopping along Bourke St mall, the Basement, QV, Saxony launch of Katsutoshi Yuasa art pieces, Nam Loong’s buns along Russell st, fresh new floorboards, Mr Burger at Therry st, wandering 

My Week in Pictures

Currently reading: topics on clean eating, cleaning, baby development, Melbourne’s history, council news, volunteering, beauty (sulphate and paraben free products), parenting

Currently eating: way too much sugar than I should

Need to work on: budgeting, decluttering, updating the blog design, getting more toned especially the butt and belly, a couple of dance projects, organising more date nights, weaning, baby-proofing the house now that commando-type crawling has begun!, using my calendar, cooking at home (been eating out too much lately)

Food, friends, family and lots of walking is how I spent the last few days of April/early May. Try playing tourist some time and experience Melbourne in a different way. We have such a beautiful city.  One thing I have found though is that “prammimg” it around the CBD means a constant battle of trying to avoid the clouds of smoke that hang at every entrance and exit. I feel so bad for poor little bubba and try to steer his pram a different direction any time I can. I have also found that quite a few places and shops do not have ramp access…hmphh! The food and coffee definitely make up for it though so for now Melbourne I forgive you, but you seriously need to do something about being more pram/baby-friendly.

On another note being 6 months post par tum I need to really get back to the gym so I can continue to eat ice-cream every night! More posts up on that later. Perhaps a fitness challenge is a coming ? I miss the days when we were training for Tough Mudder.

What was your favorite thing about your week?

Fashion Fridays – Hey Mr DJ OOTD


Hi everybody! Happy Friday!

It has been a while since I took over mummy’s blog because I have been busy having lots of tummy time and laughs with mummy and daddy 🙂 There are so many new things that I am learning like how to support my neck and sit up with the help of mummy and daddy and also we have been reading lots of books. I do not really understand what those nursery rhymes mean but the pictures are interesting and mummy and daddy seem to find the rhymes amusing and they like to reminisce about their own childhood – hehehheh old people! 😛

The pics I’ve chosen today are of outfits where I am wearing an awesome t-shirt which was a present from one of mummy’s friends! I like it a lot as it’s grey colour is easy to match with my other clothes and it is super comfy! And of course it has headphones like the ones daddy uses when he goes out to dj. I heard mummy saying that the t-shirt is from Next. Mummy bought my red & grey striped hoodie from Charlie & Me and she has teamed it up with some red Bonds bottoms! The hoodie also has a dj theme – daddy must be proud when I wear these! I am his mini-me! 🙂

I hope you all have a happy Friday and fun weekend! Stay tuned for more ootd’s and if you have Instagram you can follow mummy on “jacqfruit” 🙂

– Baby D –

Baby’s first sounds!


Happy Friday everyone!!

I thought I’d change it up and post a video for you today because Baby has started to become so much more alert and interactive with us! He loves to have d&m’s with his daddy and the other day after going out for my birthday lunch, I captured this video of baby and I just chillin’ on the bed. I put captions in just for fun.
Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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My first Christmas & New Year celebrations!

Happy New Year everybody! I am taking over mummy’s blog today because she has been so busy lately that I noticed she has not posted anything here for you.I got a bit too excited about my first Christmas & New Year’s celebrations that there are a few more photos than usual! I am sure you all do not mind 🙂



my first acting gig lol!!IMG_9749IMG_9771 image (1)

my great grandma!!IMG_9797IMG_9810

Christmas was all about family 🙂 It was so nice to see that everywhere people were celebrating this special time of year with their mummy’s and daddy’s, brothers and sisters etc (Mummy thinks that I am not paying attention when she is on the laptop and thinks that I sit there just sucking my hand, but I am really checking out what she is looking at on these websites called Facebook and Twitter hehehe!).

This Christmas I was so lucky to meet and spend time with all my aunties and uncles and grandparents and great grandparents! I was also very lucky to receive so much love, cuddles, kisses and presents from everyone. I think mummy and daddy thoroughly enjoyed opening my presents this first Christmas.Everyone keeps saying Christmas is all about me now! Heheheh! I was trying to be a good boy for mummy and daddy by sleeping lots during Christmas eve so that they could eat and hang out with their cousins and aunties. But by the next day, Christmas day, I was quite tired and cried a little bit when we went to see Daddy’s side. It did not seem to matter because everyone still wanted to hold me and carry me and hug me 🙂 I feel so happy! 🙂


round fruits for New Year’s eve!IMG_0400IMG_0405

Mummy & Daddy took me outside to see the fireworks! – our first family pic of 2013

Mummy and Daddy spent NYE at home with me and all their friends came over to celebrate too! It was so noisy outside with the neighbours bringing in the new year and people setting off some huge firework things! I was excited too but by the time it was midnight it did not matter how loud the festivities got, I just went straight to sleep because I had had a big day that last day of 2012 (mummy and daddy were cleaning and shopping and doing lots of prep for the night time guests!).

drunknye greeting

Overall it was just the best holiday time ever! I got up to a few things: I got to play Baby Jesus during the kids Christmas mass, I was able to “party” with mummy and daddy during their new year’s celebrations, I did a massive poo explosion on Christmas day which is why you see me naked in one of the photos!

I hope all of you had a memorable Christmas and New Year’s with your families and friends! I sure did!! 🙂

Baby D

I am 7 weeks old!

IMG_0003Acey and DanieleatingNguyen familyIMG_9719outings IMG_0079mummy showerIMG_0107


Oops! Here was a post I was supposed to put up last week but it was sitting in my drafts folder.

Baby and I had such a great week catching up with friends near and far before Christmas. I’m slowly getting used to venturing out on my own with my bubba. It just takes several minutes longer and some preparation, organisation and patience. The weather was also quite hot last week so baby got a little bit of a cold.  Here are some of the things we did!:

– first Christmas dinner out in the city with Alyssa and her godparents and family

– first time watching  movie (Pitch Perfect) at a Mums and Bubs session in the Director’s Suite at Hoyts (amazing!!)

– first trip to a friend’s house for lunch with all the kiddies!

– first lunch date at Switch, Watergardens for a reunion with some work mates

– first time meeting Father Noel after he came back home from his sabbatical

– first time taking Baby out to one of our late night walks to Coles

– Baby actually started liking being in his swing! 🙂

All these firsts continue to bring so much wonderment and joy to our lives however the lack of sleep is slowly catching up with me so hopefully I can get a little more rest so I’m not as irritable! Sorry hubby! x