Mama Mondays – One of my favorite times of the day

Simple Nighttime Routine

Ever since becoming a mum I have tried to find that balance between trying to keep the house clean, find good recipes to cook, actually cook them, play with the kids, work, exercise, blog, grocery shop, relax, the list goes on. And so far, the one routine that actually works is our nighttime routine.

This is one of my most favorite times of the day. The time where we’re all fed, clean and snuggled up in bed. Our 4-year-old leads us some daily prayers and then right at the end my husband and I will ask him “Daniel, what are you grateful for today?”. To which he has replied with the most random, inspiring and heartwarming thoughts. It’s so interesting hearing what he has to say and it has always helped us to end the day on a happy, positive note no matter what else has happened.

Just the other night:

Me: So Daniel, what are you grateful for today?
Daniel: Thanks to God for my family and thank you for our hearts.
Me: Our hearts??
Daniel: Yes because it pumps the blood around.
Me: Why does it pump the blood around?
Daniel: So the blood goes to all the part of our body.
Me: Did you know that there are red blood cells and white blood cells?
Daniel: Yeah, the white blood cells help my sugats get better! (sugat – Tagalog word for wound)

Sometimes it’s just so random, the things he says. And it’s a good conversation starter because we end up hearing more about how he perceives the world and the events that have happened during the day. In this case, he said he got it from his “body book” – a book for kids that I bought for him a while ago. We haven’t read it in so long so it was so random that he thought of it. Not sure if was exposed to anything at preschool or on tv but it kind of makes me want to learn more about or study early childhood learning because he really, truly absorbs everything around him.

What is your nighttime routine and what are you grateful for today?

Mama Mondays – Starting them early 

   This is what life is has been looking like lately. 🙂 Cold winter days where 5.30pm looks like 10pm with such darkness covering the city is somehow always brightened by coming home greeted by Mr  D’s  radiant, smiling face!

Everything is new to him. Everything is a wonder. Everything that he sees, feels and hears is an opportunity to explore.

And can you believe it, he is already so grateful!

How do we know this? Because every night in bed after his shower, his reading time and his prayers, the hubby has been asking Mr D if he wants to say thanks for anything that day.

When he first started about a month ago I was in such awe! Still am. I can’t get over all the little things he lists that he is thankful for so thought I’d start writing them down in order to remember such precious little words 🙂

#GratefulDaniel #1

Daddy: Daniel do you want to say thank you for anything today?

D: Yes! Uhhhh….thank you God for Daddy’s arms. And thank you God for Mummy’s lips and nose and two hands.

Mummy: Mummy’s two hands?

D: Yah! And Mummy and Daddy’s two arms, oh! – where’s the other arm? (He looks for my other arms that’s under the pillow under Daddy’s head and proceeds to run his face along it)

Awwwww my heart melts!

Never too early to start saying thank you 🙂

Nothing better than ending a freezing Monday night in a warm, cozy bed with my two wonderfuls.

What are you grateful for today? Share your thankfulness using the hashtag #graceandthanks to spread the word.

  1. A “Rewind” chicken pie that my friend’s husband made for us girls as we took over the house for a girls night in complete with drinks, candles and cuddles with the latest addition to our Rewind dance family! 2. Re- vamped our veggie patch on the weekend with some new additions 3. Found this little Francesco Bernoulli racing car in my bag lol! (Mr D is obsessesed with the Cars movies by Disney) 4.  This is what 5pm looks like in Melbourne’s CBD on the way home…so dark, so early!A road trip to Philip Island to help celebrate a 30th and 3rd birthday of some more wonderful dance friends!

Top photo: 1. A big, fat and oh-so-good Parma for lunch at work last week 2. Mr D can’t get enough of Granny Smith apples lately, and that purple rug from Ikea lol! (he loves sitting on it and puts all his toys on it!) 3. Work mode – love the views of the city, the Yarra and the bay 4. Mr D and Daddy lying on the jumping castle at PlayZone in Noble Park for a 1st birthday party – that place is huge!!! – thanks for having us John & Tam 🙂