5 Basic Travel Hacks for Flying with Toddlers – Tips from a 2 year old

Flying with a toddler Travel tips

5 Basic Travel Hacks When Flying with a Toddler

Hello everyone! I thought it would be a good idea to take over mummy’s blog today while she’s watching Friends since I haven’t spoken to you all for such a long time (see blog post here and here when I was just under a year old!). I am still so excited about our recent trip to Queensland and so grateful that Mummy and Daddy took me along that I wanted to share with you some travel tips for when you’re travelling with little people like me.

I have noticed that Mummy and Daddy have worried in the past that I might cry lots and annoy people in the plane on our previous trips,  but on those flights where they took me to Malaysia when I was 5 months old, and to the Gold Coast and Sydney last year, I was totally fine! So this time I thought I’d take note of what they did, and how I felt so that I could share it with you so that you too can have a fun and comfortable plane ride with the precious little people in your lives.

Travel tips for flying with toddlers #1

1) Let us know what’s going on – We are small but we can take a lot in, and we like to know what is happening just as much as you do. So one thing Mummy and Daddy did that I liked very much was they prepared me for our plane ride by explaining what was going to happen and that we would be flying high in the clouds! I was so happy to know that I was going to be on a plane because I always see them in the skies above and seeing them makes me want to go zooming through the air! Daddy also bought me a book about pilots from his last work trip to Sydney and he read it to me at bedtimes before our trip. By the time we got to the airport I could recognise all the things around me like the flight attendants, the check in counter and even the scanning stations – such a great book!


2) Let us pack and carry something too! – We want to help you out and getting us involved in the packing is a way for us to be part of the action. Mummy, Daddy and I packed my little backpack with goodies, spare clothes (scarves and hats so that you can layer on and off in case it is cold on the plane) and wipes, and I felt all grown up carrying it on my own!

3) Get to the airport early and let us run off some steam – Us toddlers are quite a handful if you do not know that all we want to do is explore and play and, explore some more. There are too many new and wondrous things in this world that we are constantly wanting to experience and be a part of, so one thing that mummy and daddy did on this trip that I loved was this – they bought me bubbles (I think it was only $1 from Target – I’m guessing $1 is cheap? From Mummy’s tone of voice I think it is!) and all kids love bubbles right? They played with me until we had to board the plane. It was great! – it kept me occupied whilst waiting to board and let me run off all my energy 🙂 #itsthesimplethings

4) Food and entertain is what we need – When taking off and landing Mummy and Daddy made sure I was either sipping some water or juice or gobbling up some yummy strawberries and snacks to help avoid ear pressure and discomfort.

Also to keep me occupied throughout the 2 hour plane ride, I played with cars, (I LOVE cars! And monster trucks! And airplanes! And diggers!), did some painting in this cool coloring book (don’t worry, it was a mess-free coloring/painting book! When I find out from Mummy where she got it from I’ll share it with you) and watched the clouds outside the window with Daddy!

Another great idea is to wrap up some toys that we already have from home prior to the trip and then your toddler can have fun opening them up like presents. Don’t worry, even though we know they are our old toys, we will still get excited for you! If all else fails you can also bring out the iPad – just remember to also bring some earphones – no one else on the plane will want to hear repeats of Peppa Pig and The Wiggles!

5) Enjoy the ride – It will all be ok! Do not stress too much mummies and daddies out there! As long as you look like you’re making an effort keeping us occupied throughout the plane ride, I’m sure the other passengers will see that and appreciate it. Have fun with us and watch out for signals when we are feeling tired or bored and adjust activities accordingly. This will make for a pleasant plane ride for everyone!

I hope some of my observations will be of help to you next time you are flying with your toddler. I cannot wait for our next trip next week to the Gold Coast! I heard Mummy saying something about getting some stamps?! – I LOVE stamps! I used to get them all the time after my Mini Maestro music lessons. I heard Mummy and Daddy talking about something called a High Flyers Passport for little people like me? – I will have to check that out 🙂

Anyway I had best sign off now so I can have a bath before bedtime – hopefully Daddy reads me the pilots storybook again 🙂

If you have any other tips for flying with toddlers let me know 🙂 I hope to hijack Mummy’s blog again soon with some travel tips on travelling with kids to Noosa!

Bye and good night!

– Toddler D –

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