The Waterboy Cafe – Phillip Island

The Waterboy Cafe
58 Chapel st, Cowes Phillip Island 

Last time we stayed at the Island my dad found the best pie place on Church street called Pieland. We had to go back for more this time round and whilst in the mood for some coffee we spotted a sleek modern cafe across the road.

The Waterboy Cafe serves 5 Senses coffee and the menu was perfect for breakfast or lunch. Or brunch as we had it!

Water views towards the back of the cafe. Plenty of tables inside and outside the front. The place was buzzing with customers waiting for their take away coffee but we just sat back, read the paper and waited patiently for our meals.

Mum ordered the ricotta pancakes and we all couldn’t help but have a mouthful or two…or three – they were amazingly! Soft and fluffy with just the right amount of sweetness from the coulis and other toppings.

I ordered fried eggs on sourdough toast with extras on the side – the pork and fennel sausage and mushroom were so tasty!

And finally the almond croissant -please can I have some more? I love almond croissants! Especially when they’re sweet and dense like the ones from Laurent and this one from the cafe was fabulous.

So far we’ve tried a few eateries on the Island which have been amazing in both their food and their service.

I wonder where else we should eat next time we’re there..

Any suggestions?

Mums who brunch – Kitty Burns

Kitty Burns mac n cheese

When a friend suggested that I visit this cafe with an amazing menu, beautiful interiors and easy access to the Yarra for a nice walk, I couldn’t wait to check it out. Turns out Kitty Burns was a perfect place to catch up with some friends for a birthday brunch.

We picked a table outside because the weather was perfect and it was easy to get to – we came with three prams, needing two high chairs to keep us three mamas, three babies and a preschooler happy! And happy we were! How could you not be when chocolate and custard cronuts are there to greet you on the front counter?!

Kitty Burns brunch Melbourne The Urban MaKitty Burns cronut The Urban Ma

I ordered:

Kittys Greens – Charred broccoli, asparagus, avocado, spinach, mizuna, shredded house grain, roasted almonds and a poached egg (that’s what it said on the menu but I also got some yummy pistacchios) Loved this dish and polished it off my plate feeling full and content.

– a cappucino

Daniel ordered:

Mac n Cheese croquettes – these were on the kids menu but I’m sure us adults would be more than happy finishing it off if it got too much for the kids!

Custard Cronut – I’ll have another thanks! This was divine. I loved the layers of pastry and the creamy custard in between.
Kitty Burns Melbourne cafes

I almost couldn’t find the place because I was expecting to find a cafe along the street but instead I entered via an underground carpark – Kitty Burns is part of one of the apartment complexes close to Ikea Richmond (that’s an easy way for me to remember for next time!). I paid $5 for parking which gave me a couple of hours and then it was just a matter of finding the way out (follow the green paint along the ground!). As we appeared from the carpark, right before us was a lovely cafe setting with the Yarra River easily accessible by a staircase next to the cafe.

Turns out we sat in the perfect spot as Daniel was able to find hours of play along the rocky landscape, jumping and climbing with his toy Dusty in hand. He was able to keep himself occupied the entire time my friends and I sat there enjoying the food and talking about life, love and kids. I must come back to try more of the menu.Kitty Burns exteriorThe Urban Ma brunch Kitty Burns

Fusion lunch at Chu ManChu


Chumanchu – Cafe and Restaurant
2/4 Gilbert st, Preston

I’ve never really ventured out to eat in this side of town. My grandma, aunty and uncle live just off High street but since they’re such great bakers and really know how to smash out a spectacular home-cooked meal, we hardly need to check out the eateries in this area.

So when I had the chance to check out this Asian fusion place just off Bell street I was really excited (thanks for taking us out to this place Doan!). The collaboration between Nursing Mamas and Elk Accessories was the reason we took over one corner of this wonderfully styled restaurant. We sat down at the end of an all morning photo session to a fragrant and colorful spread of Asian dishes and can I just say straight out that the chicken satay skewers and its sauce were absolutely amazing! It was either that or I was just so hungry hehe! But seriously the satay sauce was a perfect blend of flavors that I wish they sold jars of them – I would’ve bought a whole box!

We Ordered:

– Fresh house made Rice Paper Rolls (we had the vegetarian and pork and prawn ones)
– Satay Chicken skewers served with Asian herbs and house made satay sauce (Oh so freakin’ good!)
– Vietnamese Spring Rolls
– Cappucino and Vietnamese iced coffee (the hubby had had two cappucinos! Must’ve been some smooth coffee)
– Com Tam Broken rice with grilled lamb steaks, marinated in lemongrass, Asian spices and topped with fried egg and Vietnamese kim chi
– Pho Viet rice noodle soup for the soul with free range chicken
– Warm black sticky rice with shaved coconut, milk and papaya (this looked so pretty and tasted just as nice! I’ll definitely be ordering this dessert when we visit this place again)

There are lots of other options on the menu such as green lentil dahl, Japanese okonomiyaki panckes and bircher muesli and other breakfast stars. Chumanchu is both stylish and welcoming at the same time. Perfect for a family lunch date, a romantic date or a coffee catch up with fellow mama friends. It is also kid-friendly and has a kids menu with lots of space for parents with prams to move around.



Love never fails


Corinthians The Urban Ma blog

 Friendship and coffee in Hoppers

20 years ago was when it started. A friendship between high school friends going through everything from the deb ball, VCE exams, uni, finding ourselves and our first jobs, through to 21sts, engagements, weddings, and now babies. It only seems fitting then that along a row of shops across the station back in the suburb we met in high school stands Corinthians.

