Sunday session – BBH greatness in Sunshine!

2015/01/img_9618-0.jpgCo Do Vietnamese Restaurant
200 Hampshire rd, Sunshine

Can you believe I’ve never had a bowl of bun bo hue? I was watching an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown the other night while ironing our work clothes for the week ahead when I saw Anthony slurping up, and thoroughly enjoying a bowl of soup. It wasn’t any ordinary bowl of soup, it was topped with an assortment of pork hock, beef loaf, pork, prawn and blood cake and I could practically taste the delightful broth through the tv screen.

Bring forth Co Do, Sunshine. The sister restaurant to the prized Richmond establishment that has appeared in many guides and features specialising in bun bo hue along with some other traditional Vietnamese dishes. I’ve tried other restaurants along the Hampshire road strip but I can feel this one will fast become one of our favs!

My mouth immediately tingled as soon as my order was placed in front of me. An ambrosial offering to those open to seeing blood cake and pig hock on top of their soup, you are also able to order a beef only version if you are not feeling so adventurous. I opt for the traditional Vietnamese style chilli beef soup with the lot, while the hubby tries out Co Do’s banh canh gio heo (I’ll have to come back to try the banh canh cua). Master D ordered special fried rice and some pork and prawn cake wrapped in banana leaves.

We will be back for more.

How did I not taste this sooner?

Co Do has been present in Sunshine near the revamped train station for less than year and I can tell you now that you’ll be seeing our faces here a lot more often!

For now I’m sitting here still thinking about my first BBH experience… <3

P.S We in came just before the dinnertime rush and it didn’t take long for a line to form outside the door. Be patient and you will be rewarded!


Good value for money2015/01/img_9620.jpg

Cheers! Our little one is getting accustomed to drinking tea and trying all new types of food! Not bad for his 2 years of experience 🙂

You could see through the super chewy prawn and pork cake. Dip it in some sauce and it makes a nice entree to get your taste buds ready for more.2015/01/img_9621.jpg

– Bun Bo Hue Dac Biet (Traditional Vietnamese style chilli beef soup)
– Banh Bot Loc Goi La Chuoi (Pork and prawn cake in banana leaf x 6 pieces)
– Banh Canh Gio Heo (Dropped rice noodle soup with pork)
– Special fried rice
– Tea2015/01/img_9612.jpg

Rich dark colors of paneling on the roof and tables. Feels like we could gather the whole family here for a special occasion and at the back of the menus there are several banquet options you can choose from.2015/01/img_9622.jpgLocated right near the station if you’re coming to visit by train, we also found free parking easily accessible on a Sunday afternoon. So lucky to have this place only 5-10mins away from us. That means we’ll be back for more. Pretty soon. We bumped into a friend on the way back to our car and she strongly suggested for us to taste the bun rieu dish next time. And so we shall! You will be seeing a bowl of bun rieu and banh canh cua here and on my Instagram feed very shortly.

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