Mama Mondays – 2 week post partum update

2 weeks post partumOur two week old baby girl – she makes so many different facial expressions

Week 3 post partum

Hi everyone! This is another catch up post that I was unable to post in real time. The second week home with a newborn was pretty hectic as we had the first of Daniel’s party celebrations and lots of visitors. It was so much fun seeing everyone meet Hannah for the first time! We also recently got a new pergola built and the hubby and cousins were busy painting it and also putting a new coat of oil on the decking.


Hannah has been growing so much and is looking different every single day! We had our second appointment with maternal child health nurse who was happy to see Hannah gaining weight. At 2 weeks Hannah weighed in at 3.48kg (she gained 176gms in 5 days) and was measuring 52cms long. She is still fitting into her 0000 sized onesies and we received some gorgeous new baby clothes from family and friends. Hannah is feeding well, every 2-3hours, and continues to just eat, sleep and poop!


As for me I’ve been trying to sleep when Hannah is asleep but it’s so hard sometimes because I just want to stay awake to play with Daniel or organize things around the house. I started breast pumping here and there this week just to relieve the soreness when my breasts got really full. I gained 21kg in this pregnancy reaching a weight of 81kg at the end of my pregnancy. I weighed myself whilst still in the hospital and found that I was down to 76kg. This second week my weight is 72kg. I’ve been eating so much in these first few weeks at home and haven’t been doing anything except breastfeeding and changing nappies. I won’t be getting into any heavy exercise until a few months down the track i think – I just want to focus on breastfeeding and looking after Hannah and making sure I heal and recover well.

Here is a wrap up of Week 2 post partum in pictures 🙂


Proud Daddy with his daughter – this was actually taken in the hospital straight after they did all the checks on HannahBaby's first bathBaby’s first bath – she loved it!
  My 2 week belly shot – lots of stretchies still visible and my skin was still feeling soft and jiggly
My battle scars! – A close up of my stretchy belly. I got a lot more stretch marks this time round than I did when I was pregnant with Daniel. How weird does my belly button look! I still can’t believe Hannah was in there and connected to me. Our bodies are crazy amazing in what they are capable of 🙂

She’s gripping onto me so tightly – my hope is that we always stay as close no matter how old she is (especially in those teenage years. Wishful thinking I know!)brother and sister 2 weeksMonster truck baby toddler giftSuch a loving and gentle brother, Daniel has started teaching Hannah all the names of his monster trucks!
Monster truck birthdayJust two of the many monster truck pressie Daniel was lucky enough to receive for his 3rd birthday! He was so stoked and started playing with the remote controlled Grave Digger even though he’s been scared of remote controlled toys in the past!
Kids Halloween costume ideas  Halloween dressups with his cousin Madison from Her Lust Palette Blog
Not quite sure what these three little monkeys were getting up to in the morning but Hannah totally wanted to join in! Daniel watching over Hannah as Daddy bathes her. Baby Hannah’s close up selfie 🙂

Milk drunk after being squirted by Mummy’s milk!  Our pretty baby girl. Feeling so blessed. 

Let me know if you have any questions or comments! I love hearing from you. We’re all caught up now so Hannah’s 3 week update will be out today! If you missed out on her birth story or week one update you can find them here and here.

Have a great Monday!


Mama Mondays – 1 week Post Partum Update

Hi everyone! Now I’m on the other side of pregnancy here are my post partum updates! I want to keep track of how Baby and I are going throughout these first few months of getting to know each other and becoming a family of four. So if you’re interested in following along then stay tuned for my Mama Mondays posts! For now here’s a catch up post on the first two weeks with a newborn so far!

Post Partum Week One

In the hospital
We spent the first four days post partum in the hospital followed by the rest of the week resting at home. In my post about my birth story I mentioned how amazing all the midwives and doctors were…I was a little sad to leave our comfy private room with a double bed because we were looked after so well with the wonderful staff attending to our every need. On the other hand I was really happy to be heading home because I missed Mr D. He didn’t stay over at the hospital with us as it would’ve been too hectic, so Mr D was well-cared for staying with my family. Even though he did visit during the day time I missed hugging him to sleep and waking up to his loving little hugs in the mornings so I couldn’t wait to see him again.

Hubby stayed over at the hospital with me every night I was there. He was such a big help and it was comforting to know I wasn’t on my own. We had our own room and I never really left it as I was very sore and still had the catheter in during the first 2-3 days. I’d never had one before and it was amazing how I didn’t even realise I was pee-ing – I just saw this bag filled up with fluid which the nurse had to empty it once or twice a day.

