Brunching at Alimentari

Lisa and Amanda with their cocktail looking apple juice – yum!!

Alimentari – Eatery and Delicatessen, 251 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
“Good food and camaraderie”

My first lazy Sunday in what feels like forever so it started with a smooth coffee and catch up at Alimentari. Having never been to this local institution before, I made sure to bring along my camera to capture some happy snaps – I really need to upgrade my mobile to one that takes clearer, brighter photos.

I had an early brekkie of baked beans, toast and egg with my little man so by the time I got to the deli, I wasn’t too hungry. I knew I needed to try at least a little something so Hayley and I decided to share a plate. I normally opt for something along the lines of a big breakfast but the muesli that came out was perfect! – creamy, sweet and so easy to eat, I could have easily finished one on my own :).  It went down very nicely alongside my flat white.

Boy talk, travel talk and relationship talk occupied us as we enjoyed brunch and a walk down the street to Clear It for a spot of quick shopping! Scored myself a jacket for $10 amongst all the Alannah Hill, Jack London and Dangerfield goodies and will definitely back for more and maybe post another shopping haul! 😉

What did you get up to on Sunday? Any other good brunch places to check out – let me know 🙂

Picture perfect muesli

Fresh paninis, sandwiches and wraps

How scrumptious do these glistening hot cross buns look!?

Melbourne Monday: Chemistry? Yeah, chemistry!

The Urban Ma N2EGIMG_0310

N2 Extreme Gelato – 329 Brunswick st, Fitzroy

Happy Monday everyone!

Our freezer is stocked up with ice cream all year because just like my grandma, the hubby too, loves his hit of creamy coolness no matter the season. I think his favourite thing about being an adult is the fact that he can buy and eat ice cream whenever he likes (today he had a serving of caramel ice cream before and after his afternoon siesta!). So when we a friend took us out for dessert at N2 Extreme Gelato I knew it would be a sweet end to our night out.

The use of liquid nitrogen at N2 Extreme Gelato plays on the strength of a phenomenon called nucleation-dominated ice crystallisation, it forms a large number of microscopic ice crystals in seconds, resulting in exceptionally smooth textures – N2 Extreme Gelato’s website

After about a fifteen minute wait for our  Black Lava salted caramel cup of silky smoothness (it was a very busy night and all the flavours are freshly made), we tucked into our first taste of N2’s infamous gelato. Oh so smooth with such a divine taste we didn’t stop until our cup was licked clean. Tip: if you’re ordering the black lava salted caramel flavour, don’t eat all the black bits of topping at once or you’ll have an extremely salty surprise! Share the salt around with the rest of the gelato! 😉 N2 also serves their gelato several degrees warmer than your average ice cream so say good bye to those brain freeze moments!

N2 is decked out with green faux grass in the front window and more towards the back of the store so you can sit and have a gelato picnic. Combined with the artwork and daily flavours drawn onto the blackboard painted walls, N2 makes for a cool hang out with friends or a good book as you enjoy the liquid nitrogen show that takes place behind the glass windows. Definitely need to visit this place again!

The menu changes weekly so follow N2 Extreme Gelato on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for their latest news and concoctions.

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Jacqfruit Randomness!: The title of this blog post comes from which 1950 musical starring Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra? 🙂

The Urban MA eats salted caramel


Jacqfruit The Urban Ma IMG_0311
Jacqfruit N2 menu