Life Lately – December 2015

Leading up to Christmas can be both a hectic and exciting period of the year. With almost all except a couple of presents bought and wrapped before the second week of December, we were able to spend most of our time enjoying  the festivities surrounding us, including traditions like Simbang Gabi (Dawn Mass) and checking out the Christmas lights!

So while I took a mini break from blogging when everyone else was completing “Blogmas” this month, here are a few things we got up to!

Christmas lights and yum cha in the city, escaping the heatwave by camping out at home downstairs! A family photo with Santa at Crown.
  A pilgrimage walk of around 23kms from Kings Park to St Patrick’s in the city! – I only completed the last little leg of it but it was so amazing to see everyone else get through the heat and the blisters…time for reflection and meditation.The last of his swimming lessons, Daniel progressed so quickly, and it was also my first time taking out both kids on my own, phew! What a feat!
Hannah’s first movie was Star Wars and she slept through almost the whole movie and was quiet as a mouse while Mummy and Daddy had their date night! One little observation after the movie – why is it that the baby change table has to be in the women’s toilets only? Props to the hubby for freshening up Hannah in his own way, no thanks to the change room situation.
Daniel’s creche Christmas party at the play centre – he loved it! Received a book as a pressie from Santa and got to end the year playing with his friends.

 Super warm weather meant heaps of time outside!