Bump Diary #22 – The Finale Part One , 40 week update

Time has gotten away from me the past week since Baby’s arrival so this blog post below is one that I was working on last Wednesday when I hit the 40 week mark and was getting a little impatient waiting for any sign that labour was coming. 

How far along are you? 40 weeks (14/10/2015)

How big is baby? In the 40th week of pregnancy Baby is around the size of a small pumpkin. On average around 51cms long and weighing around 3.4kg.

Body and changes:

Weight gain As you can see from the last Bump Diary post I published last Monday, my weight in the final week of pregnancy was 81.2kg, so I had gained roughly around 20kg!

– Stretch marks Again I’ve just been doing the same thing as previous weeks and rubbing oil and belly butter in the mornings and before going to bed. During this second pregnancy I’ve gained a lot more tiger stripes than when I was pregnant with Daniel – they’re like a dark red colour and I’ve been trying really hard not to scratch them even though it’s so itchy!

Bump photo taken at exactly 40 weeks last Wednesday 

Sleep I felt like I didn’t get any sleep at all in the 40th week of pregnancy – constant trips to the bathroom, reflux, watching out for Baby’s movements & kicks and a general feeling of discomfort and impatience really got to me in the final week 🙁 I just wanted Baby to come already and with Mr D coming 5 days early I really thought that this baby would be early too!

Maternity clothes For once I didn’t really feel like shopping for clothes! – during the 40th week of pregnancy I spent lots of time with mum and the grandparents and family shopping at Kmart for homewares and then spent a whole day at Highpoint just waddling from one eatery to another! – first Roti Road, then Dessert Story and then the Coffee Club. It was so nice to just hang out with family.

The Other Stuff:
I’ve been reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting and there are so many different things that can happen during and after labour that I can’t believe how lucky we were with Mr D’s birth that there were no complications.

Feeling restless and just want to meet Baby already!

Needing to plan out Mr D’s birthday celebrations as his birthday is coming up at the end of this month.

Wanting to meet Baby already and wanting to sleep on my tummy and back…can’t wait for those little simple things!

Watching Mr D sleep – we’ve been sleeping in until 8:30am and even past 9am on some days…I love cuddling him and watching him so content.

Bookmarking baby wraps and cute baby clothing and bows.

Noticing that this could be the last week being a family of three…a bit nervous and sad that I might not be able to give Mr D as much as attention when Baby #2 comes along…

Enjoying spending nearly everyday with mum either shopping or eating out while she’s on annual leave.

ducks with lolaSo lucky to have a number of different parks and lakes within walking distance of home
Crossroad KitchenA lunch spread with mum and the kids at Crossroad Kitchen, Cairnlea
40 week collageThis is what we got up to last week: a manicure and pedicure on Baby’s due date, sleep ins with Mr D, conversations and Malaysian food with the grandparents, pool time fun in the backyard with our cousins!

gratefuldaniel #20
Daddy: What are you grateful for today Daniel?
Daniel: Thanks to God for my monster trucks and for Mummy and Daddy’s arms.

What is one thing that you’re grateful for this week?

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Bump Diary #21 – 39 weeks

39 weeks pregnant The Urban Ma blogThis is totally how I feel right now!

How far along are you?
39 weeks and 5 days (C’mon already!!)

How big is baby? This week Baby is as heavy as a mini watermelon. On average around 50.7cms long and weighing around 3.2kg – that’s how much Mr D weighed when he was born and he was 51 cms long.

Body and changes:

Weight gain Ok grand total this week is 81.2kg – 3kg more than I gained in my first pregnancy and I’m really, really feeling it this week.

– Stretch marks My tummy feels so heavy and we just got back from a night time walk and I feel like my stretch marks are way more noticeable now…either that or a few more have crept in the last hour! Still doing the same as previous weeks and rubbing oil and belly butter in the mornings and before I go to bed.  

Tonight’s bump photo straight after our walk, can you see all my stretch marks on the lower half of my tummy? I’ve got way more stretchies now than I did when I was pregnant with Mr D. It’s so amazing how much our bodies can transform in nine months. I look so different here compared to one of the first Bump Diary updates I posted!

