Santa’s Magical Kingdom 2016

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Santa’s Magical Kingdom 2016
Caulfield Racecourse, Dec 18th – 23rd

After 4 successful years in Melbourne, Santa’s Magical Kingdom has become a Christmas tradition being visited by thousands of families from across Australia. This year it also opened its doors in Perth.

With an excited little four year old having looked forward to the opening night ever since he received the cute little invite in the mail, the event didn’t fail in putting a huge smile on his face from the moment we entered the place to the time we had to leave. Mr D headed straight to where it was “snowing” and then led us to Gingerbread Land where he knew exactly what he wanted to do – decorate and devour one of the scrumptious gingerbread men. All included in the entry price, except for a few games and the extra take away food, this year there was:

– A magical Christmas walk-through wonderland
– Snowland and meet the Snow Queen
– A free gift, when you meet Santa
– A brand new International Christmas Show Spectacular
– Roving Christmas characters
– Christmas Craft Village where you can make your own Christmas tree decoration
– Gingerbread Land, where you can decorate your own gingerbread man
– Interactive Letter Writing area and Storytelling area with Mrs Claus
– Amusement Rides & Games, including:
Santa’s Sleigh Ride,
the Giant Ferris Wheel
one of the Largest Super Slide’s in the country
The Elves Magical Train Ride and more

It has become a yearly tradition for us and such a wonderful way to welcome the festive season. Such a great gift idea too for those of you wanting to give a child memories to last a lifetime. Open until December 23rd there are still sessions available for some magical fun with the family.

Santa's Magical Kingdom Santa's Magical Kingdom Melbourne events Santa's Magical Kingdom 2016Santa's Magical Kingdom 2016 Melbourne events

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Travel Diary – Family Itinerary Hong Kong + Cruise

First family holiday overseas? We’ve got the perfect itinerary!

Hong Kong Travel Diary Royal Caribbean Cruises

Happy Thursday everybody! I hope you’re having a fulfilling week so far and the weekend is right here so it can only get better. I apologise for my absence and lack of posts in the past few weeks. I’ve missed posting for you but if you’ve been following me on Instagram you’ll no doubt know that we’ve just come back from our first family holiday overseas with Little Miss H. First time taking a toddler overseas = planning, preparation, may a little strees? = lack of blog posts. This is just a quick little post to give you an overview of our itinerary and then I’ll  have some separate posts for you on each different places. Hopefully this info will be of help or interest to you if you are visiting Hong Kong or Okinawa, Japan soon, or if you are embarking on your first family holiday!

Our son Mr D is three years old, almost four, and Little Miss H was ten months at the time of our trip so packing a bunch of nappies and carrying around a pram as well as our luggage was just one of the extra things to think about when planning for our trip. All in all it was one of the most happiest and amazing weeks we’ve had yet and I can’t wait for the next one.

Hong Kong cruise Family Travel Diary

Day 1: Hong Kong sights & board ship
Day 2: Xiamen, China
Day 3: Cruising
Day 4: Okinawa, Japan
Day 5: Cruising
Day 6: Hong Kong & Dinsey’s Hollywood Hotel
Day 7: Disneyland
Day 8: Disneyland & depart for Melbourne

Depart MELB 14:30 Arrived in HKG 21:00
We flew Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong which was around a 9.5hr long flight and arrived at ten in the evening. We saw the bright city lights as we had a taxi take us to our hotel (we stayed overnight at L’Hotel, Causeway Bay) where we checked in and slept ready for the next day.

Day 1: Hong Kong sights then cruise departs for Xiamen at 17:oo
We checked out the areas of Victoria Harbour and Causeway Bay seeing the sights, doing a little shopping and, enjoying the cuisine before catching another taxi to the Kowloon side to board our cruise ship Voyager of the Seas, which is part of the Royal Caribbean fleet. We had never been on a cruise before and were in awe as we walked through the check in terminal at how huge the vessel was that stood there docked in front of us. It was all happening on the pool deck where vibrant music played and a dance party greeted everyone as the ship left Hong Kong.egg waffle Hong Kong food Discover