You’re probably well acquainted with the verses from Corinthians as it is the most popular reading recited at weddings. And as much as it can get repetitve hearing it over and over again, I guess it’s so popular because people can relate. “Love never fails“. And I am so grateful for the love that I have experienced between a group of girls I met several kms down the road from this cute little cafe.

A friend and I caught up for lunch on a cruisey weekday afternoon enjoying good coffee with a mushroom burger and risotto. We even got a take away coffee for another friend who couldn’t join us so we took it to her work – how’s that for a personalized delivery service 🙂 And thank goodness for midweek catchups, this  – yayyy for parental leave and flexible workplace arrangements!

Even though everyone has moved and we don’t live as close to each other, I love every catch up that we have as I always learn something new, always feel at ease and relaxed, and always leave having so much gratitude for everything we are blessed with.

#itsthesimplethings. Really!

Corinthians on Urbanspoon

Melbourne cafes The Urban Ma blogCorinthians The Urban Ma blog risotto Mushroom burger The Urban Ma blog
Corithians decor Corinthians The Urban Ma blog menuSuch a variety of sweets and savouries available with gluten free options as well

Corinthians The Urban Ma blog Corinthians Urbanspoon The Urban Ma The Urban Ma Corinthians decorD got so excited seeing a bicycle hanging on the wall lol!
Corinthians kid friendly cafe The Urban Ma blog


Kid -friendly with some toys for Daniel to play with while we eat!

Mummy Mondays – 5 tips for a beautiful Saturday stroll

The Urban Ma Williamstown tennisCrowded House coffee Williamstown

Saturdays in Spring 

 Saturday morning music lessons in Williamstown followed by a coffee from Crowded House and a stroll down to the tennis courts. This has been our Saturday morning ritual the past several weeks and with the sun shining so brilliantly yesterday we took D around to the other side of the bay. Airplanes, skaters, bicycles, sand, people. waves, motorbikes and cars were just some of the words our little man proclaimed loud and proud as a myriad of activities unfolded in front of him. It’s so beautiful seeing how much D appreciates and is amazed by the simple things. It was also helpful parking far from the main area as it helped me reach my daily goal of 10,000 steps for my Steptember challenge before it even hit 1pm 🙂 Walking and taking in the sights of the St Kilda area was a perfect way to spend and make the most of a sunny Melbourne spring day.

Crowded House on Urbanspoon
Crowded House Williamstown The Urban MaWalking DWilliamstown view of MelbourneThe picturesque view of Melbourne city from Williamstown

Williamstown MelbourneSt Kilda beach
The Urban Ma at RepublicaSoothing outdoor swingtime with Baby D
Lunch with DThe chicken and corn pizza special with chipotle mayo. The roasted beetroot, pumpkin and lentils with goats cheese was divine!

Republica St Kilda Beach on Urbanspoon
the Urban Ma blog RepulicaThe Urban Ma outdoor funAt first he was unsure. It didn’t take too long til he was enjoying the sand in between his toes and running around trying to use the shovels, buckets and trucks that some other kids were playing with. Note to self – keep some beach toys in the car from now on!

D at St Kilda BeachThe Republica St KildaVictoria Gardens, RichmondAfter beach time, it was home decor shopping at Ikea. We didn’t even get up the stairs when Baby D started squealing “Lightning McQueen, Lightning McQueen!!!”. I LOVE seeing him get so excited

Note to self for sunny Saturdays in spring:

1) Bring a spare pair of shorts and thongs for playing in the beach
2) Bring some beach toys for D to play with in the sand
3) Always bring a water bottle and some snacks
4) Always carry a scarf and warm cardigan (Melbourne’s sun can be deceiving – it got a bit chilly under the shade while we were having lunch, no wonder all the tables in the sun were full!)
5) Enjoy the simple things – the crisp, fresh air, the sights, a leisurely stroll

Foodie Fridays – St Ali’s

The Urban Ma at St Ali's South Melbourne The Urban Ma orders brunch


St Ali’s 
12-18 Yarra Place, South Melbourne

Like the enchanting laneways in Melbourne’s CBD where you always seem to find a new place to have coffee or a pop-up store full of eclectic goodies, South Melbourne is also blessed with good quality eateries. One well-known hangout is St Ali’s, perfect for a Saturday brunch with girls and our little male guest, Toddler D.  I hadn’t been there in ages and there were a mix of families, friends and  fitness fiends decked out in their sleek running gear and the latest fitness tracker wearables ordering their Saturday morning coffee.

Amongst all the chatter about the latest mummy, work and relationship goss, we enjoyed smooth coffee, savoury dishes and couldn’t resist the seductive row of sweets laid out on the front counter (I’ll be back for you custard and lychee donut!). The specials board boasted veal shin with roasted root veggies and a pork belly dish with black pudding and mash. I opted for the seafood scrambled eggs with kimchi and it was full of flavour and texture with roasted rice scattered on top. Finished it off with a sweet macadamia blondie. With gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options throughout the menu everyone is sure to find something to satisfy their appetite at this Melbourne institution that should be on everyone’s brunch place list 🙂

St Ali on Urbanspoon

Daniel at St Ali's The Urban Ma blog Seafood omelette with kim chi St Ali's The Urban Ma blondieSt Ali's South Melbourne