The balloon and catheter
I was recovering well according to all the blood tests and hourly checks they did on me which was good to hear.  After the trauma of having so much happen “down there”, I was so scared when the doctor said it was time for the balloon and catheter to come out – I didn’t want anyone going down there at all, not for as long as possible! The doctor explained that they would deflate the balloon by taking out half of the water that was inside (150ml) and leaving me for half an hour. Then if all was ok they would take out the rest of the water and then slowly pull the balloon out. Before pulling the balloon out they had to pull out the really long piece of gauze and I thought it was going to be so very painful…it wasn’t! Phew! I was focusing on breathing in and out while the doctor and a nurse cleared it all out. They also pulled out the catheter the next day and finally I felt free – I wasn’t connected to any machines, I didn’t have to carry around my “handbag” of pee and the two cannulas in my right and left hand had also been taken out. ALLELUIA! Finally I felt free to try and get up for a walk around the ward.

While we were in the hospital, Little Miss H had a few heel pricks to get her blood checked, she also received a vitamin K injection and Hep B immunisation. Her hearing was also checked and she looked like a mini dj like Daddy!

I attended a physio class whilst at the hospital and we were given some simple exercises to help get our tummy and pelvic floor muscles get back into shape. During the last night of our stay I also took Hannah for a walk around the ward. It was nice and peaceful walking up and down the dark corridors during the night. I could see other mamas awake in their rooms, nursing and cuddling their little ones and midwives walking around. We walked to the kitchen and made ourselves a midnight snack of toast and jam and filled up our jug of water with more ice from the machine. I was so grateful again that I wasn’t alone and that Hubby was there with me to share all these little moments.

Packing up all our belongings and clearing out our hospital room in which we spent our first few days with Baby H felt like the end of an era. Hubby thinks I get a little emotional or attached sometimes but I can’t help it lol! No more midwives checking in on me, no more meals being wheeled into our rooms…it was time for the real world now. We were off to start the next part of our journey together as a mummy and daddy and, as a husband and wife needing practice and experience on how to stay connected despite the attention needed by our two little ones.

I felt so special and so lucky walking through the hospital with our tiny, baby girl all bundled up and swaddled in my arms. Our precious little gift. As soon as we got outside I immediately felt the urge to shade Baby’s face from the bright but harsh sunlight. After four days inside the ward rooms it’s funny how you feel like you need to protect your little baby from every little thing! Some random people visiting the hospital stopped us as we got into our car to congratulate us on little Hannah, they seemed so excited for us and again, I said a quick little prayer to say thanks for our beautiful blessing. We also took the opportunity to ask them to take a photo of us standing outside the hospital (we didn’t look anything like Will and Kate when they presented Baby Charlotte to the world, but we both had the same big smiles, the smiles of proud, newly-made parents!).

 Body/Recovery: Mum made me stay home for the first month after I had Mr D – she strongly believed that it would help me get as much rest as possible and heal quicker, which it did! So the week after coming home from the hospital, Little Miss H and I stayed home except for a quick trip to the hospital into pathology to get another blood test done as Hannah had mild jaundice. During the first week, Baby fed, slept and pooped and not much else so I was able to rest up, didn’t lift a thing and basically caught up on heaps of movies on Netflix. It was still a bit sore down there and it felt good every time I had a shower and emptied my bowels (it’s funny how bowel movement becomes a popular topic of conversation in the first few days after birth – a milestone for mamas!).

There was healing down under, sore and engorged breasts and tired eyes as we settled into life at home with a newborn. So overall after feeling battered from the labor and birth, my body felt tender and soft in Week One but slowly healing.5 days post partum wrapTightening up my tummy with a wrap from the hospital’s resident physio.
5 days post partumMy tummy 5 days post partum – linea nigra still quite dark and noticeable stretch markts have turned from a reddish colour to a more brownish colour.
post partum week 1Baby Hannah and I five days post partum – she’s so tiny but I still can’t believe she was inside me!

Height/Weight: Little Miss H did extremely well with maintaining her weight gain in the first week. H was born at 3.09kg and left the hospital four days later weighing 3.02kgs which the midwives were really happy about. Then when the midwife came to visit us at home two days later, H was up again this time to 3.17kg. Another two days after that we had the maternal child health nurse also visit us at home and weighed H in at 3.31kg. Nice work Baby girl 🙂 Height or length wise, Little Miss H was 48cms long when she was born.1 week old Bonds peach TUMReally enjoying the bright, pretty colours of Baby’s new onesies!

