Refections – Restoring to Life

There’s nothing else that can put me at ease than coming home to our warm and cozy abode at the end of a long day. After finishing up some meal prep for the week and a quick clean/declutter of the place so we don’t wake up to mess on a Monday morning, I sat down for a moment and had a flick through our Parish bulletin. I thought I’d share the below excerpt in case you wanted something to meditate and reflect upon.

Have a great week everyone. Good night!

We may not have the capacity to enact a mriaculous ‘resurrection’ as Jesus did with the widow’s son, but we certainly have the capacity and frequent opportunity to restore someone to life in the manner that Jesus restored the life of the widow.

Whenever we encounter someone who has been cast out by life circumstances or by the cruel actions of others, we have the capacity to restore them to a fuller life through our actions. We restore life when we restore dignity; when we refuse to participate in grinding someone down and instead extend a hand to help them up.

How can you extend a hand to help someone up this week?

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A bundle of joy

“I feel keenly aware that my life will never be the same. Yet I wouldn’t go back for all the treasure in the world.”

sweet baby

We have been showered with presents from our friends and family on the arrival of the latest, most beautiful addition to our family. During the quiet time in our day, I sometimes read a page from a book we received from one of our godparents. I take the time to reflect on how blessed we are and how our lives have been filled with such joy. Here is a beautiful excerpt from a book by Angela Thomas titled “Prayers for My Baby Boy”.

sweet feet

Wonderfully Made – Angela Thomas

O God, This child You gave us is already so precious to me. He is Your creation, fearfully and wonderfully made. You deserve all my praise. I hold him against my tummy and cannot believe he came from me. Although I tried, I could not imagine the magnificent work you were doing in the secret place of my womb.

His skin is the softest I have ever touched – his fingers and toes, perfection. His full head of hair swirls in a silly and wayward fashion. It must be pure silk just spun by an angel. His big eyes with little eyelashes, his little bird mouth, his tightly clenched fists – I am intrigued by every part of him. Even the smell of his newness thrills me. I could linger forever at the nape of his neck, praying that I will never forget his fresh fragrance. I am awestruck by Your creation. I want to shout from the highest place, in my loudest voice, “My God is almighty; my God is miraculous.” I hold him tightly, and I sing. I sing hymns. I sing lullabies. I just sing. I praise You for this child who has come and filled a place in y heart –  mommy place that was there all along and waiting for him.

I feel keenly aware that my life will never be the same. Yet I wouldn’t go back for all the treasure in the world. How did I ever live without him? Thank You, sweet Lord, for the immeasurable  gift of our baby. “Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Hallelujah. Amen.

Book title: Prayers for My Baby Boy. Written by Angela Thomas. Photography by Julie Johnson. Harvest House Publishers

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