Sleep Mostly good except some nights reflux has been so bad that I feel like throwing up…it’s feels so acidic in my throat. Some nights I feel like drinking heaps of water and then end up taking multiple trips to the bathroom and other nights Baby has been moving so much I just end up staying awake watching my belly move sideways making all sorts of shapes! Sometimes I’ve had an uncomfortable feeling down there but then the pain goes away and is not really regular enough for me to think Baby is coming…the waiting game is officially in full swing.

Maternity clothes I haven’t bought any new clothes this week because I’ve been busy shopping for things for our new outdoor living space now that our pergola is up! I have been eyeing so many pretty dresses and heels though as I walk past the clothing stores but I’ll leave that for later!

The Other Stuff:
I can’t recall if I’ve mentioned the BabyCenter – My Pregnancy app in these Bump Diary updates I’ve been doing but it’s been a good companion throughout the first nine months of navigating motherhood before birth. It has daily information on tips and tricks to help you through the stages of pregnancy and this weekend’s update made me laugh because it was so timely (I’ve included a screen shot below)!
I had what I hope will be my last midwife appointment before Baby arrives last Saturday and she mentioned that the below activity and walking may help bring on labor. I spoke to my friend who is also pregnant and due today, and she explained that expressing helps release oxytocin, which may also aid in bringing on labor. Hey I’m willing to try anything so walking and expressing look like the go as they do not require the cooperation of a hesitant other half 🙁 Man I thought it would be easier than this! Grrrrr.
Anyways, I have been trying to walk daily for at least twenty mins but Baby is not budging. It feels like I’ve been pregnant since forever and feeling heavier by the minute. I miss being able to carry Mr D and I really want to help out in the backyard with the garden but I shouldn’t be carrying heavy things….so I’ve been cleaning out the linen cupboard and re-arranging some storage spaces in the house. Totes nesting!
I can totally see my face feeling a little puffed up now as it did in my last week pregnant with Mr D…hmmm maybe I should try that contouring stuff? Hehehe! Also, because it has been really hot lately, I haven’t been able to put on my rings. Today however, has cooled right down to 17 degrees and I was able to wear my wedding ring again 🙂

LOL!! How detailed is this weekend’s Pregnancy app update hahah! 

What things did you/your wife/partner do to deal with the waiting game during the last month of pregnancy?

 Feeling impatient and nervous. I’m feeling nervous about Baby taking so long to come out and I don’t want to be too much overdue as I’ve heard that being induced, or having a “stretch and sweep” is super, super painful. I guess I won’t be able to escape the pain either way!

Needing to some more tradies in to finish off our outdoor area – I need to get an electrician, plumber and paver in – I can’t wait for summer this year! We’ll have a whole new area to play in!

Wanting Baby to come out already…not just because she’s due on Wednesday but also because mum has taken annual leave for her and is going back to work next week!

Watching Mr D make the most of our backyard…as soon as he gets downstairs in the morning he asks if he can go outside. He wants to eat breakfast outside, paint outside, and just be outside 🙂

Bookmarking outdoor decor ideas, birthday party ideas and pretty dresses and heels!

Noticing how affectionate Mr D is…I hope he stays like this for as long as possible! I love his hugs, kisses and sweet little things he says to me.

Enjoying being able to share both gripes and joys with friends who are going through things in life. This week I’ve also enjoyed seeing Mr D countdown his sleeps until the Monster Jam event at AAMI Park which happened last Saturday. He had swimming lessons in the morning and then went off into the city with Daddy for some monster truck fun. The hubby sent me some photos and videos of him yelling out and cheering on the monster trucks…it was soooo cute to see I wish I was able to go with them.

 An unforgettable day for Daddy and Mr D (as seen on my Instagram feed!) – Monster Jam 2015 at AAMI Park. Their first time attending the event.

   The best $27 we’ve spent! – this water table from Kmart has had Mr D occupied each day for hours on end. I’ve been taking Mr D to the pre-school storytimes at the libraries in our area, he loves getting a stamp at the end and coloring in the weekly pictures. Grandma helping Mr D get changed after swimming lessons and pool time with Daddy. He loves playing I Spy in the car these days!

gratefuldaniel #19
Daddy: What are you grateful for today Daniel?
Daniel: Thanks to God for my monster trucks and for my friends Ate Alyssa and Aiden (they came for a visit and play this evening!)

