The Little Mushroom Co.

The Little Mushroom Co. – food trucks at the Yarraville Gardens – various times

It was a boiling hot Sunday in Melbourne so we decided early in the day that we’d go out for dinner. We scoured the social media channels to find out where the foodtrucks would be serving dinner and thought it would be nice to make the most of the summer heat and enjoy a meal outside. We found that there were going to be at least 5 food trucks parked at Yarraville Gardens…woohoo!

The hubby and some of my relatives all ordered from the The Dude Food Man devouring big, flavoursome burgers dressed with crispy bacon and some chunky chips on the side. Mum had her first try of the goodies by Dos Diablos while I opted for a mushie burger from The Little Mushroom Co. Having eaten so much food over the Christmas period I really wanted a burger but didn’t want anything to heavy. I ordered The Mexican burger and the Mexican corn. Well cooked, tasty and just what I needed to feel a little less guilty about everything I consumed during the Christmas/New Year season.

 Baby D loved roaming the Yarraville Gardens and seeing all the dogs run about while the parentals happily watched. May 2014 bring many more picnics in the park!

Melbourne Foodtrucks – Digging for Fire BBQ Kitchen

Foodtruck Friday!


Digging For Fire BBQ – Melbourne food truck, various locations

Last Friday, after following DFFBBQ on Twitter, I was excited to see that they were heading across the bridge to Yarraville. So with some friends and family we braved the cold Melbourne weather to enjoy some freshly bbq’d dinner with the Digging For Fire peeps! We got there around 5.30pm and there were already a few people milling around deciding what to order and as the night progressed it was nice to see more and more people coming out to this mini fiesta of food trucks!


The night’s special – Cinnamon & Chilli Chicken Wings, Baby’s happy with my tasty choice 🙂

After a hard decision on whether to go with the pulled pork baguette or the night’s special of cinnamon and chilli chicken wings, I went the wings. The customer service was great and you could tell that the guys at DFFBBQ had a real passion for what they were doing. They were both very busy keeping up with all the orders but were still able to stop for a friendly chat 🙂

It was so cold last Friday out in the park but once I bit into my cinnamon and chilli wings, braving the cold night was totally worth it! The wings were well-cooked and bursting with not only the cinnamon and chilli flavours but also that of the salsa/sauce that covered the tender bbq pieces! It came with chips and was absolutely delish!

Can’t wait to try out the rest of their menu next time! – Thank you DFFBBQ for a great dinner out! 🙂

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