Routine: Little Miss H feeds every two to three hours, poops and wees all day long (she has about 8 or more dirty nappies a day!) and sleeps snugly all swaddled up! The night time feeds were hard at the start but now it just seems like my body is used to the lack of sleep.

Sleeping: Little Miss H has a cute, little bassinet that Mr D used in his first three to four months of life so she has been sleeping in there. It is portable so we’re able to bring it upstairs or downstairs whenever we like. I’d forgotten how to swaddle but after a quick couple of tries, it all came back to me and the hubby!

 I forgot that newborns just sleep and eat. There’s no playtime yet and Daniel and cousin Madison can’t wait for playtime to come around! I also forgot how much milk comes out when it’s “let down” time – I just hear Hannah cry or think of her and I leak…our laundry load has more than doubled!

Eating/Feeding: “Breast milk is a living fluid containing antibodies to protect your baby from infection and disease, factors to help with gut and brain development and is easy to digest and absorb. Your own breast milk is uniquely matched to your baby’s needs so your baby doesn’t need any other foods or drinks for the first 6 months.” I breastfed Mr D until he was 13 months so I’m really hoping I’ll be able to do the same with Little Miss H.

Hannah has been a natural when it comes to breastfeeding so I feel lucky with the teamwork we have going and hope it continues. I didn’t get cracked nipples this time like I did with Daniel – with Daniel I was rubbing on the Lasinoh like no tomorrow! This time round my nipples are ok and it’s just the engorgement that hurts, which will get better as my milk supply regulates.

  Go team Mummy and Hannah! Enjoying the peaceful mid morning feeds despite the lack of sleep!

As for the family and I, we’ve been lucky enough to have all our relatives, especially mum and dad bringing us meals every day. I don’t know what I’d do without them – so very blessed to have a big family who love to visit. Hubby has been home too and he cooked up a vegetarian feast the other night along with my cousins – so yummy! We’ve been eating lots of soup type dishes to help get my water intake up – lots of Filipino dishes like nilaga, tinola and bulalo!  🙂 I love my family so very much.

Sizes: In Week One Little Miss H hardly filled up her onesies sized 0000. I remember with Mr D, he only wore size 0000 clothing for about a week or two, so this time round we didn’t really buy anything for H. When Hubby saw how tiny she was in the clothes we did bring for her, he went on a bit of a shopping spree while were in hospital and brought some cute tiny size 0000 onesies from the nearby Target!

 As for me, since my tummy and “down there” was still tender and healing in the first week, I just wore super comfy, light, cotton pieces. No squeezing into jeans or anything yet for me. And also because I was just at home, I felt much more comfortable not wearing constricting bras especially while my milk supply was still regulating. I did however wear those really, high and tight underwear to help bring my tummy together – the physio at the hospital also gave me a tight wrap wear.

Milestones: During the first week it felt like everything we did was a “first” and it was all so special!
– first time Little Miss H latched on straight after being born
– first time putting Little Miss H in a carseat/first car ride
– first time Mummy did a poo
– first time Hannah did a poo
– first bath time (the hubby is our bath expert!)
– first time Daniel met his Baby sister. He has been amazing with her! A few friends told us to get him a present from Hannah and the hubby secretly bought him a Monster Mutt Dalmation and he was so excited he gave his sister a soft his on the head! Mr D has been so gentle around his baby sister and loves showing her off to anyone who visits. He has also been really great playing on his own and during meal times and bed times. I love him so much and can’t wait for the day I can carry him again – I haven’t been able to do so since I got pregnant because he’s so heavy!

The Urban Ma pregnancy updatesWe missed Daniel so much while we were in hospital that we were grateful for Facetime as we were able to keep connected to him and say goodnight and “I love you” every night.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and all the well wishes so far. Let me know if you have any questions or comments and don’t forget to subscribe by leaving your email address. I appreciate every single one of you and hope you have a great week!

Good night!


Bump Diary #23 – The Finale Part Two, The Birth & Delivery

Warning: This post contains details of labor and birth and includes pictures that may be too graphic for some.

life with a newbornBaby Hannah

My labour and birth story – Baby Girl Yuan

I had originally planned to post this as soon as possible after giving birth as I thought I’d have time whilst in the hospital to write it up – hmmmm it seems I’d forgotten so quickly just how much attention babies require and that they need to be fed, changed, cuddled, fed and changed again around the clock!

