Sunday Reflections – The importance of gratitude

How can I be a blessing to others today?

Once there was a young man who never thought of donating blood. But then his father got very ill and was hospitalised. 

One day the son was sitting by his faher’s beside as he was getting a blood transfusion. As he watched the blood flowing into his father’s veins, he suddenly realised that somebody donated the blood that was now keeping his father alive. Straightaway he made up his mind hat he would become a donor and he was as good as his word.

Many are willing to avail of the generosity of others, but few are willing to give something back. This is why gratitude is so important. It makes us want to give something back.

(Excerpt from the parish’s weekly bulletin which can be found here)

Every night Mr D practices gratitude by telling us the things he is grateful for that day. It’s so heartwarming to hear what he has to say, which lately has been all about family and holidays!

Whether it’s an action that is big or small, how can you be a blessing to someone today? 

Mama Mondays – 8-9 months post partum update

9 months of funMama Mondays – 8 and 9 monthpost partum update

I can’t believe that it’s already the end of July and Hannah will be turning one in a few months.

Height/Weight: Hannah’s growing up fast and we got her checked and measured at the maternal child health nurse. She now weighs 9.9kgs! I was looking at hers and Daniel’s check up books and she is roughly around the same size as Daniel when Daniel was her age. Hannah is still fitting into size 0’s and with this cold, winter weather, she’s been wearing shoes more often. My favourites are Moccs Made With Love, Bobux and Attipas this month – they’re so easy to put on and don’t fall off as frequently as other brands plus they keep her little toes super warm.

Routine/Sleep: Hannah is now mostly having only two naps during the day time with the occasional three when she’s super tired or we’re driving around somewhere (she falls asleep in the car all the time!) She still isn’t sleeping straight through the night and the hubby loves it when she snuggles up next to him trying to find a comfy position.

Eating/Feeding: In her eighth month, Hannah loved being fed food that was mashed instead of being pureed. She liked feeling the texture and feeling like she was chewing something even though she still hasn’t got any teeth! Lately in her ninth month, I’ve found that she wants to be holding her food more and feeding herself, so she’s been eating lots of crackers, steamed veggies and fruit. We just need to keep an eye on her that she doesn’t bite off more than she can swallow. I love watching her little fingers trying to hold onto her food and her lips as she munches are so cute!

9 months post partum


p style=”text-align: center;”>Milestones: By her eighth month Hannah was well on her way at winning the fastest crawler award. If I turned my head for even just a couple of seconds, she’d disappear into the cupboard, under the dining table or behind the couch. She’s so quick to crawl now on her hands and knees instead of her caterpillar-type movement which she started off with. Currently in her ninth month Hannah has just started to stand up on the sides of the couch or ottoman – I think the fact that Daniel tries to keep some of his toys up there out of reach is Hannah’s main motivation for standing up!IMG_8754

Hannah is also quite the conversationalist constantly babbling to herself and Daniel and trying to talk in the middle of storytime before bed. The hubby swears he heard her repeat the word “propeller” to him while he read Daniel his book about pilots. I wouldn’t be surprised – she’s able to make so many different sounds now, I love watching her mouth and lips move. Cutest thing ever!

Daniel has been such a big help especially with Hannah being so fast at getting around the house these days. He always makes sure the floor is clean for her by taking of his shoes and putting them away as soon as we get home, and if he sees her touching something she shouldn’t, he stops her and turns her in another direction. Daniel also knows just how to entertain her in her cot while I’m in the shower, singing nursery rhymes to her and making funny noise and faces to make her smile.

The past couple of months has also seen me head out to the club for my sister in law’s birthday! It had been so long since I went out and drank that it took me weeks to recover! Hannah also had her first sleepover at grandma’s house just last Thursday. I think I actually slept worse not having her with me because my boobs were SO sore and hard because she normally still feeds at night. By 5:45am I just couldn’t take the pain anymore so even though it was so cold and pouring down rain, I quickly drove to mum’s house and fed her.



p style=”text-align: center;”>This past month we also went away with the whole fam to Silverwater Resort in Phillip Island and had so much fun! I’ll write up a separate post on the resort and the things we got up to as there is too much to mention!

I feel so very blessed to have these two in my life and every night just after we finish saying our prayers I love hearing what our little family is grateful for. Tonight Daniel was so funny, I just kept hugging him and kissing his face!

IMG_7701I just love him so much…rain hail or shine, he just wants to be playing outdoors!

