Mama Mondays – Three Months Post Partum

3 months old The Urban Ma

Mama Mondays – Three months Post Partum

Height/weight: Baby – Hannah now weighs 5.7kg and is measuring 60cms long. She is fitting nicely into 00 sized onesies and I’ve already had to pack away boxes full of clothes she has grown out of.

Mama – Still stuck at weighing around 68kg right now but I’m not too hung up on it because I know I haven’t done too much this month – the kids have been sick and the top priority was nursing them back to health and giving them lots of cuddles (amongst all the yelling and crying!). I did however manage to make it to two of Rewind’s rehearsals and have been continuing to follow along with Brett Larkin’s amazing yoga routines most mornings!3 months post partum update The Urban Ma

Routine: Baby – Hannah normally wakes up around 6-7am to have her first feed for the day. Then I take her downstairs while Daniel is still asleep, put her in her swing and then practice some yoga while she watches. She usually falls asleep after some play time and then ready for another feed at 11am or so. By this time Daniel is awake and off playing with his monster trucks or going through some activities on his Maths Seeds and Reading Eggs program. He tells me that he’s “a little learner”! Lately he’s been asking me to play music videos on the tv as he proceeds to dance around the living room throwing in a few floor tumbles here and there. It looks a little bit like he’s doing capoiera. After lunchtime both Hannah and Daniel have a nap sometimes for an hour but normally they sleep a long stretch until around 3pm or 4.30pm if I’m lucky. Then snack time and playtime. Wes will get home from work or finish working from home in time for dinner so we all eat together and then it’s more playtime or time to walk around the lake and parks. Bedtime has been all over the place this month because of the kids being sick and I’m woken up by the kids two to three times due to their coughing.

Mama – This past month has been the most hardest I’ve had to go through with both kids being diagnosed with whooping cough. Thankfully Daniel had never really gotten too sick before and so this was my first time experiencing what it’s like having a sick kid – truly an arduous few weeks. One day it got so bad that I even started crying and just couldn’t clean up one more puddle of Daniel or Hannah’s vomit (it was like they were taking turns having coughing fits and then vomitting). So Wes ended up coming home to the messiest house ever with two puddles of half cleaned up vomit and me rocking away in the corner with the biggest migraine so drained from the kids and needing to get away. Several trips to the Royal Children’s Hospital and appointments at the doctor took up most of our time this month.

Sleeping: Baby Hannah is stretching her sleeps out longer during the night now that she’s getting better from the whooping cough so it’s been such a relief. She naps a few times a day and has fallen asleep a few times just lying on her play mat.

Eating/feeding: Baby – As per my last post partum update yes I was able to go out for a few dinners during my birthday week! The hubby took care of the kids and Hannah was so good for him she didn’t even wake up while I was gone so there was no need for the expressed breastmilk I had prepared. So far Hannah has only been fed by Wes once with the bottle and I’ve been just breastfeeding the whole time which means she’s stuck with me. Sometimes I feel like I need to be getting her used to the bottle early, and other times I think there’s no need because I’m always here anyway. Yes there are times (quite a few times this month!) that I’ve craved for a night out but then I think, this stage isn’t going to last long and I’m enjoying being with her so why push her onto the expressed milk? Ahhh we’ll see how we go.

IMG_9117Weekend breakfast for the hubby and Daniel! Walnuts, strawberries on pancakes topped with maple syrup is such a good combo. Quick and easy!

Milestones:  Baby – Hannah is quite the chatterbox already! She absolutely loves when she sees a face looking at her – she’ll smile and coo straight away and it’s the cutest thing to hear. She has also started to roll to her side this month and moves around her play mat into a totally different position trying to look at the hanging toys.

Mama – I haven’t been able to get to dance class this month but I did manage to make it to a couple of rehearsals with the crew for a gig at St Kilda Fest on February 14th! I’ve been so sleep deprived this month with a million things happening so I feel like a total beginner when dancing with the rest of the guys 🙁 Hopefully I can slowly pick things up again. If you’re free on the 14th of next month, come and watch our show!baptism traditionI was so happy to have Hannah welcomed into the community this month as she begins her journey of faith.
Boodle fight kamayan Birthday The Urban MaFor my cousin’s 21st birthday she organised a boodle fight! – Filipinos sharing a meal eating with their hands! (Kamayan)

I’ve been so stressed out and tired this past month…any of you out there have any tips you can share on how you get the most of your day and manage stress?