Have you got any friends who are currently pregnant? Feel free to share the love and share this post 🙂


Bump Diary #20 – 38 weeks

third trimester

How far along are you? 38 weeks and 5 days (I can’t believe it’ll be 39 weeks on Wednesday!!)

How big is baby? This week Baby is as long as a leek. On average around 49.8cms long and weighing just over 3kg still in a head-down position.

Body and changes:

Weight gain I haven’t weighed myself this week so nothing to report here except I’ve been eating heaps of Weetbix lately and I haven’t had it for ages. This week I had it for breakfast nearly every morning with half a banana sliced up, some blueberries, low fat milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

– Stretch marks Same as last week and still using both moisturizer and oil on my belly.

Sleep At the start of this 38th week I was officially feeling to heavy to fall asleep comfortably. Every time I tried to move in bed my tummy felt so heavy like I had eaten the whole China Bar buffet! The past couple of days have been a lot better.

Maternity clothes Bought some big comfy undies from Kmart this week amongst other things (they have so many amazing things there and I may have gone on a little shopping spree with mum buying homewares and stationery…damn #kmarthacks hashtag on Instagram has got me wanting to buy everything!)

The Other Stuff:
Nothing too different this week except just feeling a little more heavy like my belly is a lot lower ie. when I sit down I can’t sit with my knees touching each other! – they’re so far apart in order to make room for my low belly. It has been such a hot start to October that I am so glad I’m not pregnant during the middle of summer. Ahhh mama life! I’m going to miss all the movement inside once this little one decides to meet us – Baby was moving so much on Saturday night that I thought she was going to come out! But nope…we’re still playing the waiting game.

Sorry for the blurry pics! Uggh I though I just cleaned the mirror the other week…why is there still dust on it?!

 Feeling exhausted but at the same time wanting to get out and about before Baby comes as I know I’ll be stuck in the house for a little bit post partum.

Needing to make some adjustments to our budget and book our next holiday already!

Wanting to meet and play with Baby.

Watching some funny stand up comedians and TED talks

Bookmarking outdoor area decor ideas now that our new pergola is up! Bring on summer!! 🙂

Noticing how grown up Mr D is putting on his own shoes and pants etc. He is constantly questioning everything!

Enjoying the backyard and picking fresh veggies and herbs to eat. Also enjoying these few weeks off work with Mr D before baby number two comes – mother and son bonding time. It’s been so nice but now I think he’s getting a little too attached as we couldn’t even leave him with grandma tonight to go on a date without him being upset.

  Caught up with some of the girlfriends and their little bubbas this week and had an amazing smoothie from HealThy Self Co, Mr D went swimming heaps this week and loved it, the talented and hardworking guys from JPT Kitchens hard at work, can’t go past chocolates, strawberries ad churros!

Date night in Yarraville 🙂 

gratefuldaniel #18
Daddy: What are you grateful for today Daniel?
Daniel: Thanks to God for my monster trucks and Monster Jam on October 10 (he knows the date of Monster Jam more than his own birthday!). Thanks for Mummy and Daddy and cousins, and Kumar (Wait, what!? How did the name of the pizza store owner make it into our gratitude journal this week? The hubby and I cracked up laughing so hard! I guess Mr D must’ve have been impressed with the pizzas or parma night last week haha!).

Have you been continuing to practice gratitude in the past week? What have you been grateful for?

Bump Diary #16 – 34 weeks

How far along are you? 34 weeks and 5 days
How big is baby? This week Baby weighs as much as a rock melon. On average around 45cms long and weighing just over 2.1kg and with her lungs almost fully developed.

Body and changes:

– Weight gain Still haven’t weighed myself on the scales but feeling like my tummy has gotten quite a bit rounder this week.

– Stretch marks I can see some new stretch marks on each side of my belly button and am continuing to moisturize and oil it up in the mornings and evenings.

– Sleep This past week has again been quite good in terms of sleep despite the fact that our little one has been sick and coughing throughout the night. Mr D has been waking up in the middle of the night saying random things like all of a sudden blurting out really loud, “Mummy sing to ME!” and “Put it back!”. It’s both funny and scary at the same time as he blurts it out from nowhere. I think because I knew it was my last week of work before leave, I felt more relaxed in the evenings even though it was hectic during the day time.

