Bump Diary #12 – 30 week update 

  How far along are you? 30 weeks and 5 days
How big is baby? This week Baby is as big as a cabbage! On average around 39.9cms long and weighing just over 1.3kg with nearly a litre of amniotic fluid surrounding Baby.
Body and changes:
Weight gain Had another midwife appointment tonight after work and my weight isn’t something that we measure – I still feel quite big compared to this stage of my pregnancy with Daniel.
Stretch marks I think I can see some faint red lines underneath my belly button that I’m guessing are stretch marks? My belly has been soooooo super itchy lately 🙁
Sleep Been sleeping ok but not straight through the night due to frequent trips to the bathroom and feeling thirsty and having to go downstairs to get some water (remind me to bring a water bottle to bed!)
Maternity clothes Bought this skirt from Uniqlo this week to wear to work and it is so comfy and warm. It’s not a maternity skirt but it has a good stretch to it

The Other Stuff:

Reflux hasn’t gone away since last week uggh. Finding it really hard to get Mr D ready and changed because he’s just so active and keeps running around. Shoes are the hardest to put on him! I also felt really puffed out after giving him a bubble bath the other night…can’t believe how tired I got so I think Daddy will be bathing Mr D from now on.

 Eating lots of veggies and also dark chocolate with roasted almonds…YUM!
Feeling like I get puffed out really easily these days
Needing to get started on getting organised with all the baby stuff – we need to buy another car seat and a few other things as well as getting Mr D’s old baby clothes out and washed
Wanting to declutter more of the garage and my closet!
Watching Monster Truck shows on YouTube…Mr D is obsessed with Monster trucks right now (I have no idea where he got that from lol!) It’s so funny there’s this whole other world of monster trucks and even grown men on YouTube who tape themselves playing with their Hot Wheels – they get like 5 million views on their videos!
Bookmarking blogs to read before heading off to Problogger this week 🙂
Noticing just how animated Mr D can be when he talks to us! He’s so articulate already it’s so cute and endearing to hear all the things he has to say
Enjoying some me time with a manicure this week! #itsthesimplethings I also enjoyed meeting Madriel who works at SBS Radio – she interviewed me as part of their Filipino show about Pinoy food and blogging. I’ll post the link up when the interview goes live if you’re interested in listening in 🙂 We also enjoyed some family time this week with a couple of birthday parties and a baptism.


gratefuldaniel #10

Daddy: (Daddy didn’t even have to ask Daniel what he was thankful for most of this week! – as soon as he finished with his prayers he launched into listing so many things…it was so funny!)

Daniel: Thanks to God for Mummy’s nose and my bed and thanks to God for the bones in Mummy’s arm (lol!!)

How was your week last week? What did you get up to?