So, better late than never, here is how our little daughter entered the world!
The Urban Ma pregnancy labor birth

With Baby girl being 2 days overdue I went to the hospital for a check up as I felt a decrease in Baby’s fetal movements – I could still feel her moving, just a little less than normal. I took Mr D with me as I thought it would be just a quick check up but after a CGT scan and ultrasound, the doctors decided to induce me. Mr D was with me at the hospital from 10.30am until around 5.30pm when my mum and dad took him home with them and the hubby came with our hospital bags (I had packed them way back in week 35).

After the ultrasound, the doctors explained that Baby was fine and everything looked good. They could send me back home but what if things changed tomorrow or the day after. They said that sometimes babies have decreased movements towards the end of pregnancy as the placenta functions less or as the baby gets tired becoming more and more overdue.

So after some discussion and their decision to induce, I had a doctor check my cervix which was actually 2cm dilated already. They did a stretch and sweep which I thought would hurt but didn’t. Then they took me up to the birthing suite to wait for the contractions to come.

The Urban Ma birth and labour

All the doctors and midwives I had come into contact with were so helpful and informative with every single question asked being answered so thoroughly. It was around 5-6pm when we finally made it up to the birthing suite. I was expecting it to be noisy on the birthing floor with lots of women screaming as they give birth but I hardly heard anything! – having given birth to Mr D in our car over the Westgate, being in hospital had me a little nervous and made me feel like it was my first time (I still can’t believe I haven’t had the time to post about Mr D’s birth story! I will do so before the end of the year!).

birth and labor

I was hooked up to the machine to monitor mine and baby’s heart rate and contractions, and another doctor came in and artificially ruptured my membranes (ARM) which was a little uncomfortable. It was such a different experience this time round as no one had to go “down there” at all when I was pregnant with Mr D – only for a couple stitches after the birth was finished.

After they broke my waters I felt a gush of warmth in the bed I was laying on. After a while I still wasn’t feeling any contractions. One of the midwives put a cannula in the middle of my hand and I was administered Syntocinon through a drip to help get the contractions started and occurring regular intervals. I’d never had a cannula put in before and it was a little painful and uncomfortable – not something I want to have done again!

husband and wife in labor

Once the Syntocinon was in my system it was administered at 12, then turned up to 24, then finally up to 36 (not sure what units it was measured in). I ate some jelly and a little custard during the early contractions and pictured above is one of the last smiling faces captured before all the painfulness started.

I attended a TENS class in the last few weeks of my pregnancy and ended up hiring one to use during labor as my main form of pain relief. It was so helpful! For those of you that aren’t familiar with it, a TENS machine is a small portable battery operated device that sends pulsed electrical stimulus to nerves via sticky electrodes place on your lower back. It is a drug free, non invasive form of pain relief and was the only pain relief that I ended up using during the labor.

I did ask for gas as soon as the contractions came on strong and hard with hardly any rest in between, but by the time I was yelling for the gas, my hubby and the midwives told me that it was too late! – Baby’s head was already crowning and with one more contraction I was told to push! I concentrated hard and with one hard push I felt all the pressure down there ease as Baby’s head came out followed by the rest of her body!…It was such a good feeling…like doing a massive poo…oh the relief! 😀

baby birth The Urban Ma

And just like that we became a family of four. My heart grew. Quadrupled in size! It was so fast but so amazing to feel another human being born into this world and the hubby and I were immediately in love all over again…this time with this squishy, crying, tiny little girl (insert our tears of joy and relief here!).

Two days overdue, Baby girl was 3.09kg weighing less than her brother who was five days early when he was born and weighed 3.2kgs! It was so amazing feeling her wriggling slippery around my chest and even more amazing seeing how she found her way to start feeding only a few minutes after meeting us! Truly these must be little miracles that happen everyday!

