Mini Interview with my three year oldĀ 

Daniel 3

This has been doing the rounds on Facebook so I thought I’d have a little chat with Daniel to see what he had to say!

Without any prompting, ask your child these questions:

* What is your name? Daniel

* How old are you? Three

* How old is Daddy? 18 months

* How old is Mummy? 3 months

* What is your favourite food? Noodles

* What is your favourite color? Green

* Who is your best friend? Alyssa from preschool (I didn’t even know there was an Alyssa in his class?!)

*What is your favourite song? Man In The Mirror and (he starts singing) “Baby, baby, baby OHHHHHH” (Baby by Justin Bieber)

* What is your favourite animal? Giraffe

* What are you scared of? Huh? I’m not scared!

* What makes you happy? Mummy

* Where is your favourite place to go? Disneyland (he hasn’t been even been yet!)

* What do you want to be when you grow up? A doctor

* What is mummy’s favourite thing to do? Play with Daniel

* What is daddy’s favourite thing to do? Go to work and say hi to his friends with me!