Sunday Reflections – Wisdom

Sunday Reflections – Wisdom

Resplendent and unfading is wisdom, and she is readily perceived by those who love her, and found by those who seek her. She hastens to make herself known in anticipation of their desire; Whoever watches for her at dawn shall not be disappointed, for he shall find her sitting by his gate. For taking thought of wisdom is the perfection of prudence, and whoever for her sake keeps vigil shall quickly be free from care; because she makes her own rounds, seeking those worthy of her, and graciously appears to them in the ways, and meets them with all solicitude – Wisdom 6:12-16

I haven’t posted a Reflections post in a while, the ‘Love is Gentle’ post might have been the last one, which was ages ago and I always seem to get a lot of positive feedback about them from you all so I thought it’s way overdue for another one. That and I just want to journal some things that the kids have been asking – they’re at such an amazing age right now…I’m loving their sense of wonderment.

I’ve been really taking a leaf out of my kids’ books and reading a lot again and asking lots of questions.

Like in the parable this week, what are the twists? What do they mean? What if the five bridesmaids really did want to share but the oil wasn’t something that couldn’t be shared? So much symbolism…and when you seek out answers, everything all of a sudden seems so much more deeper and meaningful…and you wonder why you never asked certain questions before. My aunty gave the hubby and I a subscription to Dr Brant Pitre’s weekly explanation of readings as a Christmas present last year and it’s been a very insightful and interesting series.

“When you become an adult, do you stop being scared of nightmares?”, was a question our five year old asked us the other night.

“Why did God make us?”

“Why are there people in the world?”, are some other queries that our little boy has been pondering when he was only four.

And assuming that there is a God, what answer would you give your kid if they asked you that at the age of four? And what would your answer be if they were older?

Just recently he had his birthday party and asked if we could give some of his money to the poor, in the city…”the ones with no houses”. It’s so amazing that he notices, remembers, and makes connections.

I can’t get enough of his questions and his inquisitive nature right now. His curiosity sparks my own and I hope he always has the courage to seek out answers…to seek wisdom and to do good.

Hope this makes sense and if not it’s ok. As I said I kinda just want to journal some of these things the kids get up to and are interested in before they grow up and I forget!

What are some questions you’ve been asking recently? How do you know you’ve found the answer?

Hope you all have a great week and in case you missed some of my other reflection posts, you can find them here, here and here.