Day 2: Xiamen – Day 3: Cruising – Day 4 Okinawa, Japan – Day 5: Cruising
Our cruise was the 5 Night Okinawa and Xiamen Cruise that alternated between days of cruising and days at the ports in Xiamen, Okinawa and of course, Hong Kong. There was such a great variety of activities on the ship and without spoiling my upcoming blog post, let me just tell you that from sports, to music, the ship had it covered. We were spoilt for choice when it came to which experience to pick from each day. We were even so spoiled for choice when it came to the food (I’ll talk more about this in the coming posts!). One thing I hadn’t expected was how much we all loved and missed the staff/crew on the ship when we had to disembark. Imagine if we went on a cruise longer than five days! I think I’d be crying having to leave everybody that made our trip so special. (Or maybe I’m just a tad bit too sentimental!).Royal Caribbean cruise Family travel

Day 6: Hong Kong sights & Disney hotel check-in
After saying our goodbyes to the amazing staff on board, we made our way to Disney’s Hollywood Hotel on Lantau Island at around . We decided to explore more of Hong Kong and spent the rest of the day in Central and Causeway Bay eating and shopping our way through the busy and wet streets (it was pouring rain!). We made it back to our hotel in time for to see the nightly fireworks show (upon our arrival at the hotel we upgraded to a room with a view of the fireworks). The kids were squealing with excitement seeing the explosions of colour in the dark night sky. 
Hong Kong Causeway Bay Family travel blog

Day 7: Disneyland – Day 8: Disneyland and departed HKG 19:10, arrived in MELB 06:25
The next two days were dedicated to the magic and happiness that is Disneyland. Hong Kong Disneyland is the smallest of the six Disneyland parks around the world and it was such a great one to visit with Little Miss H and Mr D. We spent one and a half days there and still didn’t get to see all the things we wanted (we missed out on watching the Lion King show and seeing the Paint the Night parade as it wasn’t running due to Halloween preparations) so we will definitely be coming back to catch Lightning McQueen in the night parade. With shuttle buses running every few minutes between the two Disney hotels and the Disneyland park, it was so convenient traveling with the kids to the character breakfast and Disney dim sum we had booked. I’ve posted a few photos of the most adorable little buns you’ll ever eat on my IG feed and I’ll post more here in my upcoming posts!Hong Kong Disneyland

Our flight back home was a night flight and with all the wondrous things the kids saw at Disneyland during the day, they both slept through almost the entire flight They were still sleeping when we landed in back in Melbourne.

How the cruise and trip to Hong Kong ticked all the boxes on First Family Holiday Wishlist
The above itinerary totally hit the spot when it came to all the things we wanted to do and see. The hubby and I love trying new things and visiting new places together and having Mr D and Little Miss H there with us made everything even more unforgettable. When planning the trip we had a few things on our wishlist and below is how the above itinerary ticked all our boxes.

1) Somewhere we’ve never been – We wanted our first ever holiday as a family of four to be somewhere we’d all never been before. That’s the thing about traveling. When you’re in a place that’s new, unfamiliar and far from home, it immediately brings you to the present moment. No routines, no auto-pilot, no pre-existing behaviours allows for total immersion into something new and, either exhilarating or terrifying. And with that something new shocking your system, it brings about learning and growing as you are forced to learn about and adapt to the environment around you. With the cruise we were able to unpack just once and visit multiple destinations. You’re traveling and covering ground (or water!) while you’re asleep so it’s a great way to get from one place to the other. Okinawa’s Shuri castle was grand, Hong Kong Disneyland was a dream and we took the obligatory pic with Bruce Lee’s statue. Somewhere we’ve never been? Tick!

2) Warm and sunny – We wanted to go somewhere that was summery and bright. It was hot in Hong Kong (although it did rain there during our time at Disneyland) but not as hot as it was in Okinawa. The suns rays helped us to defrost from Melbourne’s winter chills. It was just so nice to lay around in the sun all day and the kids coped rather well with the change of climate. They didn’t complain and Mr D loved covering himself with sunscreen.

3) A bit of shopping and trying out the local cuisine – The hubby loves city destinations and Hong Kong with it’s amazing food, shopping and bustling city vibe was just the ticket! When the hubby had booked our trip and I had started Googling things to do and see in Hong Kong, I couldn’t believe we had never been there before. And now after having been, I know we’ll totally be back for more!