Length of pregnancy: 40 weeks and 2 days
Labour: induced with Syntocinon after a stretch and sweep
and artificial rupturing of membranes
Pain relief: TENS machine
Length of labour: 1 and a half hours in total from
regular contractions to birth of Baby
Student midwife present?: Yes
Private or public hospital: Public for this second pregnancy
Classes taken: There were classes available at the hospital for breastfeeding,
helpful labor positions, etc. Some of my friends had also participated in
calm birth classes outside of the hospital however the only
class I attended for this pregnancy was the TENS class
Stitches required?: Yes, a few
Episiotomy required?: No
Assisted delivery? (Forceps or vacuum?): No

First pic of baby Hannah Grace with mummy and daddy 🙂placenta sac birth The Urban Ma

Everyone, including myself normally thinks that once baby comes out that’s the hard bit done and dusted, and with Mr D that was certainly true. But with this second time round, after pushing out the placenta (pictured above – the midwife showed us the placenta that fed Baby girl all through these past nine months. She also showed us how it was attached to the sac and that’s where Baby lived inside me) and getting a few stitches, there was more hard work to come.

I was bleeding.

And not just the normal after birth bleeding that you carry maternity pads for.

I could hear the midwives weighing the amount of blood I lost…it was about a litre. And it wasn’t stopping. Doctors came in and checked me, a midwife kept checking my blood pressure and oxygen levels. Then they offered me the gas. I was like huh? Gas? I didn’t even use it for the labor but they were offering it to me now? It was because they were about to go up and try to get rid of the blood clots that were starting to occur in my uterus. Of course I said yes to the gas because I didn’t know what to expect. Oh. My. Gosh. With a doctor all up in there and another one pressing hard down on my stomach, I sucked in the gas like no tomorrow…it was the most painful thing EVER. Even my hubby was in pain seeing me suffering. It felt like it went on forever. I never EVER want to experience that EVER again.

I was breathing the gas in and out so hard that I immediately felt all airy fairy in the head. I could hear more talking and in the end I heard that they needed to take me into the theatre. I thought OMG I’ve pushed out my baby already, why can’t we just be done with everything and taken to our room. I was tired – Baby was born at 10.52pm and it was around 2.20am when I was rolled to the theatre/operating room.

It was dark in the corridors and all the lights were turned off since it was the middle of the night. An anesthetist spoke to me about either doing a spinal block or putting me under general anesthetic. She was so good at explaining everything to me (I won’t go into all the detail. You can ask me later if you want to know more). After weighing up all the risks and benefits of each, the anesthetist decided to put me under GA.

Around 4.30am I came to, and was rolled back into the birthing suite where my hubby and baby were waiting for me along with my mum and dad. I was so relieved to see them all and they looked super relieved to see me too. During the time I was out, they had found that I had a tear in my cervix and a few membranes left around in my uterus, so they had fixed up the tear and put a balloon in my uterus to put pressure in there to help stop any further bleeding. The balloon was inflated by using about 300ml of water which a taken out a few days later.

I was monitored all throughout the morning, until the sun came up and right through until the afternoon. Mum stayed in the birthing suite room the whole time and the midwives had inserted a catheter so I didn’t have to worry about going to the toilet to urinate. They also put those extremely tight knee high sock thingys on the lower part of my legs to help prevent blood clots as I was in bed the whole time.

Every single nurse, midwife and doctor was so helpful and reassuring, explaining everything along the way and having my family there gave me such comfort. We were finally taken to our room in time for dinner – we were put up in a private room not sharing with anyone, and had a double bed so that my hubby was able to stay with me the whole time we were there. I was so grateful.

Daddy and daughter bonding time, our own little private room and double bed, a smitten Daddy’s shopping haul for his baby girl – teeny, tiny onesies for her to fit in to, proud Daddy with his son and daughter


Every pregnancy and birth is so different, looking back I couldn’t believe how lucky I was with Mr D’s impromptu car delivery (I will post a link as soon as I’ve written his birth story up!). This time round I’m so grateful that the bleeding was stopped.

I hope you found this interesting and I didn’t bore you too much with all the details! – I tried to cut out some detail already and it still feels like this post is so long! We are all doing well so far and settling into life with a newborn and toddler at home and just trying to rest up as much as possible to help me have a speedy recovery. If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask me in the comments or on my Facebook page. You can also connect with me on Instagram here.

Thanks for all your messages and greetings so far!


 On the way home after four days in hospital – not quite like Kate and Will when they left the hospital but smiles all round nonetheless 🙂 (I did pack a dress to wear as a going home outfit but what was I thinking? – a T-shirt and harem pants were the pick of the day!) So happy as we take our beautiful baby girl home for the first time for many more firsts to come!

Bump Diary #7 – 26 week update

dr seuss on pregnancy

How far along are you? 26 weeks and 5 days
How big is baby? This week baby is as big as a red cabbage. On average around 35.6cms long and weighing 760 grams and is inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid. With the network of nerves in baby’s ears being better developed, I’d better watch my language and words as baby can now hear our conversations heheh!

