High on pie at Phillip Island’s Pieland

Shop 1/69B Chapel st, Phillip Island

*******Update 02/12/2016 Sadly, Pieland is now closed.┬áKris and Halina are in are thoughts and prayers. The following message was posted on Pieland’s Facebook page:
“Dear Pieland Customers,We wish to inform you that we were forced to close our food production due to an illness. It is a very sad moment for all concerned and we regret that we are unable to help with the situation. We apologise for any inconvenience as we are aware that our Pieland was a destination for a lot of customers from all corners of Australia. We would like to thank everyone for their wonderful comments on our products and services on many social sites and blogs. We wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year and please keep us in your memory. Love from Kris and Halina” *********

Memories from my childhood are filled with fun holidays and discovering new things with my little brother and mum and papa. We would often stopover in little towns on the way to places like Bright and Bateman’s Bay, and one thing I loved was seeing Papa’s face get excited when he tasted a really good pie! He was always always on the look out for a good bakery to check out their pies and, it’s good to know some things never change because last weekend, Papa found a gem of a place in Phillip Island.

Just off the main strip in Cowes, Papa noticed an unassuming little shop occupying a space no wider than our backyard as we stood in front of the more prominently positioned Phillip Island Bakery. The words “PIELAND” I’m sure, caught his eye. Either that or the words “Gourmet Pies..” did the job.

In a flash we found ourselves inside Pieland eyeing their freshly baked pies and having the loveliest little chat to owners Kris and Halina who informed us that they’ve only been open for three months. I couldn’t believe it! Having only been open on Boxing Day last December, it seems that this lovely duo have perfected the art of the pie and of good old fashioned customer service. Humble and hospitable we couldn’t resist and came the next day to take some pies back home with us to Melbourne.
The special of the day – Polish Bigos Hunter’s Stew – tender meat, Polish sausage, cabbage, prunes, and a few other ingredients and spices encased in this gorgeous freshly baked pastry. Halina explained that this Bigos dish recipe is hundreds of years old. The meat and ingredients used can vary especially the measurements of cabbage vs the meat. Pieland’s version is amazing! Just look at the pie.

On another note, how good are the two photos above taken by the hubby on his Samsung S6 phone. My pics below taken with my iPhone6 don’t even compare :/ I’m in the market for a new phone, should I make the switch over to Samsung? What do you think? Anyways I always get sidetracked…

Chatting to Kris and Halina felt like we were chatting to familiar neighbours. They told us they moved to the Island to live a relaxing and quiet life after having lived in the Melbourne suburb of Hampton Park for over twenty-five years. I laughed and joked that it may get a little less quiet if people discover their pies – they’ll be putting Phillip Island on the map not just for their surf beaches, nature walks and penguins!

I love the delightful, little chalk art details bordering their chalkboard menus ­čÖéNow that’s the sight you want to be greeted with when walking into an eatery – big smiles and loads of fresh pies in the making! Here Kris is putting together a batch of red curry chicken. Hearty and filling. The exterior of their charming little shop. There is a bar bench inside, perfect for devouring your pie as you gaze through the shop front, and a few chairs and tables outside to sit and relax with mates.

The hubby can’t decide on what to get…just try everything. Mmmm that Polish cheesecake looks good!This pic from Pieland’s Facebook page shows off their pavlova which we will totally have to try on our next visit.

Have you been to Pieland?

What are some pie places that you think we should try out?

We stumbled across another little cafe off the main strip called Island Wholefoods. They make nutritiously amazing smoothies with cashew mylk and you can find some great raw, organic and vegan eats for brekkie and lunch. I posted a pic from there on my Instagram.