4) Ease and Convenience – Haha I did say “wishlist” right? But yes, we wanted to go on a holiday that would be as fuss-free and as relaxing as you can get with two little kids. Hong Kong is not too far away but still far enough to feel like you’ve gone somewhere totally exotic. The time difference is only two hours so none of us experienced any jetlag and we were able to get straight back into the swing of things when we arrived home! The availability and options of food on the cruise was perfect for our little ones – they could have ice cream whenever they wanted and they could pick from so many different types of dishes (our kids love to eat!). Swimming pools open 24/7 and meet and greets with the Dreamworks characters were another things the kids loved. With everything organised, all the hubby and I had to do was relax and just show up. Ease and Convenience? Big tick!

I think one of the biggest things that surprised me was how much we were able to do and see in such a short amount of time however our energy levels stay high and we weren’t ending each day feeling exhausted. I think what helped with this was that we stayed right near the Disneyland theme park and it was super easy to get back to the hotel and relax. And the other thing that helped was the cruise. Cruising has never really been something that’s on my bucketlist. I never had the urge to really want to go on a cruise ship, but my parents had recently been on one and raved on and on about it when they got back from their trip. The hubby also spent a lot of time trying to find something that would suit what we wanted to accomplish during the short amount of time he had off work that wasn’t too expensive. With all inclusive packages and super friendly crew on board, I now see why cruising is such a crowd favourite.

I think one thing to think about before booking a cruise is to check that the cruise line you’re inquiring with are actively doing something to combat the impact that they have on the environment. It wasn’t something I had thought about before but after spending time staring out at the beautiful big ocean on our trip, and seeing such a huge vessel carrying thousands of people to different destinations across the seas, I wonder how air pollution, waste management and fuel consumption is being addressed. I’m so new to the world of cruising and would love for everyone to enjoy a holiday on one as it was so incredible – all the more reason for us to be aware and choose wisely.

We had the most wonderful experience traveling as a family overseas for the first time and we can’t wait for the next adventure! Royal Caribbean were amazing and we’ll definitely be looking into cruising with them again. Hong Kong has just way too many things for us to see and do so we’ll have to come back for more! Next time I really want to see the life-size replica of Noah’s Ark. We didn’t get to visit it this time round because we didn’t want to cram too much into our days but it looks ginormous!

Hong Kong Noah's ark Family travel blog

The hubby and I are very similar in the way that we are quite open to trying new things, cope well with unexpected situations and are organised but also flexible – thank you Wes for being such a good travel buddy, baby daddy and all round companion. Thank you for carrying  Little Miss H so close to you even though the sun was scorching down. Thank you for looking after our kids while I waited in line to try the FlowRider hahah! Thank you choosing the cruise and the places you did! Our holiday wouldn’t have been as fun as it was if it weren’t for you!

We celebrated our wedding anniversary while we were away and here’s hoping we have many more adventures to come! I hope this post was helpful and if you have any questions at all leave me a comment, or if you are going to Hong Kong soon let me know what sights, restaurants or shops you’d recommend to visit!

Night! xx

Hong Kong Disneyland Family Travel Blog the Urban MA Avenue of the Stars Hong Kong Family Travel Blog The Urban MA

Bloggers Brunch 2015

Kids Business Bloggers Brunch – Nov 2015
Encore – St Kilda 

Baby Hannah had just turned four weeks old and I was officially four weeks post partum when I took her out on her first official outing. For both my kids, Mum insisted that I stay home for the first month to rest up as much as possible and not exert myself too much. Have any of you heard about confinement? There are a few different cultures around the world that exercise it. It sounds harsh but it didn’t feel like that at all for me. Those first few weeks after giving birth are so precious and delicate that being home and having family and friends help out around the house and with Hannah was a blessing! Everyone’s different though. It worked for Daniel so I did the same with Hannah and towards the end of the four weeks I was totally ready to get out and about to Bloggers Brunch!

The Event

Bloggers Brunch is an annual event organised by the amazing people at Kids Business helping brands and bloggers to connect with each other and create meaningful relationships. It’s a win win for everyone as reputable brands are able to showcase and educate us about their new products and we get to share our findings to help out our readers discover new products, services and events!

 The Guests

It is was my second time attending and I really enjoyed meeting not only the people behind the brands but also the bloggers that I usually interact with online. I was also extremely excited to meet Adriano Zumbo and Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band. The talented duo provided live entertainment for the kids but oh my goodness even I was enthralled and bopping along to their funky double bass sounds and pitch perfect vocals.