Body and changes:

Weight gain Feeling big but being more active this week after having some pregnancy Pilates sessions with Michelle Pilates together with following along with my dvd of Lizbeth Garcia that a friend gave to me when I was pregnant with Mr D!

Stretch marks My skin around my middle has been so itchy this past week and I’m really trying not to scratch it lots. I’ve already had to go out and re-purchase my Bio Oil and Palmers Stretch Mark butter and have been using it to relieve the itchiness. Also I think I’m starting to see a faint linea nigra start to appear (that dark vertical line) on my belly. This line is caused by those pregnancy hormones that are also the cause of darkened areolas – oh how sexy pregnancy sounds right now…not!

Sleep Been sleeping quite well this week! I think the freezing, cold weather in Melbourne right now has us all enjoying our warm abodes!

Maternity clothes? I’ve had to cut the top but of some of my opaque stockings so it’s they’re not too tight lol! – a tip I got from one of my fellow dance crew girlfriends who is also currently pregnant, 10 weeks ahead of me. Works fine and I’ve got so many pairs that I thought I’d just do that rather than buy specific maternity stockings. I can just buy new ones next winter 🙂

The Other Stuff: 
Since becoming pregnant I feel that my eyesight has become a little blurry when quickly looking up fro my book or mobile to check the train schedule details on those screens above the platform. I also notice blurriness when I quickly look up from my pc at work to try and focus on someone’s face in the distance – it takes my eyes a few long seconds to adjust. It was never like this before – my eyesight was really quite good. Apparently again, due to changes in hormones, metabolism, fluid retention, and blood circulation, eyesight is just one of our body functions that are affected during pregnancy.

26 weeks pregnancy update The Urban Ma blog
 Eating VitaGrain wholegrain crackers (sea salt and cracked pepper flavour) with slices of cheese on top.

Feeling pumped after pregnancy pilates sessions with my fellow pregnant dance buddies and our instructor Miche from Michelle Pilates.

Needing lots of cuddles with my little man. Because I can’t carry him anymore I feel like I need other ways to be close to him. So lots of cuddles sitting down and hugs are the best!

Wanting to just get rid of everything in the garage!! It’s feeling crowded with stuff and when we first built our home I said I’d never have a messy garage full of “stuff”…and now I do! It’s been so wet and cold lately that we haven’t been able to get anything done in that area of the house. Luckily hard rubbish collection is coming up – I’m taking it as a sign to make sure we get a move on and declutter like crazy!

Missing the warm sunshine

Watching hardly any Masterchef lately – been listening more to podcasts and reading pregnancy, fashion and home decor mags. Who got eliminated this week?!!

Bookmarking styling the bump pics on Instagram (Collab post coming up soon with tips on how to style the bump!)

Noticing people smoking all along the footpath right next to the buildings as I walk to work from the station 🙁

Enjoying all the catch ups I’ve been having over the past week – I caught up with some girlfriends at Din Tai Fung in Emporium (blog post coming soon), some workmates over dinner and dessert, and was out and about on the weekend with some mama friends to celebrate the launch of the latest online mag Wonderful Mama and some special birthdays. I also got to see my cousin work the stage at the Miss Philippine Fiesta presentation night as she is one of the candidates this year!

Docklands The Library Melbourne
Off to Docklands library for a birthday party!
Docklands Library kids party function room
Look at the concentration on that face!
Michelle Pilates prenatal pregnancy pilates
Keeping active during our pregnancy – fellow Rewind Dance Crew member and I at 36 weeks and 26 weeks pregnant
The Urban Ma Madison make up
Madison helped doll up Lola on her birthday heheh!

D got to hang out with his cousins all day at their hotel in the city to have some fun during the last week of the school holidays – such pretty views of Melbourne city

Melbourne cinnamon scrolls pop up The Urban Ma blog
My talented cousin baking some super soft cinnamon scrolls! I didn’t realise how long they take to make having to let them sit and rest numerous times throughout the recipe.
The Urban Ma weekend wrap up 26 week pregnancy update
eekend wrap up – tried to take a selfie with our cute little guest who stayed over on Saturday night but D photobombed us! My other cousin in her gown for her presentation night and so lovely to meet Carla from Styling the Tribe.


