Little me!

in the cloud“heyyy!…where did everybody go??!” – me looking tiny in mummy and daddy’s bed.

The “cloud”

Hi again!!! Mummy is trying to blog but she’s taking so long uploading pics from the weekend so I thought I’d jump on  to say happy Monday to you all! 🙂

Normally when I wake up I find myself in my bassinet but I woke up this morning and found myself in the big, big “cloud” (that’s what I hear mummy and daddy calling their bed – it really is huge but I don’t think it feels like a cloud? They must mean it feels really soft?! 😉 ). I sleep much better when I can feel that mummy and daddy are next to me!

Anyways I’m keeping it short and sweet today so have a great week everybody! – only 7 more sleeps until Christmas! 🙂 Skip the stress and the crowds this year – don’t worry about presents!! Just spend time with the people you love and give them a great big hug and lots of kisses, and smiles! Oh and milk!! Or in your case, food! – that’s all you need to make someone happy…

…it’s the simple things 😉

Baby D