The Brands

Nude Food Movers
Such colorful packaging really motivates you to reduce, reuse and recycle waste
We gobbled down so many packets of the salted caramel popcorn from this Australian brand. Nothing artificial, organic and natural ingredients…no wonder we finished them in no time.
Lite ‘n Easy
I haven’t tried these meals yet but I will be needing these nutritious dishes in the new year after the wrath of silly season!
With the hubby being a DJ and our love for music now even more diverse as the kids start listening to their own favorite artists, I was impressed by Yamaha’s MusicCast app and the sleek and sexy look of their new products. I totally need to try their products out to fill my home with music this Christmas!
My parents had an ASG education account for my little sister and it really helped her get through uni so it was great to see this familiar brand at the brunch! It was also really beneficial learning that they’re not just an education fund but also provide other services to help our kids throughout their education journey – when we got home I downloaded a letters and maths program for kids 3yo and above and Daniel has been loving it!! He says that he’s a “little learner” and he likes Maths…what a champ!
– Kambrook
I loved their goodie bag which came with one of their products – green smoothies and pureed baby food is going to be so much easier this time round! With Daniel I pureed up his first solid foods with a fork!
– Medela
It was so nice talking to one of the ladies at the Medela stand. She gave me some great tips on breastfeeding and expressing! Even though I’d done it all before with Daniel, it’s surprising how much you forget and how different each baby is! It was also encouraging to know that this brand prides itself on evidence based research in order to develop truly advanced products for the market.

I wasn’t able to get around to each and every brand but some of the others were,
– Licetec
– Jura
– Infasecure

The Venue

Bloggers Brunch this year was again held inside the gorgeous Encore event venue next to the St Kilda Sea Baths. The venue, the food, the sound and lighting were all on point. Kids Business had also organised professional carers and some fun activities (a big ball pit, coloring in station) for the toddlers and babies that came along with us mamas! There were even comfy couches in the middle, comfy enough to enable me to breastfeed Hannah on demand.

The Speakers

And if all that weren’t enough to get you out and about on a beautiful Melbourne day, the team at Kids Business had also organised a few inspirational speakers. I always love this part! I love hearing different success stories and lessons learnt. We heard from:
Genine Howard
Award-winning magazine publisher and life stylist. Owner and editor of Little One Mag.
Kate Christie
Time Management specialist and author of “Me Time” – The Professional Woman’s Guide to Finding 30 Guilt-Free Hours a Month
Shusannah Morris
Shusannah is Co-Founder/ CEO at Life’s Little Treaaures Foundation and Australian of the Year nominee with a vision and commitment to support families of premature and sick babies across Australia.
Tina Harris
Tina is best known for her acting gig as Lah-Lah from Lah-Lah’s Adventures. Tina and her husband worked together to create on of the highest rating TV shows and is also a breast cancer thriver – Tina is an exemplary example of someone who embraces passion and purpose and collaborates with people to achieve her big, audacious goal.

This year some of the messages and stories included “Start with the low hanging fruit”, “Identify your rejects”, “Time is money – teach them how to put their shoes away”, “Is this the best use of my time?” and loads more golden nuggets of info.

The Charity

This year Life’s Little Treasures Foundation was the charity that the event supported. Life’s Little Treasures Foundation is Australia’s leading charity dedicated to providing information. support and understanding to the parents of babies born premature or sick. I didn’t know that there are 76 premature births every day in Australia alone.

Smash Nude Food Movers

It was a jam packed brunch with just the right amount of time for mingling, listening, and eating as you can see in my vid at the top of this post! Also check out my Instagram for more pics 🙂

Thank you Kids Business for yet another superbly run event. I can’t wait for the next one!


Life Lately #9 – Lunches and laughter


2015/02/img_9963.jpgLunches and laughter

Found in my drafts folder and before I post a more updated “Life Lately” post, thought I’d get this one up to remember the warmer days before the recent grey and wet Melbourne weather set in!

