Tips for Girls – How to decide if you should buy it

Ok so I’ve been going to the library lately with baby for their Baby Bounce session and have now started to borrow books again! I had forgotten how much I loved reading and now have a whole pile of books ready for me to consume, oh and one for baby lol! One of the lighter books I borrowed was “Top tip for girls” by Kate Reardon so I thought that it might be fun to share some tips with you anything from boys, to clothing, to household things etc!

Lately I’ve been so bad with shopping and feel like I am constantly buying things that I don’t necessarily need so here are a couple of tips I found in the first few pages 🙂

Only buy clothes that make you want to do a small dance in the change room! – benjizoot

Just because they make it in your size it does not mean you should wear it – vancouvergirl

How do you decide if you should buy something or leave it at the store and save you wallet a swiping!?

stretch marks…

A mark for every breath you took,
one for every blink, every sleepy yawn.
One for every time you sucked your thumb
waved hello, closed your eyes,
and slept in the most perfect darkness.
One for every dream you dreamed with me.
…It isn’t very pretty anymore
Some may even think it’s ugly
That’s ok.
It was your home.
It held you until my arms could
and for that
I will always find something beautiful in it. – Cassie Fox

I saw the above passage in an image on my Twitter feed and thought it was very touching. I gained a few stretch marks on my left hip during pregnancy and some underneath my belly button but after meeting baby for the first time last week, those marks remind me of the 39 weeks he lived in me – what an amazing and unforgettable experience. I am in awe of how the human body works. Take care of yours – it is the only place you have to live.

Below: original pic (Unknown Source)