Bump Diary #10 – 29 week update

Happiness is homemade The Urban Ma 29 weeks pregnant

How far along are you? 29 weeks and 5 days

How big is baby? This week Baby is as big as a butternut pumpkin! On average around 38.6cms long and weighing just under 1.2kg. Baby’s muscles and lungs are continuing to mature and Baby’s bones are hardening – that might explaining the stronger movement I’ve been feeling and I can know actually see bumps in my tummy when Baby pushes out! Looks so freaky!

Body and changes:

Weight gain Haven’t weighed myself this week but feeling good despite the fact that I’m getting more and more uncomfortable bending down to put my shoes on and pick things up off the ground.

Stretch marks Continuing my daily routine of belly butter in the mornings and oil in the evenings

Sleep I’ve been a little uncomfortable this week and needing more pillows around me to get into a position where I can fall asleep. Ugghhh

Maternity clothes? Been loving these black work maternity pants I got from my mum! So comfy but still corporate-looking 🙂

The Other Stuff: 
Reflux is back and this past week I’ve been chewing on one Quick-Eze nearly every night to make the acidic feeling in my throat go away! This week too my body has reminded me yet another way that it is a baby making and baby delivering machine – leaking a little colostrum now and then. Lucky I’ve been wearing thick layers of tops and scarves due to the cold weather! I’ve been so forgetful this week! – left my mobile phone at the self serve checkouts at Coles an misplace my purse twice in 2 days! – luckily for me there are still honest peeps in this hood an when the hubby went back to Coles to check if my phone was there, they had kept it behind the counter for me!

   Eating lots more veggies this week after having a dietitian come into work on Wednesday to educate us about general nutrition and healthy habits tips. After having to fill in a quick food diary of what we ate the day before, it highlighted to me that I’m not getting enough veggies.

Feeling like I want to go on another holiday already! I need me some more of that good old Queensland sunshine.

Needing to more organised in the bedrooms and sort through Mr D’s clothes to declutter his wardrobe.

Wanting fresher produce down here like those juicy, sweet, sweet strawberries we had in Brisbane and Noosa.

Missing being able to carry Mr D 🙁

Watching those hilarious videos by Mikey Bustos (a Filipino/Canadian Youtuber comedian who does really funny parodies and tutorials about the Pinoy culture – check out some of his videos here and here! LOL!)

Bookmarking where to go for our next holiday (still!) and loads of cute mummy and son pics on Instagram! The one below is from @shalicenoel – I absolutely love her style and all the shoes in her posts!

Noticing how much more tired I am these days. It’s like it’s hit me all of a sudden that I am now in the third trimester with only several more weeks to go!

Enjoying hearing Mr D talk so much and loving how he’s always surprising me! Last night after his bath he found his baby cologne (a gift from my relatives from the Philippines) and he handed it to me and said “Mummy can you put this on me so I smell so good?” LOL! And then when Daddy came to see what was happening, Mr D leaned over and made Daddy smell his neck. So cute! Kids! – where do they get this from?!

   Just a few things we did last clockwise from top left: One of @shalicenoel’s posts from Instagram, my healthy brekkie on Saturday morning was avocado, boiled egg, tomato and asparagus with a squeeze of lemon and salt and pepper – it was so goo and creamy!, a morning walk in the park before starting work as we had been told told to do something for our wellbeing and not start work until 11am! It was so lovely…cold but lovely, looks like a bomb hit our room with all the unpacking needing to be put away from our holiday…ugghh I hate this part!

  Playing Masterchef at home with Daddy. Seasoning the pork belly for our rolls before putting the lid on the pressure cooker! Turned out sooooo soft and yummy.  Mr D enjoying the tea from the newly opened food precinct at Highpoint Shopping Centre after his cool new haircut at Just Cuts.

gratefuldaniel #9

Daddy: Daniel do you want to say thanks for anything today?

Daniel: Thanks to God for the the light, the door, my bed, the moon. Thanks to God for Daddy. Thanks to God for Mummy. Thanks to God for Tita (Aunty) Arielle. Thanks to God for Baby. – Just like last week he kept reeling off a list of things he wanted to say thank you for like he just wanted to cover everything!

What were you grateful for last week? Have you been practicing gratitude lately?

