Sunday Reflections – Self growth

Bulacan life

Tis the season of lent, the fifth Sunday of Lent to be exact. In today’s morning homily we were left with the following question to ponder, “What in us must die in order for new life to flourish?”

The above pic was taken on our recent family trip to the Philippines. Seeing the way of life in the provinces of my parent’s homeland has again got me thinking how much resources we waste here.

They are so careful with the water they use, they repair things when they are broken instead of just buying new items, they spend most of their day outside chatting to neighbors and playing games, and farm to table eating is not just a fad or trend – they’ve been doing this the whole time. Hence dishes like paksiw lechon which uses all the leftover parts of the roasted suckling pig, dinuguan which uses pigs blood, the ever popular sisig which uses pigs cheeks, and other snacks such as isaw, a popular street food find which sees chicken intestines twisted onto a skewer. The Filipinos are so ingenious when it comes to making the most of what they’ve got, that they even have a dish in which they use goat or cow bile as an ingredient. The dish is called papaitan and is definitely an acquired taste due to its bitterness and ingredients such as goat or cow innards.

While for some of you the mentioned dishes bring wonderful memories of Filipino parties and walks along streets of Manila, others may cringe at the not so appetizing sounding delicacies. Filipinos really try to have minimal waste and we have so much to learn from them.

There are quite a few things I’ll be working on this Lenten period . Old habits which I hope to replace with new, more sustainable and earth-friendly ones. Old behaviours that I hope to replace with peaceful, soft, focused ones. And I would absolutely love to do more volunteering. These are not new goals I have…they’ve just become more apparent after coming back from a place that holds to much meaning to me.

What self growth are you going through right now?

Themes: Self growth. Minimalism. Awakening.


Pinoy Fridays – Saturday night out with Filipino artists Vhong & Osang

Vhong ConcertIMG_4518IMG_4568

 Saturday night with Vhong and Osang
Laugh Out Loud Melbourne concert, 21st June 2014, Williamstown Town Hall by Liz Honey Productions

Last night we got our “chickboy” on at the Laugh Out Loud concert at the Williamstown Town Hall here in Melbourne. I used to watch Vhong and Spencer in the Philippine dance crew Streetboys. Along with the Maneouvers, Vhong and the Streetboys used to be my weekly dance fix on a Filipino show called ASAP. There was a time before Keone and Mari/Shaun Evaristo/Rewind were easily found on Youtube. There was a time when choreography was not so readily available to watch and learn. There was a time when there were no competitions around like Step Up or AHC that we could be a part of. There was a time when I used to ask mum and papa to drive to the local Filipino store where we would hire the weekly ASAP episode video for $2 and grab some Filipino treats (chicharon, ensamada, etc) while we were there – so long ago, circa 1995! With no internet, YouTube or even local dance studios to learn urban choreograophy, I was a devoted fan of ASAP’s musical numbers even getting some of my non-Filipino high school friends in on the action lol!

Anyways, back to present time where we do have YouTube and are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to perform at some high quality competitions and shows, some friends and I watched videos sent to us to learn Vhong’s numbers ready for soundcheck a couple of hours before his show. Hard work, lots of laughs and focus on the task at hand had us ready for a night of back up dancing fun.

– Evolution of Dance (ASAP 2009)
Chickboy (2007 album)
– Hataw medley
Totoy Bibbo (2004 album)

Tita Liza’s next concert will be the one and only Gary Valenciano on July 12th at the National Theatre in St Kilda. Click here for more info.

Vhong photoboothingTime out at rehearsals photobombing Liza’s photobooth! #weirdofaces

IMG_4571 IMG_4470Always such a pleasure working with these dancers: Justin, Matt, Liza, Lowell and Chris
IMG_4442Interview with Tristan from Channel 31
IMG_5335Backstage with Mr Suave

Vhong collage 2Chillin out in our room meant selfie time trying to stay calm and collected before having to perform
Vhong collage 3IMG_4487IMG_4493IMG_4546“O, ang galing ang galing ko sumayaw. Ang galing ko gumalaw, galing ko sumayaw. Galing ko gumalaw ang galing ko sumayaw. Bibong-bibo gumalaw”

IMG_4552IMG_4514 IMG_4597 IMG_4591Tita Liza – Liz Honey Promotions and Entertainment
IMG_4601Vhong Collage 1
IMG_4577Family fun with my cousins Arielle and JV 😀
Vhong collage selfie
Love working with Liza! – so talented and easy to work with putting a show together with chorey and costumes and all! xx

Pork Empanada

Happy Monday everyone!

Just thought I’d post up another one of my attempts in the kitchen. It’s another snack type food called pork empanada. Sorry for the low quality images – they were taken from my phone.

My grandma used to make these small parcels of savoury goodness when I was smaller and I thought I’d try it out and have her taste-test it for me to see what she thinks. I just cooked a practice run and will get grandma to taste the next batch I cook. It’s such a small but hearty snack – good as an after school treat or easy to pack for lunch!

What did you use to eat as an after school snack?

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