Unexpected Morning Delight – Sadie Black

Sadie Black Cafe – 31 Perth Ave, Albion

What does a mum, retired principal, behavioural consultant and teacher have in common? Apparently a love for ongoing learning, new cafes and a good chat. As I sit soaking up the sun’s warm rays, friendly conversation amongst four strangers opens up and illustrates what good coffee in a relaxed setting can create – good morning vibes.

  Along a strip of local shops including the Polish deli, Mitko, known for their donuts and smallgoods, the arrival of newly opened Sadie Black Cafe in Melbourne’s western suburb of Albion has been long awaited by the locals. And by locals I don’t just mean those living walking distance away, but also from the surrounding suburbs. Along with well-loved places such as Eating Station and Go West, Sadie Black adds another gem to the cafe culture brewing in the West.


p style=”text-align: center;”>So nice meeting new people, I ended up leaving the cafe over an hour later…but not before finishing this yummy stack of pancakes!
One way to keep Little Miss H occupied is to give her pen and paper.

Albion is approximately 13kms from Melbourne’s CBD. Weatherboard and Californian bungalows in need of some tlc can be found on comfortable sized lots, and with scenic parts of Kororoit creek in the area, you can see why there’s been a steady interest in this area of town.

My smooth almond latte wakes me up and my berry compote-covered pancakes are beautifully presented. The serving size is very generous yet Little Miss H and I manage to polish it off nicely. Indulging in fluffy pancakes and full of berries, bananas and creme fraiche, we almost lick the plate clean!

A cute little courtyard out the back and lovely hanging indoor plants suspended from the roof had Little Miss H intrigued as this mama sat listening to stories about the evolution of the area from 40 years ago.

It was an inspiring morning being in the company of such passionate teachers, and with my own background in learning and development maybe our passion for helping families and the youth will bring us together again in a venture that involves ongoing learning – such an unexpected morning delight.

Kids and adults alike will love this new cafe – Go West

Scandinavian interiors. High quality offerings. Smooth coffee. Spacious table seating. Outdoor play.

The perfect combination for delicious and hassle-free brunch date for four mamas and eight kids.

Eight kids?! When did that happen? In the blink of an eye we’ve got preschool aged kids plus four prams with toddlers in them, all of us wanting somewhere easy but pretty to eat and play.

Enter Go West Tuckshop and Eatery. A hot tip from one of our mothers group friends had us heading to the new Woodlea Estate as she said it was worth the trip (thanks Alison!). She was so right!

We played. We ate. We ogled beautiful display homes with huge his and her wardrobe spaces.

All in all it was a fabulous day out.

So fabulous in fact that we were back the next day practically inhaling their cheeseburger with bloody Mary aoili and fries! Daniel ordered the ham and cheese croissant and I patiently waited for his leftovers however I only got one bite! It was heaven…that creamy bechamel sauce.The menu is well rounded with something for everyone and a kids menu as well!

Where: 27 Woodlea blvd, Rockbank
When: Open 7 days a week. For opening hours visit their website here.
What: A gorgeous family friendly cafe. It totally made me want to go home and redecorate our home to get this same Scandinavian vibe. Wonderfully friendly and professional service, we ended up dining here two days in a row!

Fun Fact: The cafe is managed and owned by those behind the esteemed Melbourne restaurants of Entrecote and Second Home. Head west next time you’re after something delicious to eat and a playground to unleash the big kid inside. More pics of the playground can be found here!

It’s all in the details – potted herbs line the front entrance

Their amazingly mouthwatering cheeseburger! – grilled O’Connors, beef patty, Monterey Jack cheddar, Bloody Mary aioli, greens and pickles with frites
Piadini – tomato braised meatballs, bechamel, mozarella and spinach with a little salad
Veggie patches outside the land sales office

Powder room goals – display homes at the Woodlea estateI need this hanging set up in my laundry!

Mums who brunch – Kitty Burns

Kitty Burns mac n cheese

When a friend suggested that I visit this cafe with an amazing menu, beautiful interiors and easy access to the Yarra for a nice walk, I couldn’t wait to check it out. Turns out Kitty Burns was a perfect place to catch up with some friends for a birthday brunch.

We picked a table outside because the weather was perfect and it was easy to get to – we came with three prams, needing two high chairs to keep us three mamas, three babies and a preschooler happy! And happy we were! How could you not be when chocolate and custard cronuts are there to greet you on the front counter?!

