A date with foodie bloggers and Cacao Green

The Urban Ma ham and melted cheese

Cacao Green, Chadstone Shopping Centre

With the latest Cacao Green frozen yoghurt (froyo!) chapter opening a couple of weeks ago, myself and some fellow bloggers were invited to taste the wonderful array of waffle and froyo goodness at Chadstone Shopping Centre. Cacao Green specializes in providing all natural, organic yoghurt and supports fair trade and sustainable ingredients and is the sister company of Red Mango who have been operating since 2002 in several countries around the world.

We were presented with a banquet of frozen yoghurt-filled cups dressed with various delicious toppings like lychee popping pearls and chewy marshmallows (YUM!), savoury and sweet waffles, fresh fruit smoothies, parfaits and coffee to finish it off. I couldn’t pick a favourite from the froyo flavours as they were all so good and very well complimented with the extra toppings chosen. My favourite parfait however was the mixed berry parfait and the classic strawberry and choc waffles really hit the spot.  While all the food and desserts were nicely presented and delicious, greater attention could have been paid to the coffee art on my soy latte, especially since they serve quality St Ali beans. If you’re not much of a sweet tooth, Cacao Green also offer savoury waffles and are even open for breakfast – I enjoyed the ham and cheese waffle, you can’t go wrong with anything melted cheese!

All in all, it was a great way to spend an afternoon. It was so lovely finally put a face to the name of some foodie bloggers I’ve seen online. We sure knew how to eat, chat and take photos , so much so that we didn’t realise all the shops around us were closing for the day.

Have you tried Cacao Green? If so, what were your faves? If not, they can be found at several locations in the CBD and eastern suburbs.

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Melted cheese and ham waffle, getting ready for the froyo adventure with blogger Jenny from Confessions of a Little Piggy, banana and almond waffle, spinach, kiwifruit and watermelon fruit smoothies, mango and raspberry & mixed berry parfaits, our froyo feast!.

A big thank you to Valissa from Nuffnang and the crew at Cacao Green Chadstone for organising this event and bringing us together. 

Gasworks Farmers Market


Gasworks Farmers Market, 21 Graham St, Albert Park – Every 3rd Saturday of the month

It was a fine Saturday morning for a trip to Albert Park with the family – I should have also brought Lando so he could check out all the cute dogs running around!

With around 70 stalls of fresh, local produce, we were spoilt for choice and as soon as we walked through the tall brick entrance I could smell veggies galore! The better half and I had a breakfast sausage hot off the bbq dressed with aoli and some home made relish. Baby enjoyed the sounds of “Old McDonald had a farm” provided by Little Feet entertainment. I was so glad that we got out of bed early enough to enjoy the Saturday sunshine before it turn to rain a couple of hours later.

There were free taste testings and a stop at the Gateaux de Bordeaux stall is what got me hooked on the small, sweet, French pastry called canele or cannele.  Being dubbed as the new macaroon a few years back, I can’t believe I had never tried this treat from Bordeaux until now! It is a delightful little pastry that has a crunchy caramelized outside and a soft custard inside. Move over cupcakes – I am currently crushing on caneles (is that the plural for canele?!). I am now wishing I had bought a box of them instead of just one which the hubby and I devoured right away. I wonder where else I can get my hands on these beauties!

The organic blueberries and bagel stalls both sold out of their stock before we got there so next time I’ll make sure we wake up even earlier. With the produce I bought from the market, I baked some kale chips (see here) and a Filipino dish called Sinigang. I guess you could describe it as the Filipino’s version of Thai’s tom yum soup – it’s a soupy, sour dish that has a bit of kick to it!