Sunday Reflections – Love is Gentle

It was late in spring and the buds still refused to open. Tightly wrapped up in themselves, they were as hard as stones.

The wind shook them. The hail beat them. The frost squeezed them in a fist of iron.

All three shouted, “Open up! Open up!”
Instead of opening up, the buds reinforced their shells, and retreated even more deeply into themselves.

Then along came the sun.
It issued no threats and made no demands.
It just created a more friendly climate.

And what happened?

Almost overnight the buds began to soften and expand.

Then their shells cracked, and they burst out.

If you love, you are gentle.

And there are certain tasks which only gentleness can accomplish.

Excerpt from the weekly parish bulletin published by the local parish.

Sunday reflections the Urban Ma blog

When it rains, it definitely pours and the past couple of weeks have been one of those times where so many things were going on, I just had to take some time out.

I didn’t want to leave you without any posts to read though, so as always when I’m feeling that it’s all getting a bit to hectic and busy, I stop reflect and read. With a cup of hot chamomile see in one hand and some dark chocolate with almonds in the other. Today I was reading through the parish bulletin and loved the above excerpt from it.

So many forceful and violent things are happening around the world and we need to be reminded that gentleness and love is powerful.

It’s the most powerful way to help create change and leave a positive impact.

I will always strive to be that sunshine…to create that friendly climate…we are all human…we are all family. Life is short – sprinkle kindness everywhere.

Have a great week everyone and thanks for stopping by!

What act of kindness or change in attitude will you be engaging in this week?