Pinoy Fridays – Birthday Boodle Fight

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A Birthday Boodle Fight!

Ever since our first time creating a boodle fight for my dad’s birthday a couple of years ago I’ve been getting a lot of people ask me if they can come to the next one or recreate the kamayan experience for them! We started this year celebrating one of my cousin’s birthdays eating military style with our hands a variety of food served on top of banana leaves.

It all starts off with a big shopping trip in the Asian stores and markets in St Albans. To see a detailed post on our preparations for this kind of meal you have got to check out Kenny’s account of it – he captured our first boodle fight brilliantly from start to finish here. I love flicking through this post of his as he documented it all plus pictures of my dad and the huge smile on his face.

This time round my cousin also had a huge smile on her face as we celebrated her birthday eating with our hands. Though some may think it unhygenic, the boodle fight meal, according to Google, demonstrates a sign of comraderie and equality among Filipino military by sharing a meal together regardless of rank.

What a feast! Some of the things pictured here are:

– grilled pork belly (liempo)
– Filipino noodles (pansit)
– jasmine rice
– grilled stuffed squid
– fish
– skinless hotdogs (Filipinos love hotdogs, corned beef and Spam…all that processed meat lol)
– grilled eggplant, capsicum, corn and some other veggies
– gulaman and melon drinks (Yum!)

The Urban Ma Boodle fight MelbourneThe boodle fight set up!
IMG_8486All hands on deck are needed in order to get all the food out at the same time so that it is still hot/warm ready to be eaten
Boodle Fight prep Melbourne The Urban MaA few condiments that elevate the meal to an ultimate Pinoy feast – chopped green mango and tomato, salted egg and also bagoong (shrimp paste). My cousins also cooked kwek kwek and the yummiest fish and grilled liempo (grilled pork belly). Yes it looked burnt but Filipinos love their meat well done.

Have you tried this before? What’s your favourite Filipino dish?