Feeling brave? – Tina’s will surely heat things up for you 


Tina’s Noodle Kitchen – Level 1 Highpoint Shopping Centre, Maribyrnong

After coming back from interstate travels, we felt like going somewhere familiar to shop and eat so we headed to Highpoint. I knew it was the Electrix Fields opening weekend but we were nicely surprised when heading down the escalators we were welcomed with wide open spaces. 

An urban feel with an array of new Asian eateries, this area of Highpoint felt a lot different to the rest of the centre and we were starving so we had hit the jackpot.

After wandering around checking out fried chicken, dumplings and ramen offerings we obviously had to try the most unfamiliar to us and so we sat down to peruse Tina’s Noodle Kitchen menu – it’s always an adventure with the hubby because he likes to try new things and hopefully our 2 year old grows up to be just as curious!

“The Masters of spicy surprises” Tina’s Noodle Kitchen has things on their menu not for the faint hearted – pork liver, lamb tripes, blood curd, kidneys, duck web and chicken gizzards were just some of the choices we had! There were also a lot of plant based dishes with exotic mushrooms for those who are vegetarian.

With my reflux never-ending these days I had to opt for a non-chilli dish even though I really wanted to try the Beer Duck with Konjac cake…there’s always next time! Daniel and I enjoyed the huge bowl that was presented to us with mountains of rice noodles in chicken stock soup with a variety of fillings and the hubby happily ate his way through his soup with beef and pickles. Hopefully next time we visit we can dig into the more interesting fillings.

My dad loves spicy food so I can’t wait to take him here and in turn try some of the other combinations.

We cooled down afterwards with some dessert bowls at Dessert Story also found on Level 1 which I can’t believe I only tried for the first time a few weeks ago thanks to a friend craving dessert.

This new section is now open 10am til late for you to explore the Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Malaysian cuisines.


Dumplings at Highpoint

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Dumplings Plus, Highpoint Shopping Centre, Rosamond rd, Maribyrnong

I love when you turn a corner and there’s an unexpected surprise that jumps out at you, like the time I went to Highpoint and bam!, Borders was there! 8) That was a while ago… Today we turned a corner and bam!, newcomer Dumplings Plus greeted us with the smell of fresh paint on wood. The enthusiastic and helpful waiter told us that today was their first day operating in the fresh food precinct of Highpoint. Dumplings Plus has taken the space next to the fruit and veg market and also has two other stores in Chadstone and on Swanston street.

We ordered dumplings of course and the pan fried pork dumplings came out on a plastic plate even though we were “dining in”. The dumplings were fresh and hot. Tasty and served with a smile. Not the best dumplings I’ve had but I still enjoyed them. There seemed to be a lot more people ordering take away at the counter  than those dining in but we took our seats in outer area easily accommodating our pram and an easy vantage point for people-watching 🙂 A big window next to the patrons lining up to order allows you to see the dumpling-makers hard at work creating fresh little parcels of pork goodness ready to be steamed, fried and served. There is also a selection of dumplings and pork buns in the fridge if you wanted to take some home for later.

After living in the city last month and eating at HuTong & Shangahi Street every other night, it made me miss the choice of dumpling places in the CBD and I’m excited to see that Dumplings Plus has opened in the area – I hope they settle in nicely. Can’t wait to try out their other dishes!

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