Travel Tuesdays – The Grove LA

The Cheesecake Factory, California Cheesesteak, Caesar salad, Farmer’s Market.

The Grove

The Cheesecake Factory at the Grove was where I had my first meal in LA. The servings were huge as expected and my California Cheesesteak was tasty and so filling! It was a nice sunny day as we ventured out in the Grove and the first place we stopped was Forever21 for some shopping. After a taste of how much cheaper the shopping was here, our next stop was Melrose Avenue!

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Travel Tuesdays – Venice Beach May 2012

Our first week in the America was filled with trips to the beaches. Knowing that Melbourne’s weather was about to get real chilled, I think we wanted to make the most of the warm, sunny reception in LA. Venice Beach was awesome!

The people: So many people with so many personalities. There were a lot of hustlers, buskers, and people who talked enthusiastically to themselves!?
The shopping: We shopped for novelty tshirts and cheap jewellery.
The Food: We ate some fresh fruits and hot dogs.
Favourite thing to do: Definitely people-watching!…and maybe next time I’ll get to try the bike-riding or roller-blading along the beach side.
Venice Beach is somewhere to go if you’re looking for a colourful way to spend your day ­čÖé