First time cooking paella and it was a hit! – Beach time with Daniel – lots of work lunches with blog friends and work mates, gotta love working in this area of Melbourne’s CBD! Check out some of my work lunch haunts here, here and here! #worklunch – attended a bloggers catch up about the recent Dubai trip some of them were lucky enough to go on – treated my parentals to the Paul Simon and Sting concert – the two little cousins are starting to interact more and more with each other. It’s so cute to watch a bond start to grow between them.

That’s all for now! Hope you’re having a great week. I’ve been battling an extremely sore throat and can smell nothing but lemon and menthol lately ugghh 🙁 xx

Mummy Mondays – Lego Brick Zone


Lego Brick Zone Preview event – Watergardens Town Centre Monday 23rd June – Sunday 13th July, 2014

 It was a bit of a hard gig trying to get up Sunday morning after an intense but fun Saturday night (see here) but it was worth it. The hubby, Toddler D and I made it to the preview event of the Lego Brick Zone at Watergardens ready for this year’s winter school holidays. Daniel excitedly got straight into some Lego building after spotting the colourful Lego Brick zone near Boost Juice.

We started our Lego morning off with some Spanish coffee (thank you Watergardens and Chocolateria San Churros!) and a tour with the officially certified Lego master builder, Ryan McNaught. The Brickman himself took us through a Lego treasure around the centre telling us stories of his Lego building adventures and interesting facts about his work displayed at Watergardens.

 IMG_4616Lego Love BoatIt took Ryan 6 months to complete The Love Boat (an ’80’s tv show set on a cruise ship) and with a cross section open to reveal tiny little rooms and compartments of the ship, Ryan has included 6 movie references within his labour of love (see if you can spot them!). Ryan spent 3 nights sitting in front of his tv building all the beds and bunk beds to furnish the cabins. This model is built solely with Lego blocks, with no glue being used to hold everything together. The Love Boat breaks up into 13 different sections so it is able to be transported around. 

IMG_4621Lego ElvisWith a 100,000 pieces of Lego, Ryan built this incredible model of “The Elvis” in under a month. This $25,000 model of the Erickson S-64 Air Crane famous for assisting in fighting fires here in Australia is strengthened with steel and is designed to be motorised.
IMG_4630Lego Opera HouseIMG_4634This Sydney Opera House model was one of my faves of the day due to fact that Ryan was able to construct the compound curves of the Opera House so well, with the help of an overseas co-worker. I also liked all the tiny little details from the grand piano concert to the wedding couple – so cute! This model is broken up into two sections in order to be able to be transported and is made from around 75,000 Lego bricks and 300 hours of work.
IMG_4641Lego Apollo 11Our final stop was at the enormous model of the Apollo 11 (the spaceflight with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin). 5.7 metres high and constructed from around 120,000 Ryan showed us some panels that were able to be opened and explained that this model is also designed to sue dry ice in order to add a dramatic launching effect 🙂 

Ryan McNaught is one of only 13 certified Lego professionals and has travelled the world with his creations even having works commissioned by Myer and David Jones. Imagine getting paid to make Lego models! Originally from the corporate world, Ryan is married with twins and loves making models that people can be inspired by and interact with. Daniel was so impressed with the huge Lego treasures in the shopping centre that when we got back to the Lego Brick Zone he hurriedly started trying to put Lego pieces together – the bigger Duplo ones of course.


We were also treated to a family friendly viewing of The Lego Movie which I had not seen before and we had such a great time, we were singing “everything is awesome” the whole ride home lol! If you’re looking for something to do with the kids (big and small) over the next few weeks make sure you check out Ryan’s labours of love displayed at Watergardens Shopping Centre. Maybe you’ll be inspired to do what you love…you never know where it can take you.


Feasting at La Morenita – Sunshine

The Urban Ma at La Morenita


La Morenita – 67 Berkshire Road, Sunshine 03 9311 2911

Normally open for breakfast and lunch, Maria and Marco welcomed 25 of us for dinner into their Latin American bakery for a hearty Consider The Sauce (CTS) Feast hosted by Kenny. For those of you who are not familiar with the CTS Feasts, Kenny brings together his love for food and supporting local small business by organising dinner at various restaurants at a set price for a set number of people. At these friendly and hospitable events, you indulge in authentic meals and gain more of an insight into the world of these small business owners. The CTS Feasts get filled up pretty quickly so just to give you a heads up the next one is on June 17th (see here for more info and to book you place!)