– Maternity clothes I bought the most comfiest red cashmere blend dress from Uniqlo and teamed it up with some brown lace up boots and a black blazer last Friday. I normally wear lots of black dresses so it was nice to change it up a little with a bright number.

The Other Stuff:
Baby has been moving and kicking heaps lately and is now positioned head down. Hopefully not long to go now until we meet our second bundle of joy! I haven’t yet packed my hospital bag but am aiming to do so this coming week so once that’s done I’ll let you know what I packed. I remember I bought a couple of brand new nighties and pj’s last time round but then made Wes go home anyway to get me some of his old comfy t-shirts…there’s something comforting about soft, worn-in clothes.
I haven’t had the chance to exercise much at all this past week and am hoping that I’ll get some these next few weeks leading up to my due date. 

Eating out a lot this week due to my last week of work before leave starts and a weekend of celebrations including our wedding anniversary and Father’s Day. We had the most perfect dining experience on our Saturday date night, I can’t wait to post about it.

Feeling relieved and relaxed knowing that mat leave was starting today and that I could get busy with de-cluttering and cleaning around the home. Nesting has kicked in! I’m also feeling so, so happy that I’ll be spending my days with my favorite little man!

Needing find an interior decorator to help me pretty-up the home. I just feel like everything is mis-matched and all over the place. It’s probably not so bad and I’m just being picky!

Wanting to get out and walk more. Sunshine please come back so we can get outside!

Watching Mr D play with his toys, draw, read and test our patience and his authority.

Bookmarking pages from “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”. I’ve been reading the pages with information about labour, different situations and pain relief options. I’ve also been looking again at different types of cars and the hubby and I saw a Landrover Discovery parked next to us the other day and now I just want to get to the nearest showroom to check it out.

Noticing big my tummy is now!

Enjoying being surrounded by such inspiring and thoughtful work colleagues. It has been a busy week but not without its feel-good moments. Being showered with such thoughtful words and gifts has left me feeling so grateful and humble. I felt sad to being going on leave but then I remembered all the mid-week coffee dates and lunch dates coming up with my girlfriends and am pumped for that!
I also really enjoyed shopping for Father’s Day and anniversary presents…there are so many cool things out there and the hubby was super excited when he opened up his pressie on Saturday night – a Shrine Daypack. It has so many compartments and is so neat that even I want one!

 One of the cool things I wanted to get the hubby – the Mod laptop 2 by This Is Ground, brown paper packages tied up with string, a gorgeous bouquet from Humble Bundle Melbourne, a delectable collection of chocolates from Haigh’s Chocolates.

gratefuldaniel #14
Daddy: What are you grateful for today Daniel?
Daniel: Thanks to God for the doors and windows and roof (he’s been commenting on how strong the wind and rain is recently and I’m thinking he must be relieved that we’re indoors and comfy in bed!)

Have you been continuing to practice gratitude in the past week? What have you been grateful for?

Bump Diary #14 – 32 week update

 How far along are you? 32 weeks and 5 days (this post was scheduled to go out this past Monday!!)

How big is baby? This week Baby weighs as much as a bunch of celery. On average around 42.4cms long and weighing just over 1.7kg. Baby is gaining weigh fast putting on more than half her birth weight between now and when she’s born.
Body and changes:
Weight gain Heavier and waddling a lot more.
Stretch marks Still the same stretch marks as last week and still rubbing moisturiser on my belly in the mornings and oil in the evenings.
Sleep has been better this week than last and I’m loving that Mr D is also sleeping in til 9am or a little past that on the weekends! Best toddler ever!
Maternity clothes Haven’t bought any new clothes, just one of those black belly bands from Target that you wear around your waist to help extend the wear of your pants that you can no longer zip up! I had one when I was pregnant with Mr D but couldn’t find it. It’s so handy!

The Other Stuff:

Relfux, the pregnancy waddle, baby brain and weight gain are just some of the things I’m continuing to experience this week. My bag is filled with Gaviscon, panty liners, deodorant and snacks…hahah!

