Style Saturdays – City sessions plus two lessons for Mummy!

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Last week we went for a little trip into the city so that I could visit my work mates and introduce them to baby Hannah. Actually, the world “little” is so misleading because even though it sounds like a simple day out, having a baby and a pre-schooler in tow totally doubles the amount of time it takes to do anything!

No wonder mums need to dress super comfy – breastfeeding, running around, dancing in the park and even just constantly being alert watching out for their safety is more than enough to get me sweaty and hot, even on a cool day

The Urban Ma blog Mommy Style

Daniel wears:
Cardigan – a market find! (Daddy did good!)
Shirt – H&M
Jeans –
Boots – Zara Kids

Mummy wears:
Cardigan – Uniqlo
Singlet – Gorman
Jeans – Jay Jays
White flats – Kmart
Sunnie – Bvlgari

Hannah wears (OMG this is Hannah’s first OOTD post!):
Onesie dress top and leggings – both from Target

  Daniel wears The Urban Ma blog Zara kids

.It was such a pleasant lunch with my team members and leader until my little Miss H decided to produce the most biggest nappy explosion ever!…the icky stuff went EVERYWHERE and I could not find a disabled toilet or parents room anywhere nearby so I spent what felt like forever, crammed into the nearest and tiniest female toilets ever, bending over awkwardly, and changing Hannah in her pram. Wahhhhhh!

Poo was in her singlet, in her onesie, all over the blankets on her pram and I had forgotten her change mat in the car.

I wanted to CRY!!!!!

Thank goodness I had a spare mini pack of wet wipes in my bag and a spare plastic bag. There was so much mess and I didn’t think I’d ever get it all cleaned up…OMG it was the worst! In the end all I could do was laugh at myself because I could either do that or get really, really angry and annoyed but what good would that do?

Mama lesson #4 – Always have a spare pack of wipes and spare plastic bags. In fact, just put wipes, tissues and plastic bags in every single bag you own, in the car and in the pram!

Mama lesson #5 – Don’t sweat the small stuff. Seriously, there’s no point! Just fix whatever needs fixing. Learn from it and get on with it.

Mama lesson #6 – This is totally random but after looking for cheap parking online before driving into the city, the cheapest I found was at Crown. I paid only $6 for the whole time we were out! Either that or catch the train but I didn’t want to take up space in the train with our pram in case we got caught in the peak hour rush!

The Urban Ma Christmas at Crown MelbourneSuper happy he is!: While I was having lunch with my work colleagues, Daniel and his aunty watched a movie at Melbourne Central before meeting back up with me and chilling out by the Yarra on our way back to the car
The Urban MA blog Christmas in Melbourne Crown CasinoKisses!
IMG_7784Love the elbow patch details on his cardigan
IMG_7790He still so energetic after being out and about for a few hours and he chased the pigeons for a good twenty minutes!
IMG_7792IMG_7793I love how much his smiling face brightens up our days
IMG_7797IMG_7806IMG_7801IMG_7810IMG_7818Such a good big brother, he holds onto the pram like he’s guiding his baby sister on which way to go! But really we just tell him to hold the pram so he doesn’t run off anywhere! 😉
IMG_7819We almost made it to the carpark but the shops were calling us! – Daniel playing around while we checked out Forever New’s goods 🙂

Hope you liked this post! Let me know if you know of anywhere else cheap to park in the city, or if you have any other #mamalessons you can bestow on this mama of only three years experience!

Thanks for dropping by! In case you missed the first three #mamalessons, you can find them in my previous post. What other tips can you give me? See you on Instagram or Twitter! 🙂