We had never ventured onto the industrial Berkshire Road in search for a meal before. Driving along this road quite a few times I never noticed this row of shops so it was my first time at this Latin eatery. We met some lovely CTS readers who had come to the feast from as far as Heathmont, Hawthorn and Ivanhoe!



The Urban MA CTS Feast

Maria and Marco sure looked after us and our bellies with the following line up!:

1) hallullas and pebre (Chilean bread and chilli dipping sauce)
2) sandwiches de miga (we had the ham and cheese variety without crust – sooooo tasty and soft to eat; they reminded me of the sandwiches we eat at the Filipino Dawn masses during Christmas time!)
3) Fried cheese empanada
4) Oven-baked beef empanada
5) Oven-baked chicken empanada
6) Churrasco (a beef sandwich/burger with beef strips, tomato, avocado and creamy mayo, YUM!)
7) Choripan (chorizos in a long bun with onions and black pudding was also served on the side)
8) custard Berlin doughnuts
9) 1000 layer cake (so good I even took some home to have with coffee the next morning!)
10) Oh and can’t forget the interesting fizzy soda drinks where one flavour tasted like the banana lollies I used to get in party bags when I was around 5! 🙂


Maria informed us that all the bread and pastries were all made on the premises by herself and Mario and I just can’t stop thinking about the 1000 layer cake held together with caramel sauce…ok, I might just go back there some time this week for some sweet goodness! With blackboard menus on the walls and a variety of packaged goods available for purchase as well as fresh baked bread, La Morenita serves up full-flavoured Latin American food with a smile. Can’t wait to come back and try the other sandwiches and desserts!

La Morenita Latin Cuisine on Urbanspoon

IMG_4947The Urban Ma at CTS FeastIMG_4945

La Morenita menusLa Morenita behind the scenes

A date with foodie bloggers and Cacao Green

The Urban Ma ham and melted cheese

Cacao Green, Chadstone Shopping Centre

With the latest Cacao Green frozen yoghurt (froyo!) chapter opening a couple of weeks ago, myself and some fellow bloggers were invited to taste the wonderful array of waffle and froyo goodness at Chadstone Shopping Centre. Cacao Green specializes in providing all natural, organic yoghurt and supports fair trade and sustainable ingredients and is the sister company of Red Mango who have been operating since 2002 in several countries around the world.

We were presented with a banquet of frozen yoghurt-filled cups dressed with various delicious toppings like lychee popping pearls and chewy marshmallows (YUM!), savoury and sweet waffles, fresh fruit smoothies, parfaits and coffee to finish it off. I couldn’t pick a favourite from the froyo flavours as they were all so good and very well complimented with the extra toppings chosen. My favourite parfait however was the mixed berry parfait and the classic strawberry and choc waffles really hit the spot.  While all the food and desserts were nicely presented and delicious, greater attention could have been paid to the coffee art on my soy latte, especially since they serve quality St Ali beans. If you’re not much of a sweet tooth, Cacao Green also offer savoury waffles and are even open for breakfast – I enjoyed the ham and cheese waffle, you can’t go wrong with anything melted cheese!

All in all, it was a great way to spend an afternoon. It was so lovely finally put a face to the name of some foodie bloggers I’ve seen online. We sure knew how to eat, chat and take photos , so much so that we didn’t realise all the shops around us were closing for the day.

Have you tried Cacao Green? If so, what were your faves? If not, they can be found at several locations in the CBD and eastern suburbs.

Cacao Green on Urbanspoon

The Urban Ma and Little PiggyThe Urban eats sweet wafflesThe Urban MaThe Urban Ma kiwi and watermelonThe Urban Ma strawberriesThe Urban Ma parfaits at Cacao GreenThe Urban Ma pigs out!The Urban Ma treat yourself wellThe Urban Ma with foodie bloggersThe Urban Ma with NuffnangThe Urban Ma coffee
Melted cheese and ham waffle, getting ready for the froyo adventure with blogger Jenny from Confessions of a Little Piggy, banana and almond waffle, spinach, kiwifruit and watermelon fruit smoothies, mango and raspberry & mixed berry parfaits, our froyo feast!.

A big thank you to Valissa from Nuffnang and the crew at Cacao Green Chadstone for organising this event and bringing us together.