Kitty Burns brunch Melbourne The Urban MaKitty Burns cronut The Urban Ma

I ordered:

Kittys Greens – Charred broccoli, asparagus, avocado, spinach, mizuna, shredded house grain, roasted almonds and a poached egg (that’s what it said on the menu but I also got some yummy pistacchios) Loved this dish and polished it off my plate feeling full and content.

– a cappucino

Daniel ordered:

Mac n Cheese croquettes – these were on the kids menu but I’m sure us adults would be more than happy finishing it off if it got too much for the kids!

Custard Cronut – I’ll have another thanks! This was divine. I loved the layers of pastry and the creamy custard in between.
Kitty Burns Melbourne cafes

I almost couldn’t find the place because I was expecting to find a cafe along the street but instead I entered via an underground carpark – Kitty Burns is part of one of the apartment complexes close to Ikea Richmond (that’s an easy way for me to remember for next time!). I paid $5 for parking which gave me a couple of hours and then it was just a matter of finding the way out (follow the green paint along the ground!). As we appeared from the carpark, right before us was a lovely cafe setting with the Yarra River easily accessible by a staircase next to the cafe.

Turns out we sat in the perfect spot as Daniel was able to find hours of play along the rocky landscape, jumping and climbing with his toy Dusty in hand. He was able to keep himself occupied the entire time my friends and I sat there enjoying the food and talking about life, love and kids. I must come back to try more of the menu.Kitty Burns exteriorThe Urban Ma brunch Kitty Burns

A good feed after outlet shopping at UniHill – Ziffano’s Seafood and Rissotto Bar 


Ziffano’s Seafood and Rissotto Bar
UniHill, 9 Janefield Drive, Bundoora 

UniHill has always been a go to for us when outlet shopping. Wide aisles, a great range of brands and it just feels comfortable shopping there not having to fight the crowds for a parking spot or line up at the stores.

I’d only ever shopped there and not really checked out any of the cafes and shops on the outside of the centre but after a solid and fruitful shopping spree before Christmas, we were in need of some sustenance.

Ziffano’s with their lunch special, hit the spot. The steak and mash I ordered was good value and juicy, medium rare just how I like it. It was my first time eating steak after being pregnant so I was doubly excited! All the staff were attentive and served us promptly.  There was also enough room for all our shopping bags and our pram with seating both inside the cafe and outside.

If you’re looking for somewhere to take a break from all the fabulous bargains and enjoy a meal or drink, try Ziffano’s just outside opposite the Coles building.

If you missed some of our UniHill shopping hauls, you can find them here and here.

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A new Filipino cafe hits Braybrook 

   Pusong Pinoy – Filipino Cafe, Groceries, Catering
168 Churchill avenue, Braybrook

This new little cafe shines brightly among its fellow neighbors along this short strip of shops where the longstanding Masarap (delicioustasty) Bakery can be foumd. It occupies the old location of Quiapo, a Filipino/Asian grocery, who are now focusing on distribution. Pusong Pinoy (Filipino Heart in English) has transformed the space into a clean, welcoming and cheery cafe complete with USB ports and power points right next to the tables!

My cousin and I took the kids to get some lunch however being so new, the shop didn’t have their gas connected and as such the bain marie was empty. Jocelyn and her sister inform us that once everything is up and running they’ll be serving up some Filipino favorites such as adobo, pancit and other Pinoy staples.

In the meantime they offered us some sandwiches however the Filipino desserts and cakes caught my eye so we ended up trying out their coffee and sweets while Daniel bought a packet of cheesy Clover chips! The dessert fridge was filled with classics such as suman, puto and espasol – hopefully next time we visit they’ll have some egg pie! The cappuccino and cassava hearts were such a good combo and it was lovely to meet and chat with the excited new owners.  We’re told that Pusong Pinoy also provide catering so if you’re interested in ordering, you can find their details on Facebook 🙂

The annual Philippine Fiesta is coming up this weekend so for those of you who can’t get out to Braybrook to check out Pusong Pinoy, you can find this year’s fiesta at the Royal Exhibition Building in the Carlton Gardens. Jocelyn and her sister are multi-talented busy bees! Jocelyn informed us that she’ll be performing with a Pinoy choir this weekend in Geelong for Panunuluyan 2015 Celebrating the Joy of Christmas, while her sister is performing some Zumba moves at the Philippine Fiesta on Saturday!