Grateful Daniel


p style=”text-align: center;”>Me: Daniel what are you grateful for today?
Daniel: Dear God, thank you for mummy and daddy and Hannah and Tita Arielle.
Me: Awwww that’s nice…do you miss Tita Arielle?
Daniel: Yeah I miss her.
Me: Really? What do you miss? Like what do you like about Tita Arielle?
Daniel: I miss her and Tagalog (Filipino language)
Me: Awww! But doesn’t Mummy talk to you Tagalog more now?
Daniel: Yeah but I like Daddy to talk Tagalog too. Daddy needs to learn I think.

Hahahah! Gosh he just surprises me everyday. Looks like we really have to get our act together and speak more Tagalog to him!

Do you practice daily gratitude with your little ones? Try it – you’ll be amazed at the things they say 🙂

Have a great week everyone.

Night! xx

Mama Mondays – Pregnancy, The Sequel. Bump diaries #1


 In case you hadn’t noticed by my choice of clothing or food/drink lately (see my Fat Duck post here! – no wine for me!) we’re expecting and so excited about welcoming Baby #2 into the family!!!

So far this time around its been extra tiring and I don’t know whether it’s because each pregnancy can differ so greatly, or just because I already have an active little toddler to chase around leaving less time to myself and for rest.

Right now I’m just loving seeing Daniel grow and understand everything around him more and more. Every night he wants to say “goodnight” to the baby and once he pulls up my top and wishes Baby goodnight, he follows it with the sweetest sounding “I love you baby!” you’ll ever hear. Uggghh love him to bits! 

Best night time routine ever!

Speaking of night time routines, if you missed my blog post last Monday you can read up on it here. Mr D is continuing practicing his gratefulness!

#GratefulDaniel #2

Daddy: Do you want to say thanks for anything before tulog time? (sleep time).

Daniel: Yeyahh!

Daddy: What do you want to say thanks for today?

Daniel: Uhhh, thanks to God for my bed and my stars (his bedsheets and pillows are covered in stars). It’s so cozy! 

Ahhhh bless! I just want to squeeze him so tight!!! 

Especially on freezing cold day and night like today it’s so lovely to see him be thankful for the simple things that unfortunately not everyone has access to.

What are you grateful for today? This week? #graceandthanks

 My favourite little toes ever! – Getting his haircut with Daddy looking all serious – Imagination and yoga at Little Organics last Saturday – with his cousin and Daniel wants to sleep in! Do you blame him? I would too if I could! – this weather is crazy cold. 

A cheeky day in South Melbourne

cheeky cinos play area cheeky cinosIMG_0085 IMG_0086 IMG_0088 IMG_0089 IMG_0090IMG_0091IMG_0092

Cheeky Cinos (photo from, pumpkin soup, catchup, exterior of Cheeky Cinos, lovely wares at the South Melbourne market.

Cheeky Cinos, happy mums!

What a beautiful Friday to end the week! Sunny, crisp and perfect for a stroll down the streets of South Melbourne and my first ever visit to the cafe that mums rave about, Cheeky Cinos on Cecil street. This is a parent’s haven where you can actually enjoy eating with both hands, have a straight-forward conversation with your friend, and sit still not having to push a pram back and forth in an effort to lengthen your baby’s nap time while you hurriedly scoff down your food before he wakes up (sound familiar?!)

It was 12.30pm and the place was roaring with busyness! I ordered a coffee and biscotti and it came out in what looked like a soup mug – nice and huge! 🙂 There were prams neatly parked in a row and plenty of highchairs if needed. The play area was amazing! Even as an adult I wanted to climb in there and explore in bare feet!

Although Baby D attends many play dates and Mother’s group outings, I have never yet left him completely on his own so being a little apprehensive we tested out the waters. The state-of-the-art developmental play area was so welcoming and Daniel made himself quite at home rather quickly though he did keep turning around to see if I was still there. After a few minutes I decided that he would be ok on his own so I bought him 15mins of surpervised play time ($5). He totally LOVED it! He watched all the other kids wobbling around and he happily tummy crawled his way around the padded maze of learning equipment. I was so excited to see him all independent and happily playing without me but also a little sad that he is growing up so quickly. No wonder everyone tells me to enjoy every moment – they really do grow up fast!

We must definitely visit Cheeky Cinos again so daddy can see Baby D in action and also to visit South Melbourne market again as there are so many pretty things to look at and lots of inspiration for home decorating. We ended this fabulous Friday in South Melbourne visiting a few more boutiques and pop-up shops in the area and filled our tummies with Wat Da Pho goodness! It was so good that I didn’t get the chance to take photos of what we ordered so more of an excuse to go back again next time!

In the evening we enjoyed some quiet time for reflection and to give thanks for all our blessings at St Francis.

What did you get up to last Friday?

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