Bump diary #3 – 22 week update

The Urban Ma bump update 22 weeks

How far along are you? 22 weeks and 6 days
How big is baby? Baby is weighing around 430g and, according to Baby Center, measuring around 27cms long
Body and changes:
– Weight gain I’m guessing more than I did last week!? I’ve been feasting on everything and as hard as I try I can’t seem to limit myself to one serving at dinner (the other night we had dinuguan – a Filipino dish of pork and black in colour thanks to the ingredient of pigs blood. I probably ate around 3 servings! And Sunday night papa cooked the most amazing meatloaf ever that I just kept going back for more!). Ugghh! Where is your self control Jacqui?
– Stretch marks Same as last week and still rubbing Bio Oil and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter all over my bump in the mornings and evenings.
Sleep Last week, I don’t know what was going on, but I was waking up more than usual in the middle of the night…either going to the bathroom or just laying awake in bed trying desperately to get back to sleep! Hopefully this week is much better
Maternity clothes? 
I’ve been wearing stretchy skits and tops to work and my actual maternity clothes are just some pairs of jeans from Top Shop and Target, and one pair of work pants also from Target from my previous pregnancy. I will post another bump diary update in the coming weeks with some of my comfy, work wear picks!
The Other Stuff: It is around this time in the pregnancy that expectant mums start to produce colostrum (the important, rich first milk that Baby gets, full of protein and antibodies in the first few days after birth). Apparently by the time Baby is born the glandular tissue in the breasts will have doubled in size! Other changes that may occur include increased vaginal discharge and the need to go to the loo more often –

The Urban Ma 22 weeks pregnant

Eating: Everything and Kit Kats in the afternoons – they’re so cold and crisp when they come out of the vending machine!
Feeling: Like I’ve got a lot more energy than in previous weeks. Mr D and I even went along to the parish working bee last Saturday to help out with some weeding and gardening and I think I got a little bit too stuck into it that I started to feel a little discomfort in my pelvic area. I hadn’t felt it it before so I just had a long rest in the afternoon and it went away almost immediately. Hopefully it’s not a feeling that will come back later and the midwife that we saw today told me that I should just take it easy when it comes to gardening or housework.
Needing: a foot and leg massage and trip to the hairdressers for a trim and colour…my colour has grown out so much and I just want to tidy everything up.
Wanting: to spend every minute of the day with Mr D, and tonight I was so annoyed at the trains being cancelled 2 stops before mine on the way home. I just wanted to get home to our toasty, warm, lounge room, eat leftovers for dinner and hang out with Mr D while watching Masterchef. Thankfully papa was able to pick the hubby and I up from the station so we didn’t have to wait in the dark and the rain for the replacement buses to come.
Missing: Being able to bend over. Such a simple action but now I’m finding it hard to put my own shoes on when they have laces. I am also missing lying down on my stomach and my back.
Watching: Masterchef and movies on Netflix like Just Go With It – makes me want to go to Hawaii!
Bookmarking: Warm, sunny holiday destinations. (OMG Baby is kicking and moving around so much right now! It’s like there’s a gymnastics lesson going on in there!! How exciting!)
Noticing: My hair and nails growing faster
Enjoying: Weekends with the family (see post here) and enjoying listening to the rain pitter-pattering outside right now.

The Urban Ma toys for boysThe Urban Ma 22 week update

I am so thankful for my wonderful family and most of all my parents! This past week we shared delicious family meals together and the hubby and I were saved from long journey home when the trains were terminated by the parents. Always there for us when we need them. Always looking out for their kids even though we’re all grown up. Love them so, so much.

Grateful Daniel #3
Daddy: Daniel do you want to say thanks for anything today?
Daniel: Uhhhh yes
Daddy: What do you want to say thanks for?
Daniel: Uhhhh thanks to God for ninong JP’s racing (JP is one of Daniel’s godfathers).
Daddy: Why do you want to say thanks for ninong JP?
Daniel: Uhhhhh because he’s the fastest!

Mr D was so excited after seeing his ninong racing around that he couldn’t settle down for his afternoon nap – he just wanted to keep playing with his cars lol! So happy to see him enjoying the things that our friends have an interest in and hearing him be thankful for it!

To read how Mr D’s thankfulness night time routine started, see the blog post here!
Thanks to all of you for your nice comments on Facebook about it and it’s so heartwarming to know that you love the idea and have incorporated into your bedtime traditions too!


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