32 weeks pregnant The Urban Ma

Eating lots of homemade cinnamon scrolls this week and party food with a few birthdays during the week (we have a big family with over 22 cousins!).
Feeling really out of breath again this week after walking only three flights of stairs…
Needing a nice hot tea or glass of hot water with lemon after dinner to soothe my full tummy and feel more relaxed.
Wanting to plant more veggies in the backyard.
Watching Friends and also had a date night with the hubby where we watched Mission Impossible 🙂
Bookmarking Father’s Day pressies.
Noticing the beautiful pink flowers blooming along the street leading up to the train station. Such a pretty sight each morning 🙂
Enjoying some relaxing time with the hubby after his constant work trips to Sydney. Mr D loves when he comes home with a new book for him to read during bedtime!

Simple green smoothie The Urban Ma
My first time making a smoothie and I twisted the wrong thing out of the blender! I managed to save enough for one serving!

week 32 collage

Enjoying the simple things like a delivery of non-alcoholic drinks from Maggie Beer, a strawberry and Golden Gaytime flavored cupcakes and picnics in the park across the road with Mr D.

gratefuldaniel #12

Daddy: What are you grateful for today Daniel?

Daniel: Thanks to God for Mummy’s arms and for Mummy and Daddy working so we can go on the plane again. LOL!

Have you been continuing to practice gratitude in the past week? What have you been grateful for?

Bump Diary #5 – 24 week update

Father and son The Urban Ma blog

Bump Diary #5 – 24 week update

How far along are you? 24 weeks and 5 days
How big is baby? This week baby is as long as an ear of corn! On average around 30cms long and weighing 600 grams.
Body and changes:
– Weight gain Feeling even bigger than last week and hardly carrying Mr D now as he is getting too heavy. The other day I was on my feet, doing housework and was lifting Mr D a few times and by the evening I felt a bit sore down in my pelvis.
– Stretch marks Again, same as last week and still rubbing Bio Oil and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter all over my bump in the mornings and evenings. I haven’t noticed any new stretch marks.
Sleep Been getting onto the Quick-Eze this past week as the reflux and heartburn just seems to be burning my throat everytime I go to bed and it’s taking me so long to get to sleep. I need to stop eating such big servings and avoid eating to much chili, garlic and onion!
Maternity clothes?
I haven’t bought anything new but will probably do so in the next week – I just want to be as comfy as possible
The Other Stuff: Sorry in advance for TMI lol! – I never normally have the need to use deodorant but even when I was pregnant with Daniel I remember having to use it and lots of it! The hubby says he doesn’t notice anything and that I always smell nice but maybe he’s just being sweet…either way I’m loving the Dove Go Fresh Cucumber and Green Tea spray (I’ll post a June favourites this week!).

 24 weeks pregnant bumpWinter fun The Urban Ma

Eating: I have managed to resist the urge to grab a Kit Kat this week haha! Been reaching for strawberries and pears 🙂
Feeling a little tired this week and my bump has been feeling heavy and hard.
Needing a trip to the hairdresser desperately! Need a trim and to get my ends coloured.
Wanting to fix up my blog and update everything but every time I seem to sit down to get productive online when Mr D goes to bed, the internet is never working! Hubby says it’s time to reformat my laptop.
Missing: Being able to try on clothes at the stores and fit into everything.
Watching Sweet Home Alabama and also finally made it to the movies for a date night with the family! Mr D sat through the whole Minions movie thoroughly enjoying the experience and the games afterwards! 🙂
Bookmarking: Bump photos on Instagram
Noticing: My thighs double in size :/
Enjoying Papa’s prawn, gnocchi and rocket dish – Sunday dinners at my parent’s house is the best! Also enjoying spending some time visiting fellow Rewind mama friends 🙂 Enjoyed baking these crunchy topped cinnamon muffins (below), love how freshly baked muffins and sweets fill the house with the smell of a warm bakery.

The Urban Ma bakes .24 bump diary update collage


D has really been developing such longer sentences and every day he continues to say phrases that I’ve never heard him say before. Every morning though, I feel so bad leaving him as he certainly knows how set me on a guilt trip, “Mummy don’t leave me. Don’t leave me. Only daddy can go to work, you stay with me and Daddy will go to work by himself”. Wow! So thankful I get to watch the hubby and son play and enjoy lots of time together playing cars, but also outside on bike rides and watching the soccer games in the park nearby.

#gratefuldaniel #5

Daddy: Daniel do you want to say thanks for anything today?
Daniel: Thank you for watching Minions and uhhh thank you to lolo for cooking yummy dinner.

I can’t believe how fast a toddler can pick up new words, phrases and feelings.

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