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RCH Aquarium

Life Lately – January Week Two

It seemed everyone was out and about this week enjoying the amazing display of summer that Melbourne is putting on for us this year. Everyone, except us. I don’t know how he got it but Daniel is just recovering from whooping cough even though he’s been fully vaccinated and it was so heartbreaking, not to mention super tiring for us, seeing him so ill.

Thank goodness the hospital has such a lovely vibe to it with the huge aquarium and pretty little images everywhere (you can tell we don’t have to visit much!). It’s so nice for the kids that are sick to have colorful and bright images to cheer them up a little.

I had a few dinners out this week, just locally at Yim Yam Thai and Slices and my parents took me out for a birthday lunch at Crossroad Kitchen. The hubby and I also had our first night out without the kids dining along the marble bar drinking sake and enjoying sashimi at Akachochin.

RCH emergency 11 weeks Hannah's face with daddyHow cute is this face Hannah is pulling whilst looking at Daddy?! It’s like she’s half smiling and half questioning himEduardo's chocolate cakeThe most amazing chocolate cake ever – my dad’s! It gets even better overnight in the fridge.
2016 Jan Week 1
Here are some of the everyday behind the scenes pics that you don’t normally see! 1) That dreaded moment when you turn baby to her side and discover a poo explosion. Not only is it a nappy change but a whole outfit change and sometimes even a bath is needed if the poop has spread everywhere :/ 2) Trying to be organised with our week’s appointments, dinners and gigs on the fridge 3) Batch cooking by the hubby – he was so good cooking three different vegetable soups that all tasted amazing. He also made us green smoothies to try and rid all the sore throats and runny noses in our household 4) After coming home from our date night, my dad had dessert ready. Best. Cake. Ever.

What did you get up to last week? 

Life Lately #5 – Springtime sunshine

anniversary roses The Urban MaIMG_0890

You wouldn’t have picked it from today’s rainy antics but along with the glistening rain, we’ve also already been able to enjoy quite a few days of glorious sunshine here in Melbourne as spring returns. As usual we did a lot of eating, playing and exploring and I also got to meet and catch up with some fellow Melbourne bloggers.  Lately I’ve also gotten the hang of making sure I purposefully close off some days on my calendar so I can just breathe and just…be! Instead of saying yes to every single thing, I have been able to say no leaving me more time to spend doing things I really like. My little Baby D has also recently been sick with his first real cold and this, plus his teething had me suffering from sleep deprivation and exhaustion. Thankfully Baby D has gotten back into the swing of things and is now sleeping quite well again.

Here are some things we got up to in the recent weeks!:

– 1st birthdays galore (post coming up soon on our friend’s dress up party!),
– bloggers events see here, here and here,
Culture Mamas Go Go dancing event (so much fun and I was sweating by the end of it!),
– eating out (Flower Drum, Trailer Park food trucks, Lil Nomnoms food truck, the Winter night market at Vic Market, truffles in Footscray at Guerilla Espresso), Burger Culture)
– also tried cooking pho at home for the first time but I think next time I’ll use stock to lift the flavour a little more!
– attended the open day at Passion Dance Studio and did a KPop dance class!
– celebrated our wedding anniversary and finally got to try Mamasita (we were baby-free for the night, hence the opportunity to wait in line for places that don’t take bookings)
– attended the launch night of council Leadership Alumni and had a lovely night networking with people passionate about making a difference in the community
– attended a Motivating Mum and SheSays event (I love meeting and learning from an array of motivated individuals),
– lots of family time and celebrating Wes’ first fathers day!
– took the dogs to Lort Smith Animal Hospital for a check up (two dogs and a baby in one car equals headache!!)
– did a “little” bit of shopping! (see post here, here and here)
– watched Baby D grow more confident in standing on his own, clapping his hands , pointing to objects we ask about and listened to him turn into a lovely little chatterbox! 🙂

So thankful for life’s everyday blessings -xx-

What everyday blessings are you thankful for?

IMG_9877 IMG_9873 IMG_9881 IMG_9883 IMG_9912IMG_4307[1]IMG_4358[1] IMG_4381[1]Baby's 1st cold - The Urban Ma - JacqfruitIMG_4511[1]
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