August Catch up’s #2!

Second catch up for the week was with really not my catch up but I tagged along with hubby for the chocolate at Max Brenner in Watergardens. While hubby caught up with an interstate friend about all things in the event world, I made my way through the chocolate fondue and it was oh so good! MB’s at Watergardens is always so packed with the line never failing to reach the door at the entrance but chocolate is worth the wait. As I type this I feel like taking the quick drive there now! Warm, smooth and sweet, it was a perfect way to end a Tuesday night after work.

Max Brenner’s chocolate fondue – as the melted chocolate was already sweet enough, I only had one marshmallow and opted for the fruit instead.

I kept myself busy by reading Twitter updates and reading “How to Legally Reduce Your Tax” on the iPad. Even though I love the smell and feel of physical books, it was so frustrating trying to find this book AND the lack of bookstores in the local shopping centre. It was so easy and convenient just to search for it online,click on “buy” as it was in my eager little hands ready to read in seconds -I should have turned to the net before I walked around for a few hours trying to find the book in the non-exsistent bookstores. Bring back BORDERS please!