T-Rex Tuesday!


The Urban Ma and TRexThe Urban Ma kids take a photo in the egg

Dinosaur Adventures at Watergardens Town Centre – 399 Melton Highway, Taylors Lakes
Monday 23rd September – Sunday 13th October 2013

We spent Sunday morning at the preview event as paleontologists searching for the dinosaurs at Watergardens with our animated tour guide Ranger Dino! It was so cute seeing all the little ones dressed in oversized lab coats and yellow safety hats. During the last school holidays the dinosaurs were living at Eastland and these September holidays they’ve migrated to Watergardens to fascinate and entertain the kids and adults alike across Melbourne.

We went for a walking tour around the centre with the kids eagerly holding onto their binoculars in order to be the first one to spot a dinosaur. We even took a detour out to the parking lot to see a smashed up car like the one in the Jurassic Park movie (I love that movie!). Back inside we learnt all about the dinosaurs including of course the mighty T-Rex. I think there was also one called Irritator? – but I got distracted watching all the kids’ faces light up I’m not sure if I heard that correctly! – Let me know if you find that one ­čÖé We also watched a short educational video before the fossil digging began! With all the exploring, walking and learning we did, sandwiches and refreshments were devoured before our final stop at the giant egg for a photo! My favourite was seeing the Triceratops family – even the little baby ones were moving and roaring out loud!

Educational fun for everyone these September school holidays:

– Dinosaurs include T-Rex,┬áTriceratops, Allosaurus, Dimetrodon, Parasaurolophus, and Styracosaurus
– Dino Library and bench for some light reading
– Fossil dig and shop
-Dino Tour with Ranger Dino (meet near Boost Juice)
– Dino photos with the Triceratops family
– don’t forget to grab a Dinosaur Treasure map to navigate your way through the centre and also on the back is the chance to win a $100 prize pack

Alyssa and her dinosaur fossil The Urban Ma jacqfruit Baby Jacqfruit getting his safety glasses on Paleontologists for a day The Urban Ma at Watergardens
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Learning from friends

thefancydotcomThis is what the better half is working on for my Mothers’s Day present ­čÖé Photo courtesy of www.thefancy.com

March Against Monsanto

I hope this last minute blog post is not too late to catch you before 2pm. I always feel so grateful for having such a great network of friends and family around me as I am constantly nourished by hearing about the different passions they have! One my oldest friends Mel (and by oldest I mean thatI have known her the longest LOL!!) messaged me this morning asking me to join┬áMarch Against Monsanto┬átoday at 2pm in the city and for those of you that haven’t heard of this read more about it here. This is a worldwide event so check the website for details regarding your city. Many of these issues are not new and have been around for many decades but if you’ve been caught up in following the latest celebrity gossip or wallowing in your own problems ┬áthen you may not be aware of them. Right now if you could hear the theme song playing in my head it would be Man In the Mirror by MJ.

“If you wanna make the world a better place take a look at yourself and then make a change”.

Follow Melissa’s blog┬áhere┬áwhich she has been posting in since 2007.

How the March Against Monsanto can and will change the world. The beginning of the Food Revolution.

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