More and more this week, D has just been surprising me with all the things he says. He’s no longer a little baby but a grown up toddler who is just chattering away so much! Tonight we got home from my aunty’s house where they have two dogs – one of them looks like Lassie! So pretty! Anyways we got home and Daniel saw Lando and he said “Lando looks sad…He needs two dogs so he’s happy” – He saw that my aunty’s two dogs were playing with each other and he wanted the same for our dog Lando lol!

#gratefuldaniel #7

Daddy: Daniel do you want to say thanks for anything today?
Daniel: No, I don’t want to say thank you for anything.
Daddy: Daniel…you have lots of things to be thankful for!
Daniel: No! Nothing! (see what I mean about him learning to say “no” lots now! Ugghh :/)
Daddy: Ok, well I want to say thank you for Daniel being a good boy, and thank you for mummy and baby and playing lots of cars with you.
Daniel: Oh! – thank you for my new race track and white car Daddy!


If you missed out on some of my posts last week, see here for the Kwak cinnamon scrolls we finally got to taste!! And here for last week’s #wellbeingwednesday quote. Or even better you can subscribe by leaving your email up there on the right hand side for email updates when I post something new.
Thank so much for all your continued support, comments and questions. Night! xx

Bump Diary #4 – 23 week update

23 weeks baby bump

Bump Diary #4 – 23 week update

How far along are you? 23 weeks and 5 days
How big is baby? Apparently the size of a large mango! On average around 28.9cms long and weighing 501 grams.
Body and changes:
– Weight gain I think I’ve doubled in size this past week! So uncomfortable in some of my clothes and had to store more away into boxes. I really need to watch what I’m eating and eat more veggies and fruit rather than chocolate!
– Stretch marks Again, same as last week and still rubbing Bio Oil and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter all over my bump in the mornings and evenings.
Sleep Sleep has been better than last week and I’m using one of those long body pillows that I used last time when I was pregnant with D. Work’s been super busy over the last couple of weeks so it hasn’t taken me long to fall asleep at night.
Maternity clothes?
I’m so tempted to buy some more maternity clothes as it is SO cold in the city these days but I’m trying to make the most of my wardrobe right now and mix and match everything before jumping onto ASOS to check out their maternity options! I can’t believe I didn’t buy anything from there last time.
The Other Stuff: The lower part of my tummy has been super itchy and I’ve tried so hard not to scratch it but have had a couple of moments of weakness :/ Slathering on the oil and cocoa butter definitely helps soothe the itchiness. I’ve also been feeling so full and feeling a bit of heartburn every time I go to bed. I really need to ease up on the quantity of food I’m eating as it gets really uncomfortable.

23 week update pregnancy

Eating: Still loving the Kit Kats but now I’m onto a mission to find those amazingly delectable cinnamon scrolls I’ve seen on my feed a few times from Kwak Scrolls!
Feeling: Feeling really productive both at home and at work. Been trying to de-clutter a lot of unnecessary and unused things around the house like paperwork, clothes, and general household items and dust collectors!
Needing: Still needing a foot and leg massage and trip to the hairdressers for a trim and colour. Also needing some warmth and sun so we’ll be heading up to Noosa next month! I’ve never been there before so let me know if you have and any places you recommend we eat, play or stay at 🙂
Wanting: to decorate and fix up D’s room and our upstairs area but it never seems to get done with unfinished wall hangings and empty photo frames lying on the ground waiting to be displayed on the walls.
Missing: Dancing.
Watching: Tangled – D has been watching it quite a bit lately and when I told D that I loved him, he replied back with “I love you more” which I’d never heard him say before and then he told me, “That’s what Rapunzel says”. He’s picking up things so quickly these days and we really need to watch what we say as he copies everything!
Bookmarking: Interior decor for kids rooms!
Noticing: Lots of tempting sales on at the moment. We went to Highpoint on the weekend and I just wanted to buy everything from boots, to jewelry to tops and skirts!
Enjoying: Brunch and dinners out – recently we dined at Lux Foundry in Brunswick and Yim Yam which we hadn’t been to in ages! Love their toasted coconut rice and pad thai!! So saucy!

23 week collage


D has learnt to sing a Filipino nursery rhyme this week and his Tagalog is so good! 🙂 The other night, I heard his sweet little voice in a sing-song manner and saw that he was singing in Daddy’s ear. My cousin had been teaching him and it was only recently that I’d heard him sing so clearly! So thankful for all the people D has around him, caring for him and nurturing his growth in all areas. Bless!

