A sneak peek into the latest Melbourne Foodtruck..and its Filipino cuisine!


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The Little Jeepney – Filipino Food Truck
Various locations, Melbourne
Opening day soon to be announced

Please welcome the first Filipino food truck of Australia, set to hit Melbourne’s streets, The Little Jeepney.

It’s big, it’s bright… and it will be serving up Filipino cuisine!

We’ve loved seeing Filipino restaurants pop up all around Melbourne and if you missed those blog posts you can find some them here, here and here. Last week at the end of Fresno street in Altona, a cheerful little food truck stood out in the car park along Cherry Lake. As friends and family arrived for lunch on the sunny Sunday afternoon, you could hear their joy in their voices, “Ay, ang ganda!”, “Congrats anak!” as they congratulated one of their own on her big venutre.


p style=”text-align: center;”>Marie Puno, a former teacher, was busy preparing everyone’s orders throughout the afternoon and it was such an exciting time as The Little Jeepney began it’s maiden voyage onto Melbourne’s food truck scene. Serving up Pinoy favourites with a little fusion, The Little Jeepeney will be trying out tocino burgers and sisig tacos soon.

The Little Jeepney Melbourne Filipino food truck


p style=”text-align: center;”>On the menu for the day were the below dishes.
Little Jeepney menu Filipino food truck Melbourne

 Food, drinks and conversation was shared among the lunch-goers and everyone was super helpful in giving the Little Jeepney team encouragement and feedback.

Anyone who has started their own business knows how much hard work and sweat goes into taking a risk and following your dreams. It has taken two years for Marie to get to this point and speaking with her after the orders were all taken care of, her enthusiasm and positive nature beamed brightly as she spoke of her food truck and her journey so far.

With the adobo, caldareta and BBQ marinade all being influenced by members of her family, namely her dad and her aunties, Marie is also aware that she’ll need to cater for the tastes of those who are not familiar with Filipino cuisine. And there may be a lot of them out there which puts Marie and her crew in the wonderful position of spreading the flavours of the Philippines to a wider audience.

We can’t wait to see The Little Jeepney again when she first starts trading to the public! For now, here is a little teaser into some of the tasty Pinoy dishes you may find on the menu.


p style=”text-align: center;”>P.S Shoutout also to Marie’s mama and family who were so hospitable and walked around welcoming everyone and making sure they were all having a great time! 
Little Jeepney Melbourne food truck Adobo chickenThe chicken adobo was our fave – Mr D couldn’t stop eating it and even though the chicken was soft and well cooked, he gobbled the rice down with just the tasty sauce!
Little Jeepney Melbourne foodtruck The Urban Ma blogThe Little Jeepney caldareta Pinoy cuisine in MelbourneCaldareta, slow cooked beef with rice
Little Jeepney Melbourne Tocino BurgerChicken Tocino slider with slaw, tomato and their secret sauce
Leche ube cake The Little Jeepney Melbourne
Ube Leche Cake – moist taro cake with a layer of creme caramel on top
The Little Jeepney owner Marie
Remote control motor boats
Mr D was distracted by the speeding remote controlled boats in the water! They went round and around racing each other! A fantastic day out for the little ones.
Altona Cherry Lake The Urban Ma blogAltona lake The Urban Ma blog
This busy daddy enjoying some time out with the kids!

The Little Jeepney family MelbourneLots more to come from this Little Jeepney family!

Disclaimer: The Urban Ma dined as guests during the soft launch. This post is not sponsored or expected. We love supporting and exploring new local businesses and are passionate about sharing our findings with you. If you have any favourite places you think we’d like, send us an email or comment below and we’ll check it out! In the meantime eat and be merry! xx


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Just a few pics from my iPhone…wish it would take clearer photos! The hubby has a Samsung and it seems to take much better photos than mine. Does anyone else find this?