  Daniel liked the cute little teacup lights above the counter 🙂Grab some cofee and cake from Pusong Pinoy or you can walk a few shops down to Masarap Bakery for some fresh pan de sal bread!

And right across the road is a great park for the kids to play to run off some of the sugar from the desserts! Braybrook Park features a huge wooden airplane structure and a BBQ area. (Update 23/12/15 – The playground was destroyed by a suspicious fire and is currently closed.)

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Fusion lunch at Chu ManChu


Chumanchu – Cafe and Restaurant
2/4 Gilbert st, Preston

I’ve never really ventured out to eat in this side of town. My grandma, aunty and uncle live just off High street but since they’re such great bakers and really know how to smash out a spectacular home-cooked meal, we hardly need to check out the eateries in this area.

So when I had the chance to check out this Asian fusion place just off Bell street I was really excited (thanks for taking us out to this place Doan!). The collaboration between Nursing Mamas and Elk Accessories was the reason we took over one corner of this wonderfully styled restaurant. We sat down at the end of an all morning photo session to a fragrant and colorful spread of Asian dishes and can I just say straight out that the chicken satay skewers and its sauce were absolutely amazing! It was either that or I was just so hungry hehe! But seriously the satay sauce was a perfect blend of flavors that I wish they sold jars of them – I would’ve bought a whole box!

We Ordered:

– Fresh house made Rice Paper Rolls (we had the vegetarian and pork and prawn ones)
– Satay Chicken skewers served with Asian herbs and house made satay sauce (Oh so freakin’ good!)
– Vietnamese Spring Rolls
– Cappucino and Vietnamese iced coffee (the hubby had had two cappucinos! Must’ve been some smooth coffee)
– Com Tam Broken rice with grilled lamb steaks, marinated in lemongrass, Asian spices and topped with fried egg and Vietnamese kim chi
– Pho Viet rice noodle soup for the soul with free range chicken
– Warm black sticky rice with shaved coconut, milk and papaya (this looked so pretty and tasted just as nice! I’ll definitely be ordering this dessert when we visit this place again)

There are lots of other options on the menu such as green lentil dahl, Japanese okonomiyaki panckes and bircher muesli and other breakfast stars. Chumanchu is both stylish and welcoming at the same time. Perfect for a family lunch date, a romantic date or a coffee catch up with fellow mama friends. It is also kid-friendly and has a kids menu with lots of space for parents with prams to move around.



A kid-friendly bakery in Kyneton

Country Cob Bakery Kyneton Styling Daniel

Country Cob Bakery, 130-132 Mollison St, Kyneton

Whenever we can get the whole family together, we spend a few days at an old family favourite getaway less than an hour’s drive from Melbourne. Kyneton Bushland Resort is a place we’ve been going to since I was baby – fresh air, loads of trees and wildlife roaming around and activities for the whole family.

The past two times we’ve been, the family and I have been taking the time to check out some of the cafes and eateries in Kyneton’s town centre. There are loads of great places to choose from and a stroll down Piper street is a must. Gastrology blog even shares a few different places in their post here.

homemade pies Country Cob Bakery KynetonLunch with the parents Kyneton brunch The Urban Ma

We were hungry and had just gotten off the freeway and stopped at the first bakery we could find as Papa loves his pies! Country Cob Bakery seemed the ticket as it was just on the road that we turned into with ample parking spaces and loads of options. It sort of felt like a cafeteria with a large range of hot and cold options to choose from.

We ordered:

– pies

– a roast beef roll

– roast veggies and roast beef (Mr D loved the roast veggies)

– eggs florentine

– and some cakes (vanilla slices and beestings, yum!!)


Kyneton Bakery The Urban Ma Country Cob Bakery Melbourne eats

The Details:

Lots of seating options and space for prams. Service was friendly even though the bakery was busy when we first ordered. We even ordered some loaves of sourdough to take with us for our BBQ sausages and burgers we were going to cook for dinner that night. The bread was so fresh and soft. Country Cob Bakery have been operating for almost 20 years and also offer catering.

Country Cobb interiorRoast sandwich Kyneton Melbourne Country Cob eggs benedict Country Cobs vanilla slices Country Cob Bakery Melbourne's west Kyneton

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