#gratefuldaniel #4

Daddy: Daniel do you want to say thanks for anything today?
Daniel: Thank you for mummy’s arms and thank you for the moon.

Uggh I love hearing his little thank you notes every night! Such a perfect end to the day.

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Bump Diary #2 – 21 week update


21 week update – Baby #2

After getting a few questions about what I’m eating, how I’m feeling etc, etc, I thought I’d do a bump update with a little more detail for you! I remember when I was pregnant with D that I was really curious at 18 weeks as to how other mamas’ bumps looked and what they were going through, and it was that time I stumbled across Anna Saccone’s YouTube channel and since then, not only have I been watching her videos every now and then, even D loves watching Emilia and Eduardo as Anna and Jonathan’s family has grown! I always wondered why people might want to know all that information about pregnancy etc but it is such an amazing journey that is so unique for each and every one of us and our families that no wonder everyone is so interested!

So here is my bump #2 and I at 21 weeks 🙂

How far along are you? 21 weeks

How big is baby? Weighs approximately 360g and measure at around 27cm long from crown to heel 

 Body and changes: 
Weight gain I have no idea how much I weigh now and I kinda don’t want to know! -been eating wayyy too many servings of everything lately! In some books I’ve read, they say your weight gets checked at every appointment – I remember when I was pregnant with D, my OB never checked my weight at any of our appointments! I’ll try and have an update for you next time I have an appointment with my midwife.
Stretch marks Can’t really see any new ones right now. I did get a few on my waist on both the left and right side and a faint few below my belly button but they pretty much disappeared after a few months of giving birth. Like last time I’m using Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, Massage Cream for Stretch Marks in the mornings and Bio Oil in the evenings.
Sleep Been sleeping ok lately except for the odd trip to the loo in the middle of the night. D has also been sleeping in with us on weekends so that’s been amazing!
Maternity clothes? Yes this week after constantly being uncomfortable in my choice of work attire I finally stored away my corporate clothing and finally pulled out the stretchy stuff. I was trying to squeeze into my tailored skirts and trousers up until now and I just can’t do it anymore! My poor belly needs to be comfy. I need to be comfy. So I’m totally loving casual Fridays now because it means I get to wear my maternity jeans from TopShop.You’d never guess they were from the maternity section – they look so cool! And are so comfy.

           21 week bump The Urban Ma blog21 week long weekend
Eating fruits (mainly mandarins, pears and freshly squeezed oranges), ice cream nearly every night – vanilla with that chocolate Ice Magic on top (the hubby is a big kid and loves that stuff!). Sometimes I mix the vanilla ice cream with the Coles Peanut Butter flavoured one. I really need to slow down on the ice cream though!
Feeling tired with a blocked nose – the whole household was sick all last week
Needing to use an extra pillow now to rest my leg over so I can sleep on my side, my left side that is
Wanting to be offered a seat on the train
Missing dance classes and rehearsals with Rewind!
Watching lots of Disney movies with my little man (well not lots, mainly Cars and Cars 2. Oh and Tangled!)
Bookmarking pregnancy photos like the ones below as I have some fellow mama friends that are also pregnant and since we’re not doing any dance photoshoots any time soon we thought a bump one would be fun 🙂
Noticing big cars…we have a Corolla and I love its size and everything about it but lately I’ve been looking at all those bigger cars on the road like the Jeeps and Range Rovers etc…hmmmm car shopping coming up maybe? Nah, I love that our car is so easy to drive and park. We’ll see how we go!
Enjoying every little single laugh, conversation, hug and kiss from D. He is just the bestest (is that even a word?) little boy ever! How am I going to manage dividing my attention and energy between 3 people in the family?…

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 21 week Pregnancy update The Urban Ma 


stretch marks…

A mark for every breath you took,
one for every blink, every sleepy yawn.
One for every time you sucked your thumb
waved hello, closed your eyes,
and slept in the most perfect darkness.
One for every dream you dreamed with me.
…It isn’t very pretty anymore
Some may even think it’s ugly
That’s ok.
It was your home.
It held you until my arms could
and for that
I will always find something beautiful in it. – Cassie Fox

I saw the above passage in an image on my Twitter feed and thought it was very touching. I gained a few stretch marks on my left hip during pregnancy and some underneath my belly button but after meeting baby for the first time last week, those marks remind me of the 39 weeks he lived in me – what an amazing and unforgettable experience. I am in awe of how the human body works. Take care of yours – it is the only place you have to live.

Below: original pic (Unknown Source)