Cozy bistro in Paris – Le Coude Fou

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Le Coude Fou –  12 Rue Du Bourg Tibourg , Paris,France.

Flashback to Paris and a cozy, little bistro just a short walk from the Bastille metro. We ate here on suggestion from a friend and we enjoyed it so much that we went back for seconds the next night (hence the second lot of photos – no, we didn’t eat that many dishes in one go!)

The whole menu was in French and after a few days in this city you get the hang of what and how to order, plus one of our friends spoke some French helping us out 🙂 My foie gras main and the chocolate fondue were responsible for the party in my mouth and tummy – loved it! When we came the next night, the foie  gras dish was not available so it gave me the chance to try something different. All dishes were served with a welcoming smile and the quirky artwork on the walls were equally welcoming. such a charming Parisian bistro with an inviting atmosphere.

Hopefully when we get the chance to visit Le Coude Fou again it will be just as memorable the first time.

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